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Snow: Innocence and Purity


A snowball, soft yet hard when you get hit, depending on the launcher; some would laugh and enjoy fighting back with the same weapon, while others would get irritated and would give death glares, Sakura is part of the "some" side, as for her target, Uchiha Sasuke, he's on the "others".

"I got you! I can't believe it!" Sakura jumped, yelling triumphantly. "I hit the great Uchiha Sasuke! Woohoo!" she kept repeating it over and over again in a sing-song voice, creating her own silly dance at the process. Sasuke grunted and brushed off the snow, then adjusted his navy blue scarf around his neck and pocketed his hands in his black pants. He turned to the grinning girl beside him and sighed. "I'll leave you…" he muttered, walking off.

It took Sakura a good one minute to figure that out before she yelled at Sasuke and ran after him. Besides wearing her complete Konoha High School uniform, she also had on a red jacket over it and had her hair down instead of a half-pony. There was a lilac-colored scarf around her neck to keep her warm as well, while Sasuke, who also wore their school's uniform, had on a light grey jacket.

"Sore loser…" she hissed when she caught up to him. Sasuke only ignored her and continued walking a bit faster. "Sasuke-kun…" she whined and he halted, a vein popping at the side of his head; "No, I will not turn, I will not look at her, I will not fall for-" he just faced her and saw her eyes all watery and lips pouting and quivering. "Shit!"


He shut his eyes and tried to ignore her. "Why the hell did I have to fall for her? Of all people, argh! Well, she is better than the rest of the fan girls but still! Why did I fall for my best friend?" he continued to walk and she immediately grabbed his arm. "Sasuke-kun!"

"Alright already!" he yelled and pulled his arm, muttering incoherent words. Sakura looked hurt after he yelled and yanked his arm away but still followed him as he made his way to the park. She's been bugging him since school ended but he refused, saying he wanted to go home but just couldn't win against Sakura's persistence. "There, go play all you want…" he muttered. Sakura's parents were to overprotective of their daughter, in fact, when it came to boys, they only trusted him, no surprise there; they've been friends since they were eight years old. That's why they made him promise to bring her home after school and pick her up when going to school or anywhere else. He was always the escort; Sakura isn't allowed to go out without him.

Sasuke recalled at one time, when the Harunos invited him for dinner and her mom just started suggesting that he be her boyfriend. They both blushed and nearly choked on their food. He smirked at the memories he had with her. Too bad she liked someone else, whose name she didn't tell him. "And she still hasn't told me who she likes."



"Tell me…"



"NO!" she yelled, louder and ran behind a tree, peeked at him and stuck her tongue out. Honestly, they were eighteen years old and she was still childish. He sighed and walked over to her. "Tell me, I brought you here so it's only fair."

"I won't!"

"I'm leaving then." And he walked away. He heard her whimper and he smirked and continued walking away. He heard footsteps running towards him and he slowed down a bit as she caught up and stopped him, pulling him from behind into a hug. "Sasuke-kun…" she whimpered.

"Tell me."

"I… I can't…"


"Because he's right here…"

Sasuke turned slowly to her to see her flushed face then looked around. The park was covered in a blanket of snow and no one else was there besides the two of them, even kids weren't present. He turned from tree to tree, searching, and no one was there. A raised eyebrow responded to her last statement and she blushed a deeper shade of crimson; her hold on him didn't loosen, not even a bit; instead, it got even tighter.

"So, when can you tell me?"

"I don't know…" she whispered.

"How's about if I tell you who I like..?"

He felt her embrace tighten and then loose, until her hands dropped to her side and her head lowered. Sasuke was a bit confused at her reaction and grasped her shoulders, shaking her gently and tilted his head a bit to level her own. "Hey, are you okay?"

"Who..?" She asked. "Who do you like?"

The young Uchiha blinked at her for a few moments before pocketing his hands and straightening himself up. His gaze averted to the treetops as a few snowflakes gently fell on them since some of the leaves couldn't hold it any longer, seemingly light to the touch and soothing as a few landed on their hair. He smiled a bit and brushed the white little things off his hair and extended out a hand to her. "Tell you on the way home?" he proposed and she slowly took his hand and gave a nod.

"Come on." He said, gripping onto her hand as if he had claimed and owned her. She blushed at the firm yet gentle touch and shyly did the same. He felt it and smiled to himself. This was going to be a silent and sweet walk home.

"Tell me." He turned to her when she suddenly spoke. "Who's the girl?"

"Sorry, I can't tell you."


"She's right here." He answered truthfully. She blinked and glared at him. Sasuke smirked and pretended not to see the annoyed look she gave. "Heh, pay back Saku-chan." His inner-self laughed victoriously and evilly. "It's true, she really is."

"So what, scared she'll find out?"

"Not exactly the reason…"

"Then tell me!"

"Can I just show you?" he asked, stopping in front of her, head lowered and lips a few inches away from hers. Their foreheads were nearly touching yet both didn't seem to mind the closeness they were having. Sakura thought for a while at his question. "Well?" She sighed and gave a nod.

"Okay," and as soon as the snowflakes from the bluish grey sky began to gently fall on them, he closed the gap their lips had and shut his eyes when they made contact. Her green orbs were widened in surprise and she slowly, and shyly, kissed back. He broke away and gave a warm and gentle smile at her, one that would probably melt all the girls' hearts in their school. Sakura blushed and looked away from him. "Now you know," he said softly, his warm breath tickling her face. "Tell me who you like." He spoke softly.

"…you." And this time, she captured his lips into hers, placing her arms around his neck and pulling him to her. He circled her small waist with his arms and pulled her to him as well, both deepening the kiss and giving more passion. He licked her lower lip, asking for entrance and she obliged, opening her mouth as their tongues dance with each other, a dance both have longed for.

Moments later, they reached her home and he bid her goodbye and goodnight. He was about to walk away when she called out to him and he stopped and turned his head to her. "Yes?" he asked.

"Do you… really like me?" she asked hesitantly. She felt rather stupid for the question because he had already proven it earlier with the first passionate and intense kiss they shared. "Um… forget it…"

"No." he answered and caught the hurt look in her eyes that he smiled at her, the look she had replaced soon by shock and hope. "I don't like you, I love you." And he turned away, leaving the stunned Sakura outside her front door. He raised an arm and waved at her, not looking at the girl. "See 'ya Saku-chan!"

The pink haired girl blinked and meekly raised her hand. "M-mm, ja, Sasu-kun."

Snow definitely has a lot of symbols and meanings. One is being cold, and can be compared to people who are loners, pretty much like Sasuke when he was young, but then, like snow, it melts, just the way his icy barrier had when Sakura came, when spring came. Winter is ended by the warm season of spring, a season of new beginning. And as the snowy time of year slowly ends, so starts a new relationship of two best friends turned to lovers. Gone is the innocent child of Sasuke, and so is the full-pureness of Sakura, because her lips and tongue have already been claimed, in the near future, all of her would be.

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