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The Power of Lust

By: Merciless Tantalus

Chapter One: An Idea

"You're sure that this is what you want to do?" Came a voice of reason and kindness.

"Yes. I'm sure." A younger voice said firmly.

" know that once this happens...I don't know if I can fix it. That if this will have to live with the consequences...?" Asked the partner of the smaller boy.

Nodding, Yuugi smiled a little, "I want this. I want him to be happy, and maybe if everyone were nicer to him then...then maybe he'd open up a little. We can at least try. He's so miserable now..." The boy trailed off in the mental conversation he was having with his Yami to turn and look at the subject of their conversation.

Seto Kaiba sat at his desk in the classroom, back straight and face serious, reading a book while the students around him laughed and joked.

"Come on Yami...what could possibly go wrong? It's not like we're going to change...that much. I mean, I don't think people really hate him that much, they just don't respond well to his attitude and then it gets worse because he doesn't respond well to that, and...and I just know he'll be happier if we intervene. I know it." Yuugi gave a firm nod.

"As you wish, I shall help you..." Yami answered before falling silent as their sensei began to speak.

The spirit continued to watch the young CEO through Yuugi's eyes, shaking his head.

No matter Yuugi's good intentions, he knew that it was never a good idea to try and reckon with forces they did not completely understand. Duelist Kingdom had come and past, and ever since their escapade through Kaiba Seto's VR world, the smaller of the two was convinced all the CEO needed was to have a friendship to be pushed upon him.

Yuugi was convinced the best way to be Kaiba Seto's friend was to try to use the power of the Millenniumpuzzle. While Yami no Yuugi did not agree, he did not think wish to argue with his host. After all, Yuugi had proven to know far more than he about matters of the heart...perhaps it was a good idea to try and help the boy reach out.

Still...Yami thought to himself, I have a very bad feeling about this...

"So, what do you guys wanna do after school? Hang out at the arcade or something? I just got my check, so you know what that means - gaming time!" Jounouchi Katsuya shot Yuugi a grin as the pair along with Honda, Anzu and Bakura walked home.

"Oh, I dunno..." Yuugi smiled faintly back at his best friend, feeling his heart flutter at the grin he was given. "I...I have something to know, homework..." he trailed off. Though it wasn't a lie, it wasn't exactly the truth and even that small difference did not make him feel any better about lying to his best friend.

"If you are so sure you want to do it, then why not explain it to your friends?" Yami spoke in his mind. "I'm sure they could help you somehow, they are our friends..."

Yuugi just shook his head, still smiling as Jou shrugged and started a conversation with Honda about what games they would play. "No...He wouldn't understand - he hates Kaiba and would never agree to the plan..."

"Well, I have to go know...that thing that I do..." Anzu smiled, nodding to them.

"Uh...what thing?" Honda asked.

"You know...Hanging out..that...thing..." She shook her head. Anzu was still paranoid about mentioning the fact she had a job out in public, as it wasn't allowed, even though all her friends knew.

Bakura smiled at her as Jou elbowed Honda and the started to bicker in the background. "Oh, that's alright, Anzu. We'll miss you and Yuugi, but you two have a good time. Er, doing your separate things, of course..."

He smiled at them innocently and Anzu rolled her eyes and looked away to hide her faint blush. "Yeah, right. So...I'll see you later!" she waved back at them and headed off to the right as the other four stopped at the intersection, waving back.

"So, but, anyway, what class do you have homework in, Yuug'?" Jou asked his friend. It's too bad he can't come. I'd like to show him how much better at Blood Bath IV I am...

"Just, well..." Yuugi sighed. He couldn't lie to his best friend. Not to Jou. "Well, it's not really homework...It's just...Well, you remember that Virtual Reality thing with Kaiba and we all helped him and everything?"

Snorting, Jou shook his head, "Hard to forget that. Stupid bastard never even said 'thanks' or nothing..."

"Uh, I remember waiting for you all, but I heard about him being an ass - what about it?" Honda asked as Bakura shook his head

"No, but, well, you've told me about it. What about it, Yuugi?"

Taking a breath, Yuugi let it out slowly. "Well...It's just..." Pausing for a moment, he closed his link with Yami, making the spirit start and look around, wondering what was going on. Though after a moment the former Pharaoh relaxed, knowing Yuugi was safe and he just wanted time alone for one reason or another.

Leaning in a little,said boywhispered, even though he was sure his darkness couldn't hear him. "It's just...I think I've felt know, the other me? Well, I've felt something weird coming from him whenever we talk about Kaiba...It's like...he wants to be his friend and all, but he's just so stubborn about it! I thought...well, I thought if we could look up some way to make him be a bit nicer to Kaiba then maybe Kaiba'd open up a bit and be our friend and then Yami would be happy...But I don't want to tell him 'cause I think it'd embarrass him, you know..."

Honda gaped at him while Jou started to laugh, the group crossing the street and continuing to walk. "'re joking, aren't you? Your Yami...he likes KAIBA?" he laughed more.

Bakura's eyes flashed for a moment before turning back almost to normal and he cocked his head to the side, "How would the Millenniumitems be able to help with this, Yuugi? Is there some kind of spell or something that, by using their power, you would be able to manipulate emotions?"

