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Joshua was sitting on the front steps of his house when Sam pulled up the in Impala. His head lifted from his hands as soon as he heard the familiar roar of the throaty engine. On his feet now, he ran quickly to the passanger side door, a smile on his gentle face. Unfortunately, that smile dropped and a low growl escaped his lips when he saw Dean and Alec sleeping in the back seat.

"What happened?" he asked, gripping the side door. "Where's little fella?"

Sam shifted back to look out the back window of the impala. "She should have been right behind me. She said she was calling someone to get Alec's bike." he answered.

Joshua seemed to accept that, but his eyes shifted to Alec and Dean in the backseat and they saddened. "What about them?"

Sam stiffled a smile. After the night they just had, he needed to smile. "They're pooped."

His smile widened at the confused look that washed across the dog-mans face. "Pooped?"

"Yeah, exausted." he said. "Help me get them inside."


Sam had just gotten Dean in Joshua's house and was heading back out to close the car doors when Max pulled up on her black ninja. He closed the door and waited for her to dismount the motercycle before he spoke. "Everything alright?"

She smiled and fixed her windblown hair. "Yeah, a friend is taking Alec's bike back to TC."

"Good." he said with a nod. "But what about the building? Someones bound to find all those bodies."

He smile broadned and she shrugged. "You know, it mysteriously caught fire. Some freak electrical problem."

Then her smile fell. "What do we tell Dean and Alec?" she asked.

Sam looked back at Joshuas house, thinking about that answer. He had been thinking about it since they left that hell hole. He knew Dean. Dean would tourture himself over it. As for Alec, he wasn't sure, but by the look on Max's face, he had a feeling the transgenic would feel the same. However, they were bad men and women.

He turned back to Max. "We tell them what they need to know."

She nodded, accepting that 'need to know' leaves the possibility of forgetting to add some details or situations.

"What bothers me though," Sam continued. "Is that This was all for nothing."

Max tilted her head slightly to the side and raised one perfect eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"Dad's gone, the bastard." he clarified. "The whole point of going on this stupid mission was to find dad. Instead, I had a possessed brother and a rampaging snake cult try to kill me."

"Oh." Was all she could say.



Dean's eyes opened slowly. How long had he been sleeping? Hell, he didn't even remember falling asleep. He shifted on the hard bed, trying to get comfortable, but upon further inspection, he realized he wasn't in a bed at all but lying on blankets covering hard wood floors.

Lifting himself up onto his elbows, his eyes met Sam's.

"Good morning sunshine." he said.

"Bite me." Dean replied, lifting a hand to rub his throbbing temple. "How long have I been out?"

"About two hours."

"Oh." that wasn't what he had expected to hear. He felt as if he had been sleeping for days. "Wheres Alec? Max?"

"The other room." Sam answered, hooking his thumb in the direction of Joshua's living room. "You want me to get them?"

"No!" he answered quickly, then recovered. "No. I'm sure Alec is as tuckered out as I was."

"No, actually he woke up fifteen minutes after we got back. Must be the amped up DNA." Sam corrected. He actually asked to see you when you woke up."


Sam nodded then got up and dissappeared out the door. Dean couldn't stand lying on the hard floor anylonger and pulled himself into the chair Sam was previously occupying. He could hear scuffling heading toward him and straightened up. To his suprise, the first one to enter the room was Joshua. Actually, Joshua barreled into the room. He scooped Dean off the char and bear hugged him tight. "OTHER ALEC!" he squeed.

Dean, having a hard time breathing in the dogmans huge arms, patted him lightly on the back. "He-hey Joshua." he weezed. "Nice to see you too man."

Joshua didn't put him down right away and he could feel the lack of oxygen hitting him. "Joshua...can't breathe."

"Oh." Joshua released him and Dean was suprised he kept himself standing. he clapped Joshua harder on the shoulder when he noticed the slightly guilty look on his face. "Sorry, man. And please, it's Dean." he said with an appeasing smirk. Joshua seemed to accept it because he mirrored Dean's smile.

When Joshua stepped aside, he could see Max heading toward him. He didn't mind seeing her at all. The beautiful transgenic embrased him, but this hug had a destinctly 'friend' feel to it. He found himself slightly dissappointed. "Hey Max." he said.

"Dean." she said, "Nice to see you up and about."

"Nice to be up and about." he replied. "Wheres Alec? Sam said he wanted to see me."

"Oh, he'll be in" Max answered with an odd smirk, "He's giving Lydecker a piece of his mind right now."

"Without me?!" Dean cried. he sidestepped Max and ran into the other room where Alec was yelling at Lydecker. They both stopped when Dean entered.

"Dean." Lydecker reguarded with a small nod.

Dean walked up to the pair. Alec was standing severl feet away, his arms folded across his chest and his brow drawn together in anger. he could tell Alec was holding back what he really wanted to do. Finally, Dean saw an advantage Alec didn't have. Dean had no one to answer to. Alec had been under this man's command for far to long to do to him what he truely wanted to, Dean could see that plainly.

So, Dean, after reguarding Lydecker with a smile, Drew his fist back and punched the older man square in the nose. It felt better then he imagined. He looked up to Alec, who had dropped his arms to his side in astonishment. His eyes were wide and his mouth hung open.

"That's for this stupid mission!" Dean said to the prone form of the older man on the floor, blood squirting out of his nose.

"Dean!" Sam cried from across the room. "What the hell?!"

Dean shrugged. Alec broke into a loud laugh. "That was awesome!" he cried. He held out his hand to Dean. Dean took it without hesitation. "You have no idea how long i've wanted to do that." he said.

"I can imagine." Dean replied. "I've wanted to do that since I met the man."

Alec nodded. "How you feeling?" he asked.

"Ok." Dean answered. "You?"

"Alright." Then Alec's lips spread into a large smile. "Fit as a hoarse."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Rub it in."

"Not my fault you're made like a wet noodle."


Later, Dean and Sam had insisted it was time to move on despite the push from Max and Logan to stay for a while.

"No." Sam had said, "We're not the stationary type."

"That's to bad." Alec said.

At the Impala, the goodbyes were tougher then they all thought. Joshua had actually started to cry, even if they hadn't spent much time with him. "Joshua is going to miss you. " he said to the pair.

"Same here, man." Dean said.

Max had shook both their hands and wished them a safe trip.

Alec had actually shook Deans hand in a way that showed friendship rather then bothersome annoyance. "See you soon, Ghost boy." he said with a smirk.

"Screw you." Dean laughed as he climbed into the impala.

As they pulled away, Dean flipped off Alec with a grin. He could see through the window Alec smiling as well.

Once they were around the corner, Sam turned to Dean. "You're gonna miss him, aren't you?"

"Absolutely." he replied. "How often does one have a superpowered genetic clone running around?"

Sam Laughed.

"Besides," Dean continued with a smirk, "The genetic wonder will be lost without me."

"Somehow, I doubt that."

"Hey Sam?" Dean asked, suddenly serious. "What really happened?"

Sam thought for a moment. "I guess, you could say Dean and Alec saved the day."

Dean didn't quite accept that. Of course Sam would tell him everything later; Dean was stubborn enough to get it out of him anyway. /but right now, they both concentraited on leaving behind new friends and bad memories.