Hazzard Dream

By Shayla and Samantha Duke

A.N. This Story is a crossover between Dukes of Hazzard and a small part of Silk Stalkings

Disclaimer: We do not own Dukes of Hazzard or Silk Stalkings

It was a dark and stormy summer night in D.C. Samantha was home alone while two of her children were camping with their Uncle and her other son was visiting his dad in Florida for the summer. She is a thirty-nine year old female F.B.I. agent and just recently divorced her husband of eleven years while razing their three children; she has earned this down time from work and family stresses. Samantha must have fallen asleep on the couch because she was awakened by a knock at her door, just as she started to turn the knob two men clad all in black grabbed Sam after that they were gone without a trace.

It was a typical Hazzard night when Shayla was awakened by the phone. "Hello?" Shayla sleepishly asked

"Mrs. Shayla Duke please?" came a voice that sounded vaguely familiar to Shay

"This is she, who am I speaking with?" Shay replied

"This is detective Mason Dix from Washington D.C. I'm calling in regards to your former sister-in-law Mrs. Samantha Harte. We've been unable to reach her brother Mr. Mulder or her ex-husband Mr.Lorenzo and you were the next emergency contact on the list."

"Is something wrong with Sammy?" Shayla asked in near panic

"Ms. Harte has been kidnapped and we need you assistants in finding her," replied Mr. Dix

"Alright my husband and I will be there as soon as possible with my husband's cousin," Shayla responded.

"Good, see you then," replied Mr. Dix

Once off the phone Shayla rolled over and pushed Luke out of bed while yelling," Lukas Kent Duke, wake up we have an emergency." At this point Shayla is running around dressing and throwing things for them into suitcases while trying to plan out a strategy with out knowing what had happened to Sam.

"Baby, what is wrong and where are we going?" Luke asked very concerned about the way his wife was acting.

"My brother's ex-wife Samantha has been kidnapped and they want our help to find her and bring in the kidnappers ASAP," Shayla professed

"I'll just go wake up Daisy and tell her about this and have her watch Kassie," Luke stated while going into Sgt. Duke trained by the U.S. Marine Corp. to handle any situation.

"Good, you need to wake up Bo and have him get the bows and my gun and see if he wants to help although I am sure he will," Shayla suggested to Luke.

Twenty minutes later they were on their way to the airport in Hotlanta to catch a red eye to D.C.

Meanwhile back in D.C. the kidnappers and Sam arrive at the abandoned warehouses outside of D.C. where she was drug by her hair out of the vehicle and forced into one of the warehouses. Sam's blindfold was removed and a gun pointed to her head.

"What do you want with me? Why are you doing this? I have money if that's what you are after," Sam screamed in fear.

"We don't want money; we want to play a game of sorts." The leader stated

"What for?" Sam cried

"You see your ex-husband Mr. Lorenzo ruined our operation a few years back with the help of his sister, we want to destroy everything dear to them especially his little sister. We start with you then the children, then his sister then him and he dies," the leader of the group sneered.