A/N: Wow, it's been a really long time since I've written anything. My most sincere apologies, everyone!

Anyways, this is my collection of really really short one-shots. Or the beginning of it, anyways. I think both of these are exactly 100 words. They will not be more than that! It is my challenge. Let me know how I do!

As to the title, I chose it somewhat at random. It's part of a line in Mars, by Fuyumi Soryo (beautiful series!), and it struck me as I was skimming. These mini-stories are not at all related, and aren't necessarily part of the story. One might think them similar to those dreams that you get when your mind is perfectly balanced between conscious- and unconsciousness. Perhaps right before waking up... close to sunrise?

Well, on with the show! (yes, the A/N was longer than the short .)



Don't Run

'Don't run, Kagome. Please don't run.'

He had to see her eyes, to touch her face, her lips… Only her face could save him.

Blue eyes looked up in fear. Half turned to flee, she glanced at his hand holding her arm, then into his face.

'Stay, I need you here.'

Eyes closing in agony, his grip tightened. She whimpered, but didn't cry out. Opening his eyes, looking upon her face, the red, corrupted light of theshard in his forehead shone in her tears. His eyes were scarlet, but his whisper was desperate, choked, pleading.

"Don't run…"