Miko- priestess

Youkai- demon

Hanyou- half demon

Okaasan- Mama

Kitsune- demon spirit (I believe)

Hai- yes

Disclaimer: I don't own them. I just have a lot of fun writing them.

My Sister's Kimono

A tall silver haired man stood in yet another line. If it weren't for the little girl he had become the guardian of he would be at home away from the crowds on Christmas Eve. The cashier had just finished taking care of the person in front of a tattered dressed little boy, who really felt like he was a demon, held a beautiful kimono.

"Please, I want to buy this for my sister." The price was wrung up while the boy pulled out a little change purse filled with pennies, dimes and nickels. The cashier simply smiled and helped him count.

"I'm sorry sweetie but there isn't enough here."

The little red haired boy had tears in his eyes. "I have to get this for my sister. She's going home to Jesus tonight and I want her to look beautiful when she sees him." The boy turned around to look at me with his heartbroken blue eyes tearing up. He didn't say anything though as he walked dejectedly away.

"I'll pay for the kimono, miss." He bought the kimono and the shoes he had found for his charge. The little fox kitsune stared at him with shocked eyes. "Little kitsune, what is your name?"

"Shippou." He answered.


Shippou looked at the man behind him to see the silver, the purple marks, the crescent moon and his height. He was a great youkai that was as cold as they come from what he could tell. "Little kitsune, what is your name?"

"Shippou." He answered.

"Well, Shippou, can I take you to where you are supposed to go?"

"Okaasan, said not to get in a car with strangers. Thank you." He took the package that the man handed him. The look on Shippou's face he would never forget.


He watched Shippou as he ran out the door. He hadn't smelled another demon on him. He had smelled a ningen and hanyou. The kid had an interesting family and he was curious who would have a big enough heart that they would take in so many different kinds of races. Most people in the Feudal Era would not have done that but he had never run across anyone that had here.

"Hey Sesshomaru! It took you long enough." A gruff voice said behind him. "I thought that you said it would only take a few minutes."

"Inuyasha," he growled at his half brother, a hanyou. He took off after the scent of the kitsune.

"Hey, Sesshomaru, where are you going?" Inuyasha asked following him.

Sesshomaru very easily found the boy about ½ a mile out from where they had originally started. They followed the boy to an old run down house that looked like it was just going to completely fall apart at the seams.

They stayed by the window and watched as he entered a door that obviously wasn't locked and may not lock at all. "Okaasan, I have something for Lanya."

Someone had used construction paper to tape a manger scene with baby Jesus, Joseph and Mary. Other than that the place was almost bare with the exception of a bed, a table and a stove.

Sesshomaru, what are you doing here?"

"Aren't you curious about this family? His Okaasan is a ninjen."

Inuyasha looked. Sesshomaru was right. She was a young woman with long black hair and an old worn out kimono. Her hair was tied back but most interesting part was that there was pink aura that was all around her. "She's a miko." Inuyasha observed.

"Hai, but the kitsune's sister is wolf hanyou." Sesshomaru whispered to his brother.

The girl had been changed to the kimono that brightened up the entire room. "Arigato Shippou." The little kitsune smiled sadly.

Lanya tried to sit up only managing to raise her head. "Okaasan, can you sing that song please."

The young woman nodded her head before she began to sing, "Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright, round yon virgin mother and child, holy infant so tender and mild, sleep in heavenly peace, sleep in heavenly peace." The song was finished but tears ran down everyone's face for the girl had died in the miko's arms.




We all hopefully know that Christmas is not about Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer, a tree, or even presents. Christmas is really a way to honor the birth of Christ, our Savior and each of us in our special way do this. I hope that you guys have a Merry Christmas. Arigato and ja ne!