Chapter 1

Gibbs let out a loud triumphant laugh as he laid down his card.

The whole crew, not including Cotton, let out loud laughs.

"Skip a Player," the green card read.

Anamaria had one card left and now she was being skipped.

"Damn you, Gibby!" She growled at him as she held her single "UNO" card.

Gibbs just laughed. Uno was fun, especially when whoever won got 3 bottles of rum and a bar of soap.

Cotton, who was after Anamaria, put down a green "Reverse" card, with much sorrow. (It was either that or his blue "Skip" card at the moment, both of which would lead to Anamaria's winning.)

Anamaria smirked and laid her "Wild" card on the messy pile. She pulled the winnings up into her arms and stood, headed for the door. She left, clearly stashing her goods.

Anamaria was a tough girl to play. She was one of those people who was motivated by her being female, which in turn caused her to be better than everyone else.

In Gibbs' words: "Her ruddy brain is too big."

I think it must be big compared to Gibbs'.

Back at the table in the Galley (A.K.A. "UNO Tournament") Another prize was being put on the tables.

There sat a pink, frilly, lacey, flowery bra (of DOOM)!

The men gazed at it just to have their eyes burned out of their sockets.

The men (one of which was now mute and blind) rushed out on to the deck where they began shrieking in pain and anguish.

Will (who had some how managed to get aboard) walked out of Jack's cabin unto the deck to see men clutching their empty eye sockets.

Will asked the midget (whom we will call "Bob") where this terrible thing was and was told to go to the Galley.

There he went.

There he saw it. Somehow, Victoria's Secret had managed to sneak this eye-burning torture into their rum supply.

Will's eyes began to water, the way they did when he went shopping for frilly bodices with Elizabeth.

Will returned back on deck to find that all the men did have their eyes, they just had over-active tear-ducts.

Jack teetered unto the deck with a drunken look on his face. Jack waved to Will who waved through blurry eyes.

Jack walked over to Will who could really smell the mixture of built up dirt, wet dog (from his wet hair, no less), and rum.

"Ya know what, Will?" Jack teased drunkenly (for Jack, that's little bit abnormal, though not noticeably enough).

"What?" William asked as though talking to a small child.

"You're sexy." Jack smiled over at Will, who's eyes were as wide as they could be, his face looking too shocked for words.

After a few minutes of no speech, Will finally spoke. He said, "Just how many drinks did you have!"

Jack shrugged, "A few shots."

"THAT'S IT!" Will nearly screamed, the crew crying in the background.

Will opened the door of the galley and shoved Jack in. Hopefully he would experience the burning of the eyes and such…

Will stood there, his ear at the door, his mind content on hearing the reaction.

After a long silence, Will rejoiced. There was something coming from inside that room!

"Hey, Will," Jack finally said from inside the room, "I saw this bra at Victoria's Secret a while ago half-off, but I held off on getting it. Did you read my mind and get it for me!"

Will fainted.

It was later determined that your reaction to the bra said a lot about your life style.

The crew, they're straight.

Will, he's bi.

Jack… Well, I hope you understand…