Not noticing the change in his friend and trying to ignore his other two friends, Yuugi nodded to Bakura. "Well, see, my Yami can vaguely remember something that has to do with tweaking emotions of the heart. The bit that he can remember has to do with bringing the darkness out, but I'm sure there's some way to bring the light out too...Maybe we can bring the light out of my darkness and then..." he trailed off, sighing as Jou continued to laugh. "What?" he asked, directing the question to said boy. "Is there something wrong with that? You think it's wrong that he likes guys?" Yuugi's face was rather red as he asked his friend this.

"Nah, it's not that..." Jou replied as Honda finally started and then laughed a bit himself. "It's just...I mean, come on, Kaiba? How could anyone like that ass?" hell of an ass...

Honda shrugged. "Well, it's kind of a shock, but...if that's who he wants to like...then that's his business, you know, whatever."

Smiling a little, Yuugi nodded, "Yeah, well, that's kinda what I figure. I just want to help him. He seems so lonely. And, I wouldn't mind giving him control of our body sometimes, you know, if he wants to have more friends too...You all are his friends too, but, if he wants to be friends with Kaiba...then why not help?"

"Meh, I guess..." Jou shrugged. "I just don't think Kaiba'd want any friends, you know how he is..."

Bored with the conversation, Bakura tapped Yuugi on the shoulder. "I could be of assistance with this if you like. If you think it would make your Yami happy then I would be more than willing to lend the power of the Ring to the cause..." Bakura held back a smirk and mentally added, And then there is the Eye as well...Only I will have to change the rules of this game a bit moreto my own liking...

"Thanks, Bakura." Yuugi smiled at him, grateful. "We were gonna do it now, you know. Try to change the spell and then...put it on Yami, you know..." And maybe Jou...he could stand to be a little nicer...Though, I don't want to change him to much, or he wouldn't be himself...

Pulling his coat around himself a little more, Honda shrugged, "You guys do whatever, Jou and I are going to the arcade now, yeah?" They came to a stop in front of another light, close to the arcade and also close to Yuugi's grandfather's home.

"Okay...See you guys later!" Bakura smiled.

"Uh...Right..." Jou nodded, though he looked a little more reluctant now. "See ya! And good luck with that!" He grinned again as he and Honda headed off. That woulda been cool to see...Ah well, at least we'll get to see the results. Man, I wish there was a way to make Kaiba a little bit more respectful. Some way to make that asshole realize that I'm not just some him who the real boss is...

Relieved to be free of the two idiots, Yami no Bakura walked with the former Pharaoh's light the rest of the way to his home, nodding and occasionally adding comments as the other babbled on and on about school. The former Tomb Robber's mind was not upon anything they talked about, no he was already thinking about all knew of the Millenniumitems.

I know... he thought to himself. I know...just the thing. It is not...exactly what Yuugi wants, but it will be far more interesting than just making the Pharaoh nicer. No...I think it would be far more amusing to make this more about lust than the fool's idiotic notions of love...And making the Priest more...willing...that would not hurt either...

Smirking to himself, Bakura nodded to something else Yuugi said as they stepped into his home and walked up the stairs and to his room.

Yuugi threw his bag on his bed and smiled, letting his Yami out again. "Yami, we were just going to do the thing now..."

"Right..." Yami nodded, his shadow form standing in between Yuugi and Bakura. He frowned at Bakura, sensing something familiar about him...but it was something that he was sure he was just imagining so he dismissed it. ", I'm not sure I know how to manipulate the spell, Yuugi, so-"

"Oh, but I am." Bakura smirked, stepping in front, the MillenniumRing glowing and coming to the front of his clothing as he brought the also glowing Eye out of his pocket.

"YOU!" Yuugi exclaimed, and then was shoved back into his soul room as Yami forcefully took the situation over to protect his light.

"You're too late, Pharaoh!" Bakura sneered, cackling as the room was bathed in light. Yami countered as quickly as he could, but even the power of the puzzle was no match for the power of two other items, especially when taken by such surprise.

Bakura did his work quickly, changing Yami's heart to bring out the darker desire of lust, then quickly spread this wave to include all of his own light's friends. Honda, Jounouchi, Anzu...they were all affected, as were plenty of other random schoolmates. Bakura manipulated this power and increased the already remaining signs of lust for one individual. Kaiba, Seto.

As it ended, Yami fell back on Yuugi's bed, drained from being used. Bakura sneered at him. "Well, this shall be interesting..." he muttered, reaching a hand out to take the puzzle.

But a sizzle met his fingers and he scowled. "So, you are using all your power to protect your light...foolish, but then you always were a fool. No matter. I shall have my fun in other ways...See you tomorrow." He laughed as he left the Mouto residence.

As soon as he stepped outside, he realized another part of his plan, which would make everything all the more amusing. "Ahh yes. The making of an uke 101." Snorting to himself, he reached out with his powers and brought forth the darkness within Kaiba's own body. The darkness borne of the secret, hateful enjoyment of what the boy's adoptive father had done to his body.

When he was finished, Bakura laughed and headed back to his light's home. There is darkness in almost everything. It is just about targeting it and bringing it out...Tomorrow shall prove to be...interesting...

Many hours later, Kaiba Seto sat down on his bed, sighing and shaking his head. He was exhausted, having spent an even greater amount of time at work. As he lay back in bed, he had the very odd feeling that the sheets were even softer and more delicate against his skin than usual. The feeling was...pleasurable. He allowed a soft sigh to escape him as he relax against his bed, enjoying how it seemed to embrace him as though in a soft hug.

Though he wondered what was wrong with him, he fell asleep soon regardless, assuming things would be better in the morning...

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