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Slight lemon, or maybe more….

Chapter 7

Sakura stared at Sasuke as she tried to digest the information he had just given her. 'He DIDN'T have…sex wit either of them? But then…Mikka and Kanruko both said…' " You're lying aren't you! Mikka and Kanruko…they wouldn't have lied to me!"

Sasuke simply stared with bored eyes at Sakura. "They didn't lie, but it wasn't me. It was my stupid brother's idea to have some strong vampire pretend to be me and 'torture' them."

Sakura's eyes widened in realization. "Your brother…the previous vampire lord Itachi?"

"Of course. But I killed him soon after."

"So then…why did you offer for them to be vampires? You could have told them the truth!"

Sasuke's eyes now held a flash of annoyance to them. "Either way, they were still violated."

"Oh" Now that she had heard all this, for some reason Sakura felt a lot better. 'So then… he was actually helping them, a bit. Maybe…he isn't so bad after all…NO! I mustn't think like that! HE kidnapped me, and tried to rape me!'

Sasuke smirked, and his eyes now held a hint of playfulness. "For a second, you looked like a heavy burden was taken off of you. Were you jealous?"

Sakura looked down and started blushing. "Of course not! I just felt bad for Mikka and Kanruko!"

Sakura couldn't see it cause her head was down, but Sasuke's eyes suddenly turned a lot more darker, and his smirk became even more devilish.

"Sakura, look at me." His voice had suddenly dropped to a low seductive octave, one that sent chills down Sakura's spine.

Sakura refused to look up, but regretted it greatly when in a mere second, both her hands were pinned above her head and she was yanked up a bit so that she was on her knees. She shivered when she felt a hand trace down her back to stop at the small of her back. "What are you doing?"

"Continuing what I started." Sasuke lazily replied as he slowly went up her body, enjoying the way Sakura responded when he passed certain places. He stopped briefly at the valley of her breasts before moving up to her face.

"Sauske… stop, please stop!"

He looked at her face, at how vulnerable and pure she looked and he just couldn't help himself as he harshly kissed her. She made tiny noises of protest but that just fueled his desire for her as he forced her mouth to part, allowing him full access to her mouth. He ravished every part of her mouth, and Sakura's noises of protest started fading.

He stopped only to let her catch her breath, and when she finally caught a glance at his half lidded eyes, she gasped in surprise. They had turned into deep pools of onyx, the darkest shade that she had ever seen them to be, and they clearly showed the heavy lust that was clouding his eyes. Suddenly, Sasuke pulled the string that tied her robe together and let it fall down to her knees, leaving her naked to his gaze.

"Sasuke…" She started to say but was cut off when the small distance between their bodies was gone and her small frame was pushed up against his firm body. His body was as hard as steel, and her ample breasts had been roughly pushed up against his firm chest. Also, Sasuke was wearing a really thin material that was hardly considered clothing.

Sasuke then kissed her again, hard and fiery. He moved one of his hands to her clit and started pushing a finger in gently. All noises of protest turned into moans, which were cut off by Sasuke's mouth. Sakura sucked in a surprised intake of breath when Sasuke touched a certain area, Sasuke noticed this and added another finger and kept hitting that one spot in her that made her moan the loudest. He added another finger and went even faster and Sakura could feel it building up until she couldn't hold it in anymore.

"SASUKE!" She cried out when she had her first orgasm and all her fluids spilled out onto Sasuke's fingers. Her legs were shaking and she had to grab Sasuke in order to not fall down. He removed his fingers from inside her and licked off her juices. He pushed her against the wall again, and left no space between their bodies at all. Sakura was momentarily distracted when she felt something big and hard poke her belly.

"Oww… Sasuke, something hard is poking my stomach. I think it's your katana."

With an amused smirk, Sasuke glanced beside him, to the chair where he sat before. There, sitting on the chair was his katana. Sakura followed his gaze and gasped when she saw the katana. Than she didn't even have to look down to guess what it was that was really poking her. She started blushing uncontrollably.

Sasuke chuckled darkly. "That's no sword my flower, unless you want to be the sheath."

He pushed his 'sword' against her firmly, making her blush even harder.

"I-I..um..That is.." She stuttered, averting her eyes away from his face.

He smirked and took off his pants, fully allowing his sword to push against her belly. She blushed even more and took one look down to confirm her guess but then she tried to peel her eyes away from him but couldn't.

He laughed "Do you like the view cherry blossom?"

Sakura finally managed to peel her eyes away and fixed them purposely behind him, refusing to answer.

His gaze darkened. "Enough of games Sakura, I want you, and I want you right now. I wanted to control myself, but I can't. I want to mark you as mine right now, because I…"

'Because you what? I don't understand. Why would he…' But right at that moment, Sakura lost all thought when he plunged into her for the very first time.

Sasuke could feel her tight virgin walls around his shaft as he pushed in. He heard a slight sound of pain from Sakura and pulled out, only to thrust in again. Soon her sounds of pain turned into sounds of pleasure as she quietly moaned his name.

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