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I must be going sane… 25 drabbles for the 25 days of Christmas and mind you I'm already 6-7 days late… yup just setting myself up failure.


-There is no order to the way drabbles appear in. So yes… I can be talking about the first day of December in drabble number 10 for all you know.

- None of the drabbles are seriously connected so don't expect to read one chapter and expect the next one to be a continuation.

-Rayna Mustang, my OC will be appearing because there are times where her personality fits better then anyone else. Short summary of who she is: She's Roy's twin. Known as the Ice Alchemist and the Ice Queen of Central. Her skills are organizing (which is also her curse) and gathering information. She wears a mask of cold fury during work and is more light hearted and playful around those she cares about. Her love of her life is Riza Hawkeye and they are LITERALLY girlfriends. (So shoujo ai) For more detail information read my other FMA stories. She appears in them.

-Shinka, my OC pet, will also be appearing. Shinka is Ed's cat and loves to cause trouble. She's smart then she seems. For more information on Shinka, read my HP/FMA stories.

-There will be SHONEN AI/SHOUJO AI hints. If you don't like then don't read! Shoujo ai shouldn't be too heavy. I like shonen ai more.

Yeah I thinks that it… now on with the story!


The 25 Days of Christmas


Drabble 1

Counting the Days


Ed had brought in something unique on the first day of December. It was a small wooden tree with nails in it; placed around it were tiny flat wooden ornaments, each one different. One was a nutcracker, another was Santa, one was bells and another was stars.

"What is that Edward?" asked Riza. A small crowd had gathered around the young alchemist as Ed assembled the tree to a wooden platform that came with it.

Ed grinned. "It's a counting tree."

"Huh?" went the crowd.

Ed placed the tree on an empty table. "On each ornament, there's a number on the back. Today is December first. So you find the ornament with the number one on it." He picked up the star ornament. "And you place it on the nail that has the number one." Ed put the star ornament near the top of the tree. "And you keep on putting on the ornaments on the tree, one per day, until it's December twenty five. By Christmas you'll have a completely decorated tree."

The next day, it was rush to see who would put on ornament number 2.

The following day, another rush to claim ornament number 3…

Then on the day of Christmas when everyone had to work for at least half a day, everyone rushed to Central Headquarters to claim the last and final ornament.

Only to be beaten when Roy fingered the last ornament. "What amusing toys Fullmetal brings." Roy placed the last ornament on the tree. "Merry Christmas, everyone," he said.


Drabble 1 done! Only… 24 more to go… aye ah…