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SUSH Combo: High on Fluff

First Fall of Snow

8 years old…

She watched as the kids her age played around. It was nearing winter, yet there was still no sign of the diamond flakes falling from the sky. She sighed and sat down under a tree, seeing as the kids one by one were picked up by their parents. How she wished she lived a normal life like they had. Seeing as there was no reason left to stick around, she stood up and was about to leave when a boy's voice called her.

"Why are you hiding all the way there?" he asked. The eight year old girl blushed and looked at the boy, surprised that she was seen. "You… can see me..?" she asked. He blinked. "Why not?" he asked back. The girl looked down. "If I tell you, I'll just frighten you…" she whispered. The boy grinned. "No you won't! I don't get scared easily!" a small smile formed on her lips. "I'm a Yuki-Onna."

He stared at her for a while, and she knew that he'll yell and run away like all the other kids who can see her. But then, he smiled at her. "I like your smile." He said. "I'm Uchiha Sasuke! What's yours?" he asked, extending out a hand to her. She blushed when he commented her, and slowly took his hand, but then, they weren't really able to touch, and she frowned at this. "Hey, don't frown! It doesn't suit you!" she pulled her hand back. "I'm not human, I can't touch you."

Sasuke just tilted his head a bit and smiled. "At least we can see each other." And that was a good enough reason for her. "Haruno Sakura." She chirped. And as soon as she said her name, the first fall of snow came, signaling that winter has come. "Suits you." He said, turning a bit red as he looked away to avoid her gaze. "Hey, wanna go play with me?" he asked, and she nodded enthusiastically as they decided to play hide and seek, the game that didn't require touching, just seeing.

"I found you!" Sakura said, laughing as she pointed at Sasuke who stepped out of his hiding place with a boyish grin. "Yeah, you did."


He looked up and saw his older brother looking around and calling his name. "I gotta go home…" he said, a bit depressed to end their game and to leave his new found friend. Sakura pouted and looked down. "Will I see you again?" she asked, hope filled in her voice. It was the first time she made a friend, a human none the less, and this human, who also has the gift to see, did not run away upon learning her true identity.

"Of course you will!" he said, smiling warmly at her. "Promise?" she asked. He nodded. "Promise!"

12 years old…

"Ha! Caught you again!" she said, grinning. Sasuke wiped the snow off of his hair, a scowl appearing on his face. "It's not fair that you get to hit me and I don't." she giggled and leaned closer to him with a grin while he looked back at her. "Sorry, it's just your luck." He shrugged and sat down on the snowy ground, looking up at the sky as the snow continued to fall.

"Let's play hide and seek then!" she suggested. He looked at her as she giggled, finding him cute with the way he turned to her. His eyes somehow captivated her, and she longed to even play with his hair if she could only touch him.

"Hey, Sakura..?"


"What do you do when it's not winter?"

Sakura blinked and thought for a while, then smiled at him. "I wait for it to come."

"Yeah, but while doing so, what do you do?"

She blushed and sat down beside him, pulling her knees up as her white kimono, with flowers as the design, blended in with the snow. "I think of you…" and it was the first time he felt something foreign inside of him.

"What about you?" she asked. "What do you do when it's not winter?"

"I study."


"Yeah," he answered. "I go to school and learn things."

"Like what?"

"Basic things, like talking, writing, drawing, math…" he continued to explain to her as she listened intently and grinned. "Can you teach me?" Sasuke's eyes widened at this. "But aren't you forbidden to learn the ways of a human?" she nodded but still smiled. "It doesn't matter; I won't let them know, heck, they don't even know I meet up with you."

"You mean, you're just escaping?"



"Because I want to see you every chance I get…"

16 years old…

"Wow… time sure flies, ne?" she asked as she smiled at him. He blushed at her radiance and looked away, trying to get rid of the red tint across his cheeks. "Hn." He responded. Sakura blinked. "What're you wearing?" she asked, pointing at his black gakuran, plus a navy blue scarf. "It's my uniform."

"Uniform?" she repeated. He gave a nod. "It's what students wear when they enter high school." She blinked and turned to her left. "What about those girls over there?" she asked. "They're not wearing the same uniform." He sighed. "It's because they're girls, and they wear girls' uniform."

