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The cell phone rang very early in the morning, so early in fact that the sun had not come up yet.

Sam jumped slightly at being brought out of the first real sleep he had had in quite a while "Dean, answer your phone" he called to his sleeping brother in the other bed of the motel they had crashed in.

"You answer it" Dean mumbled into his pillow "good dream"

"It's your phone"

"You're closer"


"Fine," the eldest Winchester snapped as he groggily lumbered out of the warm cozy sheets "quit your bitchin'" he stumbled through the dark room until he reached his phone on the dinette. He flipped open the cell to find it wasn't a call after all, but a text message. He cursed silently that he had to miss the naked barbeque with Angelina Jolie dream he was havingto get what most likely was coordinates from their elusive father to go to some god awful place. And he was right, coordinates, now where to?

"Who was it Dean?" Sam asked from the bed, with his eyes still closed.

"Wasn't a phone call. It was a text message with coordinates from dad" he replied already digging through their things to try and find the lap-top so he could figure out where their father wanted them to go. He heard Sam sigh and shift in the bed for better position while Dean himself looked up the whereabouts.

After a few moments of key punching he found it "Seattle?"

"Seattle?" Sams head popped up off the pillow again "what's in Seattle?"

"Nothing that I can see…just reports of strange things running around"

"What? Like Demons?"

"I don't think so. From what it says here, it's more like mutants escaped from someplace called Manticore"


Dean nodded and preceded to punch more keys on the keyboard "Manticore is, or rather, was a secret government facility of some kind"

"That doesn't sound like our kind of job" Sam yawned, sitting up fully in his bed.

"No, it doesn't" Dean said raising an eyebrow "I wonder why dad would want us to there for a job"

"Maybe it's not a job…maybe something else it there that we need to see"

"Maybe" Dean said flatly, rubbing the stubble on his cheek as he thought "would you be up for it? We'll go, see what's up, and leave if it's nothing interesting"

Sam nodded then landed himself back into the bed, pulled the covers up and was snoring within minutes. Dean stayed awake for a while longer, looking up more information on this Manticore thing. All-in-all, the idea of mutants running around was pretty interesting.


When the sun actually rose that morning, Dean geared up the Impala and patiently waited for Sam to get ready. They were really in no immediate rush and his brother hadn't slept a good nights sleep in a while (to include last night) and deserved a few extra minutes.

Dean lounged on the hood of his car reading a map when Sam emerged from the office after turning in the key.

"so, did you find out any more last night? I know you were up for a while after I fell back asleep" he asked, climbing into the passenger seat of the car.

"Dean folded up the map and peeked into the driver's side window "not really, a lot of the same information just written differently on every site. This Manticore place must have been one messed up place if you can't find any information on it on the internet" he then joined his brother in the car and started up the engine.

"I guess we'll find out" Sam said with a smirk. "Hey, is this going to be a long ride like last time? Cause last time my ass fell asleep three hours in."

Dean looked at his brother with a broad wicked smile on his face and revved the engine twice "not the way I drive"


Seattle, city for coffee addicts everywhere, was in shambles. After chatting for a while with the locals, Dean and Sam discovered that a nuclear pulse had hit the city a few years back.

"How could we not have known about that?" Sam asked hurriedly following Dean down one of the many degenerate streets.

"I don't know, Sam" was Deans flat response

"I mean, a nuclear pulse is something you would expect to see on CNN or something, right?"

"I don't know, Sam"

"And what's up with the whole Manticore thing? It could have some-"

Dean's sharp 180 to face Sam cut him off "for the last time, I don't know, Sam." He snapped "you know as much as I do right now. I'm more concerned with why we have to be here"

"What was the number on the text?" Sam asked, unfazed by Deans sudden outburst.

"It was an unknown"

"Maybe it wasn't dad"

"Who else would send us coordinates to a God awful city like this?"

Sam only shrugged. Dean Sighed, rolled his eyes, and continued walking. Sam followed him but wondered where exactly his brother was heading.

"Don't know, we'll find out when we get there" Dean replied

"Alec!" someone across the street yelled at them. He was a tall, blonde headed, stoner looking guy waving frantically at them.

"You have any idea who that is?" Dean asked. Sam shook his head.

"Hey Alec! Wait up"

Dean and Sam kept walking, getting slightly freaked out bye this guy. But he crossed the street and started following them still calling the name Alec.

"Alec, why are you running?" The guy asked Dean, throwing an arm around his shoulder. "You were supposed to meet me in sector four…did you forget?"

"Uh…" Dean pushed his arm off his shoulder "number one, I don't know who you are"

"It's Sketchy…did you hit your head or something? And what did you do to your hair?"

"Ok, sketchy…I'm not this Alec, so why don't you leave me alone" Dean said and sketchy looked rather offended.

"Hi, I'm Sam" Sam held out his had to Sketchy with a big smile on his face "Alec's…uh…brother"

Sketchy eyed Sam for a moment before taking his hand "what's up with him?" he motioned to Dean who was staring at Sam wide eyed and shocked at what he was doing.

"He fell, he's been off recently"

"Normal's not gonna take that excuse" Sketchy said with a laugh "you better get back to Jam Pony before he has a conniption"

Dean opened his mouth to say something Sam was sure would end up being offensive and he grabbed him by the arm and pulled him away "thanks Sketchy…see you later"

"What are you doing?" Dean asked once out of Sketchys earshot. "I'm not Alec…I don't even know an Alec"

"But he does, and he thinks your him…it could end up being like St. Louis…remember evil Dean"

"Unfortunately." was Deans reply. He shook off his brother and looked back at Sketchy who was riding off on his bike "you don't think that could happen again…I mean what are the odds of two shape-shifters looking like me? And I've never even been to this city"

"Maybe it's the same one"

Dean Glared at him "I killed him, remember?"

"Hey, I'm just putting in my two cents…I have no idea what it could be. I think we should go to this Jam Pony and see if we can find this Alec, maybe he has the Answers"

Dean nodded.