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Pairings: Mostly Sakura/Sasuke, and some Naruto/Hinata and others.

The single most deadliest vampire and his rival/best friend now stood over a man

who was trembling with fear as the bodyguards he had hired all fell to the ground-


"W-What do y-you want from m-me?" asked the man fearfully.

"I heard that you tried to kill one of my fellow vampires…human" came a cool

taunting voice.

"Hey Sasuke! Hurry up and kill him already, I hate the smell of blood!" whined his


"S-Sasuke? Oh no! I'm so sorry! Please spare-" his sentence was cut off as a

katana cut his throat.

Sasuke turned and sheathed his katana 'How boring' "Naruto, let's go."

The wind roared in their ears as two Anbu ninjas sped quickly on top of the buildings,

intent on the mission they had just been given. One of them had long unnatural pink

hair and was wearing a tight sleeveless black top and black shorts that reached the

middle of her thigh under the black skirt that was a bit shorter than her shorts and was

cut up to her hips on both sides. The other had short black/purplish hair and was

wearing the black top and black shorts that reached her knee. Both were wearing

black masks and had a black pouch full of their weapons hanging on their right hip

"That annoying Tsunade-sama! She just had to send us out on another dam mission

when we just came back from one!" exclaimed an annoyed voice.

"Don't blame Tsunade-sama Sakura. It's probably a hard mission, which is why she

had to send us." came a small voice.

"Oh trust me Hinata, it better be a mission worth our time or else I'll-"

Hinata stopped. "There! That's out target-let's go!"

A pack of vampires walked out smirking from an alley looking pleased and satisfied.

Their clothes were splattered with fresh blood. The two ninjas silently landed on the

road only occupied by the vamps and themselves. There were 5 vampires in the gang,

all of which turned their heads to the two now present ninjas. They stopped smirking.

"Well well, if it isn't Tsunade-sama's little ninjas. I suppose you came to "hurt"

us?" a vamp sarcastically said.

"Yes. You have been killing innocent humans merely for amusement. That is

unacceptable. The punishment is death." Sakura replied with a cold voice.

He started laughing. "Oh! So you little girls think you can kill us? Ha! You-"

His friends watched in disbelief as Sakura went to pull out her kunai from the

vampire's neck where she had thrown it. His body fell to the hard pavement with a


Sakura looked at Hinata "They're weak. I want to finish this quickly." She then

studied the vampires faces as they went from shock to anger. She grabbed a few more

kunais from her pouch and got ready to attack.

Hinata did the same "Hai."

Hinata and Sakura both leaped into the air, aiming their kunai for the vampire's

throats. The weak vampires had no time to dodge the attack, the anbu-nins were just

too fast. Hinata and Sakura gracefully landed on the ground as they watched the now

dead vampires fall. They walked over to the corpses to retrieve their kunais.

Not too far away, Sasuke and Naruto were walking on the street when they smelt it.

The smell of Blood. Sasuke noticed immediately that it wasn't the blood of the

humans they had just killed, but another vampire's blood. He turned to the direction

from which the smell came from.

"Should we go?" Naruto asked

Sasuke sensed the ki's of two people in that direction. "Hai." Using his Kami-like

speed, he started towards the two nins who had killed his kind. Naruto was going at a

speed a little slower than his own. 'Perhaps this will be more…fun'

Sakura went to retrieve her last kunai. "See? What a waste of time!" She pulled out

her kunai and then turned to Hinata.

Hinata was waiting for Sakura. "Tsunade-sama probably has a good reason. She

wouldn't have sent us on a small mission just to annoy us right?" Hinata looked a

little doubtful.

Sakura froze. She felt two impossible ki's coming closer. "Hinata." 'Crap! More

vampires? Except these are stronger, much stronger' She immediately got out a fistful

of kunais and scanned the area, getting ready to attack. Suddenly, she saw a black

blur, then an orange blur. She had no time to react, within a mere second, her back

was pressed against the road with a raven haired vampire on top of her, holding a

katana to her throat. He used one hand to pin both of hers over her head making her

let go of her kunais. The other held the katana threateningly against her neck. Cool

onyx eyes tinted with red stared back at her, threatening to swallow her whole. She

was brought out of his trance when she heard his voice.

"So, why did you and your friend kill them?" his voice was liquid silk and he was

speaking in a whisper so that only she can hear.

'What a smooth voice…' " They were killing humans for mere pleasure, it was our

mission…" she said in a whisper, relaxing against the road.

He smirked mockingly "You do realize that you haven't even tried to free yourself yet

kunoichi?" He removed her mask to find two deep pools of emerald staring into his

own onyx pools.

Her inner Sakura started screaming in her head to GET.AWAY! She snapped back to

reality and blushed when she realized her mask was gone. But then she

remembered what was happening and started to get angry.


Sakura started struggling to free her hands but he held them fast. So she glared at him.

Sasuke was taken aback by her sudden words. His mocking smirk slowly turned to

one of slight amusement as he took in her flushed angry face. He had hardly ever

had anyone swear at him and tell him what to do, especially a helpless kunoichi. He

removed the katana and put it beside him. He leaned closer to her face until their

noses were touching. "Don't speak like that to someone who is much more stronger

than you." it was said in a warning tone, yet the smirk never dissapeared.

They were brought out of their own little world when the other blur started talking.

"Hey Sasuke! What are we gonna do with them? This one's pretty cute so I don't

want to hurt her." He flashed a wide grin at Hinata and she blushed a dark red.

"We won't hurt them and I don't want to leave just yet."

'Sasuke…that name sounds familiar. I think Tsunade-sama mentioned that name a

couple of times. I forgot what she was saying about it though…' she decided to brush

it off as nothing important. She noticed that he had already stood up, so she tried to

get up too, only to find out she couldn't move an inch. She then realized that a dark

powerful ki had covered her body. "WHAT! LET ME GET UP!" She tried to use her

own ki to to push his off, but his ki was impossible to overpower.

He noticed what she was trying to do and chuckled. "Try what you want kunoichi, but

you should know that my ki is much more stronger than your little one." His

amusement grew when he saw that she had used a lot of ki to try and overcome his ki.

She had used so much that now she was completely defenseless against him, so

released his hold on her, knowing she wouldn't move for awile. He looked down at

the glaring little defenseless kunoichi and noticed how her bottom lip was jutting out

every time she took a breath. 'Her lips look inviting. Perhaps I should…' He looked

over to Naruto and saw him saying stuff to the other girl that made her blush. 'Good.

he should be busy for awhile…' He turned back to her and saw that she had her eyes

half closed and was slowly relaxing. 'She shouldn't be relaxing when she's completely

helpless against me…' he silently mused.

Sakura was so worn out that she didn't notice the shadow that was looming closer to

her. She suddenly felt lips crushing her own into a kiss so deep and demanding that

she almost lost herself in it when it suddenly disappeared. She looked up and saw

Sasuke right on top of her. She was about to scream when he covered her mouth and

whispered into her ear 'Hush…we'll surely meet again. I'll make sure of that.'

Suddenly the shadow disappeared and he was nowhere in sight. She turned to Hinata

and saw that the other vampire was gone too. 'Dam that Bastard! He…he stole a kiss!

But it wasn't unenjoyable…' She looked into the sky and wondered if they'd ever

meet again, although she was really mad at him and never wanted to see him again.

As Sasuke was going back to his hideout, he couldn't help but let his thoughts run to the kunoichi he had found.

'She tasted sweet. I definitly want to meet her again.' he thought as he disappeared

into the place in which he stayed in.

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