"Oh," she looked back at the girls. "It must be nice to wear one of those…" she whispered, yet he heard it, and somehow, he could actually imagine her in his school's uniform for girls. "Hn, it may even look good on you." He said, having an image of her in a blue sailor uniform. She blushed a bit and looked down. "Y-you really think so?"

"Aa." He answered. "Hey, Sakura," she looked up at him. "Did you ever think of planting a cherry tree?" and he showed her the seeds of the tree. "Now that you've mentioned it, it must be fun." He smiled a bit, and she could feel her cheeks heat up. "So let's plant one, and have it as our own." He led her to the center of the park, checking if there was anyone around first before kneeling down on one knee to plant the seeds. "But isn't it going to grow cold?" Sasuke turned to her. "That's why I need you here, do you think you can..?" he trailed off when he saw her give an enthusiastic nod as she did a few movements with her hands. "There, this tree will last long, whether during a storm or during winter."

"That's good to hear." He said, finishing up and sat down, Sakura following suit. "Mm." she looked down and turned a bit red. "Consider it as my love for you…" he looked at her. "Huh?" she immediately shook her head and laughed nervously. "It's nothing!" he tilted his head a bit, blinking questioningly at her, wondering what she said. "Are you sure?" she nodded and looked away, unsure of why she suddenly felt warm inside when he did that gesture. "He looks cute when he does that…" she said, forever implanting the image of him tilting his head in her mind.

"So, what're you learning this time?"

"Algebra II, Biology-"

"Teach me?"

He smirked. "Sure."

He thought her the basics of the lesson, surprised that she actually found most of their lessons easy. They then shifted to another topic, which he felt uncomfortable to discuss: love.

"You mean, you never had a girlfriend? Not even now?"

"Aa." he said. Sakura tilted her head this time. "Why? I mean, with your good looks-" he blushed at this. "-and smarts, and even skills, plus your fan girls whom you call annoying, you can get any girl you want!" he looked down, his eyes bearing sadness and sorrow in it. "Not every girl, at least, not the one I like…"

"Why is that?"

"Because… she's not-"


"Damn it." He cursed, hearing his brother calling him. "Sorry, I gotta go." He stood up after she nodded, all the while wondering what he was trying to say. "Ne, will I see you again tomorrow?" she asked. He stopped, turned to her and smirked. "Of course you will." And he left.

18 years old…

"You're here early." She said, seeing him standing under the tree they planted two years ago, the place where they now considered as their spot and meeting placing. "I couldn't wait to see you," he said, not bothering to look away or even blush. Instead, he gazed at her intently, and she shyly looked away, her cheeks turning to the same shade of her hair. "I… missed you." He whispered. "It's been ten years since we became friends, on this very same day…" he continued. "And…"


"I've been… thinking about it for a while…" he looked at the tree. "And I've realized that… I'm…"


"I'm in love with you." He said when he turned to her, at the same time the first fall of snow for the year fell. Her eyes widened as he held his gaze on her. She looked down, a small smile forming on her lips as he waited for what she has to say. "I am too…" she whispered. "Ever since you didn't mind when I told you I'm a Yuki-Onna." Her eyes felt watery as she moved to wipe them away. Sasuke watched as her tears turned to ice before they even rolled down to her cheeks. "I… I really want to spend my whole life with you, yet I can't, because I'll live for eternity, but you won't, and it would pain me when the day of your death arrives." Her shoulders shook, and for some strange reason, Sasuke forgot about her being a ghost, that he launched himself forward to pull her into his arms. Yet when his hands passed through her body, he felt his heart clench at the idea of not being able to touch her, to wipe her tears away, to hold her, to kiss her…

"Sasuke, please forget about me, we can never be together…" she said, wanting to cry yet couldn't. He looked down and closed his eyes. "No." he answered firmly, causing her to look up at him with shocked emerald orbs. "I can't and won't." he said again, opening his eyes to look at her. "It doesn't matter to me if I can't touch you or hold you, as long as I can see you, talk to you, be here with you, I'm happy and content."

