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Perfect Fit

By, Serpent.Witch

They fit together perfectly. Their bodies molded together in just the precise curves, lines, grooves, and dips. They were made to fit.

But he didn't notice. Only her.

Every time he touched her hand by accident, she noticed how perfect his fingertips matched her milky skin. It was nothing special to him. She wasn't them. She wasn't perfect. She wasn't pretty or smart. She didn't have long lush blonde hair that made Draco smirk when they flipped it over their well-tanned skin. Instead she had curly ebony locks that were tied up in pigtails and porcelain skin that burned delicately in the sun.

She didn't have a straight nose either. It was rounded at the tip, a feature passed down from her mother unfortunately. She didn't have piercing blue eyes that matched the sky or emerald green, matching the color of her house pride. She was plane. Not perfect.

As they grew older, she saw their prefect fit grow more. When they first entered school, the way he stoke up for her when people made fun of her nose and the way he pushed around other wizards for touching her, she noticed it. But he thought she was stupid.

They grew older, each year, she saw how prefect they really where. How much they needed each other and the way they fit. But he was always with them. They were prefect, not her. They had brains, beauty, wits, power, money, they had it all, but now her. She loved those accidental touches, those small useless embrace's they shared after they fought. They way his hands fit perfectly on her hip as they danced at the yull. But he stared at that veela, practically drooling on her new pink dress robe. But she forgave him and followed him around hoping that one day he would notice how perfect they were. Hoping that one day he would kiss her the way he kissed them. Hoping that one day he would embrace her like that, with lust. That one day he would look at her and see she was prefect for him.

But he didn't notice. Only her.

Hope died away, much like he did in their sixth year. He was gone all the time. Never around to stick up for her when Potter and his trio picked on her. He was never there to tell her that she needed to defend herself more. He wasn't there to help her with her potions homework when she couldn't figure out what ingredient was what. He was never there when Slytherin's lost against Gryffindor. He wasn't there when she was bitten by a poison's plant in herbology. He wasn't there to torment the younger students or Gryffindor's like before. He was never there.

And then he was. He was there. Holding her tightly in an embrace, showing how prefect they fit. He was there to kiss her and say sorry. To wipe away the tears that fell when he told her he was leaving. He was there, running his hand threw her ebony locks and kissed her nose. She was perfect. He was prefect.

They were perfect.

But then he was gone. With so little as, "Never leave me Pansy Parkinson. I will come back for you, no matter what. I'll be back." He told her. Kissing her one last time and then he was gone.

She was alone. Scared like a small child. For a year she was scared for him, for her family, for his family, for them, for herself, for the world they shared, for the people they had lost. She was scared. She was weak.

And then he found her. No longer was he tamed and perfectly groomed, but he was still perfect. No matter what. They were perfect.

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