Pain…that's all he could feel. He could hear faint sounds; like people talking. Their voices full of dread. He wasn't sure why they were so panicked. What's going on?

"Hold on!" they would yell. Eventually he could make out the wailing of a siren; he found that he must be the one everyone seemed so vexed about after all. He desperately wanted to open his eyes and see what had happened, but they wouldn't.

He wanted to remember what had caused this horrible pain.

He wanted to remember….

Takeshi wasn't really aware of anything when he was finally capable of opening his eyes. The only thing he knew for sure was the continuous stream of oxygen coming from the mask around his mouth. When his eyes adjusted to the intense burning lights of the room, he tried to turn his head, only to have a sharp pain burst in his temple. He warily turned his head back; so he was looking directly up at the ceiling.

He knew he was in a hospital room, due to the surroundings. Other than what was obvious, Takeshi wasn't sure of anything. For a few moments, he stared at the ceiling in a blank state; the oxygen flowing still being the only thing he was completely aware of.

The abrupt sound of a door opening caused him to try and turn his head too quickly again. He cringed as another pain shot through his mind.

"Ah! Are you all right?" a female voice asked as the sound of heels hitting against the tiled floor came closer to his bed. "Does your head still hurt?" Takeshi saw a black haired woman lean over him. He stared for a moment; utterly perplexed by who this woman was. Something told Takeshi that he had met her before, but it all seemed so scrambled…

Satomi saw Takeshi's mouth move, though she had no idea what he was trying to say because of the oxygen mask.

"What was that?" she asked, coming a little closer. Takeshi's hand came up from the blankets and slipped off the mask.

"Who are you?" Takeshi asked in a quiet voice.