Autor: Hellfire/Hell-of-Fire
Titel: Jealous
Rating: PG
Pairing: mainly Kate/Tony
Spoiler: keine/none
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A/N: This one will have 3 alternate endings... first without shipping, second Tate, third Kibbs...
Thank you so much, Mel, for beta-reading! really big hug Your the best :)

Kate looked gorgeous as she entered the large ballroom. Her hair was done up with just two little strands played around her lovely face. She wore a deep red dress, and the straps clung to her graceful shoulders, drawing attention to her beautiful cleavage. It was enough to make any man ogle, and it made her feel very special that night. The delicate fabric perfectly accented her adorably feminine curves, and from her knees the dress fell in layered ruffles to the ground with a minimal tow. The elegant red highheels made her look even a bit more staggering. As she took a first glance at the crowd she was relieved to spot Abby right away, who had began to move towards her.

"Hey Kate, you look stunning in this dress!" Abby exclaimed as embraced her best friend. Abby's dress was similar to Kate's, except for its black colour and of course it didn't show that much cleavage.

"You too," Kate complimented as she looked at the Goth-Girl.

"This Party is even more boring than doing one week of paper work!" Abby wispered warningly and Kate giggled.

"What did you expect?" Kate replied; rolling her eyes as the two of them began giggling again.

Behind Kate someone cleared his throat restrained; both of them went quiet. Kate started to apologise to her date for the lack of attention.

"Whoa Kate! Who is Mr. Handsome here?" Abby shrieked and winked at him.

Kate introduced Abby to her date, Richard a tall, well-muscled, dark haired man dressed in a tuxedo. He reminded Abby of Tony, but she wouldn't dare mention that to Kate.

The three of them made their way through the crowd to join Ducky, Palmer and McGee. They seated themselves at the bar and got some drinks. But after chatting idly for 15 minutes Abby lost concentration and glanced around the room. At that moment the doors swung open to reveal one very sexy Tony in a tuxedo and his extremly blond date, in some extraordinary short pink latex dress with matching shoes and purse.

"Uh, there is Tony!" Abby squealed as she could hardly suppress a smile. Immediately eight pairs of eyes flashed to the doors.

"Uh, I wasn't aware Tony had a daughter!" Ducky whispered as a huge smile spread across his lips. The women began to giggle as the men had to suppress their laughter.

Gibbs, who had witnessed this conversation, almost felt sorry for his senior field agent. In fact, Tony looked as if he felt very uncomfortable. Gibbs cleared his throat and everyone went quiet. Ducky seemed to find something very interesting on his shoes, while Palmer and McGee hastily excused themselves to get a new drink. Abby flashed an over bright smile at him and Kate blushed heavily and tried to cover up by introducing her date to her Boss. He knew she was mortified, as were all other members of his team.

Tony instantly felt the sensation of being watched. As he scanned the room before him, he spotted his team and he knew he was right. He was also aware of the reason why he was being stared at. In fact, he was aware of the reason why they were staring at his DATE. He had told her it was a formal event! He had trusted her brainpower enough to expect an adequate wardrobe, but instead she looked like some oversized Barbie! At that moment he just wished the ground would open and swallow him up. But, being Tony, he put on one of his brightest smiles and led his date through the crowd and towards his team. As he introduced his date Mia to his team Kate, ashamedly, made a bet with herself, this girl would have a short name and an even smaller capacity to remember anything longer. Kate was right.

After a few awkward minutes of small talk, Kate excused herself to get some food at the buffet. She wanted to flee from the brainless conversation Mia imposed on her, but it seemed she miscalculated, because Tony's date just went along and followed her.

"You know," Kate stopped short and turned aound to face her follower. "I was wondering what you did to get Tony to ask you out." Mia looked taken aback at her smiling face.

"What do you mean by 'what did I do the get him to ask me out'?" Still smiling Kate just replied,

"Well, you don't look too fresh anymore, if you know what I mean," Kate winked at her. "How old are you anyway?"

"What do you mean I don't look too fresh anymore! I'm 28!" Mia's cried enraged.


"So, Richard, do you plan on marrying Kate?" Tony took the chance as the women left for food. Abby's jaw dropped and her eyes went wide. You can't do that, Tony! Don't do that! She stared dumbstruck into his green eyes but he just smiled at her and winked. He was just glad that Gibbs wasn't anywhere near him.

"I do what? What are you talking about? Who the hell said anything about getting married?" Richard rented panic-stricken. Tony grinned triumphantly; he had touched the sore spot. But abruptly he was struck with a sudden inspiration. She wouldn't do that! Kate wouldn't dare doing that, would she? Tony had to think fast, how could he make the best of it?

"Richard," he began hot-tempered, "don't panic, man, let's check on the girls and clear this misconception." And he pushed him briskly through the crowd.