"But… how can you have a family..? I can't bear you any children, unlike from what the myths you told me about Yuki-Onna giving birth to children or marrying a human. This is reality Sasuke, this isn't…" she trailed off, looking away from him, her long pink hair flowing with the winter wind. "I don't need to start a family because you are my 'family'!" she looked back at him, her eyes shocked once more from his words. She never expected this much loyalty or devotion from him. She thought that if she knocked some sense into him, which she already has, he would leave and forget about their love for each other. Instead, he still stayed, as if silently saying: "You love me and I love you, what else matters?!"

He didn't regret saying those words, and he wasn't even shocked at what he said. It came from his heart and mind, the words he told her were sincere, and she knew him for years, and she knew that he was always sincere and true to his words. "Sakura," he took a step forward. "I won't grow tired of saying it again and again, I love you."

"Stop it…"

"Even if I have to say it a thousand times I will."

"Please, stop it…" she whispered. "I feel the same way, but there's really nothing we can do!"

"Say you love me too…"

"I… I can't!"

"Just say it Sakura, even once I'd like to hear it come from you…" he pleaded, and she knew he never begs, until now that is. "I…" he took another step forward as she remained standing. "I…" he closed the four feet gap they had, and he was close enough to hug her, kiss her…


So close that he would do anything, even kill himself, just to become a ghost like her, just to be able to hold her and kiss her, to show her how much he loves her.

"I love you…" she finally said, looking down, giving in to her emotions. "I love you…" she said again and slowly looked up at him with her face stained with frozen tears. "I love you so much that I want to break all the rules of a yuki-onna and be with you!"

Those words struck him, and he knew now just how equally they love each other. That made him even long more to be with her. Forever.

"I don't want to wait for another winter just to see you, I don't want to wait for the day you'll never be able to come back to see me again, I don't want to part with you, I just want to be with you, to stay with you, to love you." She continued pouring her heart out to him. Despite the knowledge of not being able to hold her- he still wrapped his arms around her, trying to at least feel her cold spirit touch him, as she too, attempted to feel him. "You have no idea how much I want to touch your face, to run my fingers on your hair, to be in your arms… to… kiss you…" she said, her voice slowly weakening as she felt hopeless.

"I love you." He said. "I love you… so much that it hurts me to accept the truth… the truth of not being able to feel you, but only to see you…"

"Sasuke-kun… I love you too… too much that I don't want you to leave… too much that I want to see you everyday…"

Too much that it's breaking my heart to see you walk away…

So much that it's tearing me inside to realize that we can't be together forever…

Yuki-Onna grow old too, but not too old to a point where they loose their beauty, unlike humans. But then, who cares if you truly love that person? And as myths tell, a spirit's love is eternal and unconditional, just like her love for him and vice versa. Yet…

"It's late…" she whispered.

"I know…" he answered.

"You should go…"

"I don't want to…"

"Sasuke… there are spirits out there who can kill you…"

"Let them be…" he pulled away a bit, staring deep into her eyes. "I don't care as long as I stay with you."

"But… you… can't…" she said slowly when their eyes slowly closed and their faces leaned. They knew they wouldn't be able to feel each other's lips, but what was wrong in trying? He felt his lips grow cold, and she felt hers grow warm. They could feel, but not entirely. They could just feel the wind.

"Haruno Sakura!"

They parted as both abruptly turned to an angry woman's voice. "Ka-san…" Sakura said, her voice sounding horrified at being caught with a human. Sasuke on the other hand, didn't know what to say. Her mother glared at them with such anger and hatred, as if she was up to no good, and indeed, she wasn't.

"You…" she said, facing Sasuke who stood still and remained calm, all the while stepping forward as if protecting or shielding Sakura. Such a gesture had her mother's eyes widened a bit until she glared again. "You must disappear from this world for having seen and know too many of our kind." She turned to Sakura. "And you should know better than to secretly meet with this boy." Sakura stepped forward this time. "But there's nothing I can do back home anyway! Winter is the only time I get to roam around! And Sasuke's the only one who has seen me, I swear!"

