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The Power of Lust

By: Merciless Tantalus

Chapter Two: Early Morning

The first rays of dawn spread over the land and into the window of the Mouto house where Yuugi lay, still sleeping. The boy lay in bed fully dressed, aside from his slippers, which had fallen to the floor when he was knocked back onto the bed last night. There he still lay, protected from all by his Yami, who was wide-awake and pacing in his soul room.

It does not make any sense...the spirit thought to himself as he paced. Usually when the spirit of the Ring attacks, he has some purpose...a method to his seeming madness, but this...His only reason could not have possibly been a hope to catch me off guard so that he may take the puzzle. No, I will not believe he is so foolish as to believe that he could, and it really looked like a last ditch effort anyway...

Coming to a halt, he sighed and sat down, crossing his legs. The truth was, there was no way to know what the spirit of the ring had done. It had taken all of the power of the puzzle to keep Yuugi safe, as that was his Yami's main priority. At least my hikari is safe. I see no reason why Bakura would attempt to do anything to any of our other friends, so I will have to believe they are safe until I can see for myself...

"No...fuck, I won't take your...SHIT!" Jounouchi sprang up from his bed, suddenly wide-awake and instantly clapped a hand over his mouth, cursing himself mentally.

Hardly daring to breathe, Jou rose shakily from his bed and walked to his bedroom door. Pausing here, he slowly opened the door, biting his lip when it creaked. He listened with a pounding heart until he could hear...

Yes...the steady breathing...Good, he's still asleep... Letting out a sigh, he gently closed the door again and flopped back down on his bed.

Fucking hell, that was a close one... the blonde thought to himself, staring at the ceiling. His father had been an alcoholic for years, and while Jou was used to the verbal abuse, he could never say that it was pleasant. And he knew that his father had been a good man. It was just...when his mom left and took Shizuka with him, it really killed his father. And Jou understood that, he really did. But that didn't make the man any easier to live with on a day-to-day basis. He just lived with the hope that one day his father would be able to be sober and hold on to a job...

Whatever, it's bad enough I have to dream about the old man's shit then thinking about it when I have a choice of what to think about...I'd rather think about something...else... As he thought those very words, the image of a well known CEO popped into his mind, almost as though it had been hovering there all the while.

Only this time, Jounouchi felt more than just the usual pang of annoyance and of desire. It was true, he still felt those feelings, but they were intensified, almost ten-fold. That fucking bastard...someone oughta slam him back down to his place...he needs to be taught...Fucker...what he needs...is to be fucked...Slammed down into his fancy rich bed, and blood..lotsa his blood spilling all over the white sheets...and me above him. So he can finally see he's not so better than me...

As he thought this, he turned to his side and closed his eyes, his hand drifting down his body. Rubbing himself slowly, he imagined his hand was the backside of said CEO. Eyes still tightly shut, he let out a faint moan and turned more. "I need to..." Another turn and he fell to the floor with a loud crash.

Eyes flying open, Jou blinked, shocked at the passion of his own thoughts then hissed to himself as he heard his father jerk away with a shout. Fuck! I better get out of here...what's a few hours early to class, really...

"Come on Seto! Wake up! We gotta get going!" The hand of Kaiba, Mokuba shook his older brother's shoulder, as the younger tried to wake the older. "You promised, Seto..." he said, this time a bit more quietly, sighing.

Eyes jerking open, Kaiba let out a heavy yawn, throwing his feet over the side of the bed to rest on the floor as he sat up. "Yes, yes, I know, Mokuba, I'm getting up..." he yawned again.

Of course, he remembered that today Mokuba was presenting in class, and he had promised that he would ride with the boy to class so that his brother could practice his presentation. It was the least that he could do, considering Mokuba had wanted to practice with him last night, but he had gotten home too late from work for that.

Yes, I know about the presentation...and that doesn't explain why I feel so fucking tired... He thought to himself as he trudged to the bathroom, noticing idly that the rug felt especially soft beneath his feet. Now I know I'm going crazy...

"I'll be right out, Mokuba..." He muttered as his eager brother left the room to head downstairs and to eat.

Seto Kaiba spent far longer in the shower than usual that morning.

When he finally emerged, he knew that he would have to leave right away, or Mokuba would be late. And by now he definitely knew that there was something very wrong with him.

A loud tapping noise came from the window in Yuugi's room and he let out a groan and rolled onto his back. "Ugh, what time is it..." he muttered to no one, rubbing his face with his hands.

The tapping continued. A very confused Yuugi stumbled to the window and shoved the curtains aside, blinking blearily down to his lawn, eyes widening when he saw the form of his best friend standing there. "Jou...Jounouchi?" he croaked once he had opened the window.

Giving his friend a small smile, Jou nodded. "Yeah, Yuug', do you wanna leave early, I figured I'd actually go to school on time, and even early today, wanna come and give me someone to talk to?" He spoke in a loud whisper, not wanting to wake Yuugi's neighbors. That's basically the truth anyway...No way in hell am I going to tell him I pissed off my drunken father by pleasuring myself...No fucking way...

