Act 13': Open the Door

Roger Smith's face paled in horrid realization and terror. "R-D. R......Dorothy!"

The android smiled horribly at him, as though she were possessed by a demon. "Your shock
betrays you, Negotiator! You really aren't the man I thought you to be!"

"How? Dorothy! I don't understand!"

"Are you so blind, Roger Smith? Are you so arrogant? Or weren't you looking at the clues
that were placed before you! 'I never wanted to build it for them.' Soldano said. Were you so
naïve to think he was talking about Dorothy I?"

"No....oh God no!"

"Did you really believe it was Pero who disturbed your precious desk? You're a fool, and
a louse, Roger Smith! Did you think that I would be your doll forever?"

"But why? If you wanted to kill me, why did you make a contract with me to protect you?
I don't understand!"

"Because I had faith in you. Misplaced faith, I can clearly see now. I thought that you
would be different from the others. But you're not. You're even less worthy. You don't even
realize what a gift I was to you! 'You have no emotions,' you always said. Did you ever stop to
consider that even for a moment? I gave you every opportunity to prove yourself worthy of
mercy. Now you can burn with the others!"

"NO! Dorothy! Why did you betray me like this? Haven't I always kept my word to you?"

"Roger Smith. Paradigm City's top negotiator. They should add the title of Village Idiot
to your resume, Negotiator! What a poor judge of character you must be! It never even occurred
to you to suspect me, did it? Your inadequacy has brought this destiny onto yourself. Too late
have you realized what I truly am!"

"Why do you want to do this?"

"It's what I was born to do!!!!!" Dorothy fired twice at Roger, who didn't move. The
first shot impaled the ground directly in front of his foot, while the second whizzed past his

"You missed."

"I missed because I wanted to!"


"You could never understand what I could have been to you. We could have been


"It didn't have to be like this. You chose this fate, Roger Smith!"

"It doesn't have to be like this unless you want it to!" Roger stepped closer ever
closer to the android. She fired at him thrice more, always missing him by the smallest
fractions of an inch. Finally, Roger closed in and, with much force, managed to wrestle the gun
away from Dorothy.

"Do you think that I need that to finish you?" With those words, Dorothy wrapped her
arms around Roger and proceeded to squeeze the life out of him, as she had done once before.
"The MegaDeus will not save you this time, Roger."

Some words were muttered out of Roger's mouth, but his condition made them

"Isn't this what you wanted?" Dorothy asked. "For me to be your wind-up doll? She
grinned. 'Roger, I love you." The words were cold, sounding as they had when Beck had
controlled her. "Allow me to love you to death, as no other woman can. Soon the whole city will
feel like you must now."

Roger grimaced and pain. He heard his bones buckling and felt blood begin to trickle out
of his mouth.

"" he finally managed to gasp out
through the horrendous pain. With these words, Dorothy relaxed her grip on Roger.

"Isn't it becoming clear to you yet? I am an end and a beginning, Roger. You have chosen
your own fate. I can bring about death or rebirth. I am your destiny!"

"What?" Roger asked, panting for his breath to return to him.

"The memories, Roger! They are the key to this city's death or rebirth. I was programmed
to provide either one. I gave you every opportunity to choose rebirth. But you've chosen death


"Farewell, Negotiator!" Then, Dorothy resumed her death grip on Roger, quickly crushing
many of his vital organs. Blood poured out of Roger's mouth as he gasped and breathed his

Roger Smith came to inside the cockpit of Big-O. He felt only dimly aware of his senses,
and of pain shooting into his arms. His vision was cloudy and distorted, with much effort, he
was able to discern the figure of Dorothy, looking over him, concerned. Norman's voice was
active in the background as well. "Dorothy......I'm sorry........" Roger said, and then he
passed out once more.


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how I've done.....

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