"Even though," she glared at the two teens. "He must not be spared." And she attempted to freeze him, but Sakura intervened. "No ka-san! I love him!" at this, her mother stopped, shocked beyond her wits as she stared at her daughter, letting what she just said echo in her mind. "You what..?" Sakura was again, shedding crystalline tears. "I love him ka-san, and I won't let you or anyone hurt him!" Her mother sighed in frustration but still kept her glare. "I will spare him, but in return, you can never meet him or see him ever again!" and before the two could even protest, her mother had created a snow storm, causing Sasuke to shield his eyes with his arm as Sakura felt her arm being pulled by her mother and before both knew it, they were separated, right under the first fall of snow for the year, right after they just confessed.

"Sakura…" he whispered, seeing nothing but the cherry tree they planted. "Sakura!!"

23 years old…

Five years…

Yet he kept coming back to the spot where they would meet, but he wasn't able to see her any more. He would always go back, before or after school, and sometimes, even at midnight. Despite the warnings that his mother said about ghosts or demons out at midnight, he still sneaked out in hopes of seeing her again. And like before, he still didn't have a girlfriend, and he never intended to have one, because he only has feelings for one girl...


Five painful years, she wasn't able to talk to him, and it made her weak for not bothering to practice her Yuki-Onna skills or even bother to feed on the victims that her mother had captured for her. She still sat by the window of an old abandoned shrine, the place where her kind resides when winter hasn't come, and there, her mother watches as Sakura continues to stare into space, not talking to anyone, not bothering to take notice of anyone.

She couldn't bear to see her daughter like this, and the way Sasuke had stepped forward to protect Sakura from her kept playing in her mind. It reminded her of her own love, the boy that wasn't even spared by her own mother because she was too afraid to even defend him, her first love. Yet Sakura did not think twice of telling her that she loved that boy. "What should I do..?" she asked herself, kneeling down before a statue of their leader, the snow queen. "Your highness, if I may request…" she clasped her hands in a form of a prayer, her eyes shut in concentration. "Please… for my daughter's happiness…"

24 years old…

It hasn't snowed yet, but he still chose to return to the place where they would always meet. He passed by a lot of people, until he reached the place where they planted the cherry tree. "I see you're still growing, healthy and alive." He thought as a small smile appeared on his lips when he neared it. He stopped though, when he saw someone standing near the tree, wearing a very familiar kimono. "Sakura..?" he thought. He walked closer, still having second thoughts because Sakura usually keeps her hair down and not in a bun. When he was only three feet away from her, he noticed that she was hugging herself, and was shaking. "Sakura..?" she stiffened, and then slowly turned her head when she recognized the voice.


How he missed her voice, how he missed hearing her call him that, and how he missed seeing her, staring at her. "Sasuke-kun!" she cried out, and he was shocked when real tears fell from her eyes, and also when she tackled him to a hug. He was surprised to have felt a solid body touch his, felt her body against his. It was like a dream for them, but they knew it was reality, but then, he still couldn't believe it.

"Sakura…" he said again, lost for words as he stared at her when she pulled away, a smile on her face as she continued to cry tears of joy. "Finally…" she whispered. "I'm finally able to hug you…" she placed a hand on her cheek. "…touch you…" and slowly she leaned her face closer to his, her eyes automatically closing as her lips brushed against his for the first time. "…kiss you." She finished when she pulled away, their lips only half a centimeter apart.

Sasuke continued to stare at her with wide eyes, his arms were wrapped around her waist, and he absent-mindedly tightened his hold on her, afraid that she might disappear in a mist once he lets go. "How..?" he trailed off, not exactly knowing what to say. "My mother prayed to the queen of our kind, and she requested to turn me into a normal human being…" she said, her voice barely above a whisper. He didn't know what to say, or what to do, except pull her closer to him and kiss her.

Action speaks louder than words anyway, and as if on cue, the first fall of snow fell on them.

"I love you…" he whispered when they parted, and again, he kissed her, immediately getting addicted to her taste. She pulled away this time, but only for a moment to say the same words. "I love you back…" and again, they closed the gap of their lips, not minding whether they would stay there for the whole winter night, just as long as they were together, as cliché as it may sound. And somehow, the cherry tree they planted just seemed more beautiful than before.

The first fall of snow could mean anything, but for them, it meant happiness for eternity.


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