"Oh...er...right..." Yuugi answered with a small smile. "Just give me a sec to get ready..."

With a nod from his friend in reply, Yuugi set about getting dressed and ready for the day as quickly as possible. Glancing at the clock, he noticed it was only 6:30 in the morning and they still had an hour and a half to get to class, and it only took about fifteen to twenty minutes to walk.

"What is going on? Why are you leaving now?" Yuugi's Yami spoke in his light's ear as he watched Yuugi frantically getting ready.

"Dunno...Jou's here and we're gonna leave early, you know, just for the hell of it, I guess...Give the teachers a heart attack when they see him there early, I bet..." Yuugi smiled as he spoke, causing Yami to smile as well.

While they had never really talked about it, it was obvious to the spirit that Yuugi was in love with his best friend. And Yami knew that Jou would be a good love to have, so he did not disapprove in any way. He merely hoped the other boy returned his affections or it would put a strain on their friendship if Yuugi were to say anything...

What was also obvious to the spirit was Yuugi had no memory of what had occurred the night before. Yami was split with himself on whether he should tell him just yet or not. While he hated to keep any kind of secrets from his partner...there was really no point in worrying Yuugi about it when he wasn't even sure Yami no Bakura had done anything that they needed to worry about.

In the end, he decided to put it out of his mind. For now.

"I see...Well, I shall be here, and I will keep a watch on you if you ever need me."

Yuugi smiled even more."I know. You're always here for me when I need you, Yami, thank you."

"You gave me friends, Yuugi. You gave me your time. You gave me life. It is I who should thank you."

"Well, I mean, yeah, but-"

Another stone thrown at the window by Jounouchi - a reminder to his friend that he was down there, waiting for him - cut off whatever Yuugi had been about to say. Flashing a grin at his shadowy friend, he quietly left his room, pausing only to grab his backpack and to write a note to say that he had left early, and then he was out the door.

"Finally, man, I was beginning to think you had forgotten about me, or something..." Jou grinned more at Yuugi as the small boy walked towards him.

"Oh, no, I could never forget about you, Jou!" Yuugi exclaimed, a faint blush on his cheeks. Feeling the warmth, he turned his face away from his friend, embarrassed.

"Yeah, I know, I'm just so unforgettable, and irresistible." Jour grinned, "Anyways, I was thinking we could pick up Mazaki and Honda and hang out at the park and swing, ya know, just like a couple of kids, before class."

Kicking at a stone, Yuugi looked back up at Jou and smiled sweetly, "That sounds awesome." Jou, if you only knew how awesome and irresistible you really are to me... He thought to himself as they went on to pick up their friends, and then talk about different games that they had played, and what they wanted to do that weekend.

It was exactly 7:23 when Kaiba Seto and Kaiba Mokuba arrived at the younger's school. Having spent the last while listening to his brother babble on and on about different kinds of clouds, Seto was about ready to fall back asleep, but he gave his brother a nod and a rare smile. "You will do fine, Mokuba. Don't worry about it."

"You really think so?" Mokuba beamed, getting out of the limo as it came to a halt, taking his project board with him.

"Absolutely. Just try not to stutter when you say the names, and you should be fine." Already, Kaiba had pulled his computer out of his bag, and was starting it up.

Nodding, Mokuba smiled a bit more, "Thanks Seto, I'll remember that. And...Seto?"

"Hmm?" The elder was typing in his password.

"Please...try not to work too much, okay? I want to hang out and eat some victory ice cream with you when I kick ass with this project, okay?"

Frowning, Kaiba sighed, "I don't know if I can do that, Mokuba. I did take off this morning for you..."

"You would have slept in anyway!"

Tapping his finger against his computer, Kaiba had to admit his brother had a point. "Fine. I will see what I can do."

"Thanks, Seto, you're the best!" Mokuba leaned into the car and gave his brother a quick tight hug before grabbing his board and walking towards the school.

Kaiba, meanwhile, was staring in shock, not noticing his driver shut the door and then drive on, headed to the high school. He was too busy trying to understand how a hug from anyone, even his brother, could possibly feel so good.

It took him a few moments to shake out of it and he scowled at his laptop. Whatever the fuck that was, it was sick, and it was wrong, and I have far more important things to do than to think about how good human contact feels. It must be that I have missed Mokuba, and it feels good to hug him. That is all... And with that, he managed to shove the matter from his mind and focus on his work until he arrived at the school and had to shut down again to get out and head to class.

As per usual, the CEO arriving in his limo, drew attention from his classmates, but he ignored them all as he headed to his locker and then promptly to his first class.

Taking his seat, he opened his laptop again. If I am going to try and spend time with Mokuba this evening, then I will have to get as much work done as I can today during these pointless classes...

He did not look up from his work as the Yuugi-tachi entered the room and took their seats. He even managed to ignore the unusual amount of lustful looks shot his way as he worked on.

Soon enough, he would not be able to ignore them.

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