Part Five

They arrived back at the Youth Center as people bagan to arrive for the party. Kimberly and Tommy paused under the mistletoe. They smiled at each other and as Tommy went to kiss her, Skull came between them.

The old Angel Grove High bully smiled at the petite brunette. He placed a kissed Kim on the cheek.

"Hey, Kimberly." He said.

"Hi, Skull." Kim said as she rubbed her wet cheek.

Tommy stood there as flashes of the past raced forward.

Alison then rushed past the trio.

"It's Santa!" she exclaimed and pointed to the large chair where the fat man donned in red sat.

Tommy chuckled as he recognized the Santa to be Bulk.

"Come on, Daddy." Alison said and tugged Tommy over to the line of children waiting to tell Santa their Christmas wishes.

Tommy nearly doubled over. It was the first time his daughter had called him that and a flood of emotions filled him. He allowed her to lead him to the line.

After ten minutes of waiting, Alison was seated on Santa's lap.

"What is it you want this year, little girl?" Santa Bulk asked.

"I want a Cabbage Patch Doll with brown hair and brown eyes like mine and a doll house and ..."

The list went on for a while before Alison leaned in to whisper something in Santa's ear.

"I want my Daddy and Mommy to finally kiss under the mistletoe." She whipered. "They've been trying to kiss under it all day."

"I'll see what I can do."

"Thank you." Alison said and kissed his chubby cheek before she hopped off his lap.

An hour past, Kira and Kim played a Christmas tune together on their guitars. They sung along with Aisha, Kat, Tanya, and Zack.

The children of Angel Grove sung some Holiday songs and they got to open some gifts.

Bulk approached Kimberly and whispered something in her ear. Kim smiled and nodded at him.

"Tommy?" Kim said and grabbed his hand and pulled him over to the entrance.

She grabbed the fabric of his jacket and pulled him down for a kiss. It last longer than any they had ever shared in public.

Alison smiled and looked over at Santa. He winked at her and she giggled.

Kira, Trent, Conner, and Ethan blanched. The last thing they wanted to see their former teacher showing public displays of affection.

The other former rangers smiled and chuckled and whispered its about time.

Kimberly pulled away and smiled up at Tommy.

"Merry Christmas, Tommy."

"Merry Christmas, Kimberly."