Abby just grinned wickedly. She could name the exact moment as it dawned on Tony, that Kate had learned this game from the best – him. She knew this would lead to a great showdown. McGee and Palmer returned just to see Tony and Richard storm off through the room.

"10 bucks on Kate punching Tony's face tonight!" was all that Abby said.

"10 dollars the dearest ones will fight like cat and dog, and he will finally kiss her!" Ducky volunteered, after he has silently witnessed Tony's act. With that said Abby and Ducky, as well as confused Palmer and McGee made their way towards the location of their fellow teammates.


Richard and Tony reached the ladies just in time to hear Mia.

"... look too fresh anymore! I'm 28!" and Tony frowned. I can't believe she really did it!

"See..." Kate tilted her head "that's what I mean, you raise the age-avarage of Tony's dates many times over." God, it sure wasn't your brains. Did you tell him you were 21? Kate thought with a smirk on her lips.

"Did she really tell you we will marry?" a panic Richard interrupted and Kate's smirk faded. Kate spun around to face the instigator of Richard's panic: Tony, who stopped dead mere inches away from her. They were now both frowning. Glaring into each other's eyes, tension was evident in every muscle and radiated from their bodies.

It was only a split second but for Abby it felt like an eternity, and she knew the others felt it, too. The calm before the storm didn't last too long.

"What the hell did you do?" Kate and Tony both screamed in perfect unison. Kate's eyes starred hotly into Tony's eyes. Tony held her gaze. Abby couldn't stop the smile from creping onto her face.

"Me?" they yelled. "What did YOU do?

"You know! If I didn't know you, I would say you are jealous!"

"Me? Jealous? You wish!"

"I'm not jealous!"

"Are to!"

"Am not!"

"Are to!"

"Am not!"

"Are to!" they squalled simultaneously, never noticing how perfectly combined their voices were or the crowd gathering around them.


"Aren't those two there yours?" the Director said walking towards Gibbs who was chatting with Fornell. Gibbs turned around and saw people crowding and two very familiar voices getting louder and louder. He now noticed that he had heard them all along, but he got too used to it through the years as to esteem it concerning, and that concerned him a lot. Gibbs nodded at the Director and promised severely,

"I'll fix this!" He then made his way to his quarreling agents. As he neared the rest of his team he smiled: Abby was taking the bets, as always.

"Ok, guys, time for the showdown's coming! My 10 bucks are on Kate punching Tony's face, Ducky's 10 bucks are on fighting and Tony kissing Kate, where will you put your money on?"

"10 bucks on prolonged tension and kissing before dawn!" Abby, Ducky, McGee and Palmer spun around like carousel figures. McGee and Palmer with shock-wide eyes, Ducky and Abby with a bright smiles, taking Gibbs' bet and glancing expectantly at Fornell, who stood behind his friend raising his hands repellently. I'd bet Gibbs would kiss Kate if DiNozzo doesn't, and he'd kill me for just thinking it. A smug smile spread across his face.

"McGee! Palmer!" Abby urged as Gibbs continued his way towards his agents.

"$10 on them doing instantly whatever Gibbs will tell them to." McGee finally provided and Abby took his bet before staring Palmer down. Obviously feeling like some deer in front of a headlight, he stammered

"10 on Kate kissing Tony?" Laughingly Abby took his money.

"You know that you've already lost, don't you." Abby responded. Everyone looked back towards Tony and Kate, awaiting the showdown.


Gibbs crept as closest as he could towards their ears. It proved an easier task than he thought as both were oblivious to the outside and absorbed solely in their fight.

"Stop it!"

Kate abruptly stopped midway in her "Am..."

But Tony heatedly finished his "... not!" The two of them froze, the hairs in the back of their necks standing straight, their eyes widening in shock. Gibbs continued to glare at them.

"The two of you better instantly begin to behave like NCIS Special Agents or you should immediately begin looking for another job!" He ordered in his military tone, his voice inviting no invitation for rebuttal. Kate's knees became a little week but she never winced unter his stare. Tony just swallowed the lump in his throat and put on one of his mega-watt smiles.

"You to got that?" Gibbs unsettled them once more.

"Yes Boss!" They just shot back, standing at attention. Gibbs just turned around to join Fornell and the rest of his team again.

"Are too." Tony breathed into Kate's ear before he turned away himself to calm his date, which he had completely forgotten about during his dispute with Kate.

God, what's worse? Letting Tony believe I'm jealous or loosing my job ? She nearly burst out an 'Am not!'But she quickly stopped herself. She was still not sure if it was the right decision, but she loved her job.


McGee smiled brightly. It really seemed they followed order. He won! Pouting Abby gave him the money, as Kate and Tony returned to their dates as if nothing happened.

Hope you like it this far :), there are 2 more endings to come, one Tate and one Kibbs, plz tell me what you think!