The Youkai's Siren

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The usually bustling club looked almost skeletal as the sounds of an obvious argument made some of the waitresses and other workers glance up onto the stage to see what all the noise was about, only to turn away and roll their eyes when they saw a rather skinny young woman yelling at her usual target.

"Damn it Inuyasha, I just bought these today! Look, you scuffed them!" The raven haired girl pointed to her open-toed heels, showing off the dirt marks from Inuyasha's worn out Vans. But the silver haired hanyou simply snorted and looked away as he sat down on a stool and began to tune his red electric guitar.

"You'll never change. Even when we were dating you bought shit like that. I don't even get why they cost so fucking much." The girl bristled as the drummer looked over at the man sitting at the keyboard with a smirk.

"Come on Kikyo, just let it go and let's get some practice done. Or didn't you notice we only have four hours before tonight's show?" Kikyo turned and gave the female bass player a taste of her middle finger before turning back to Inuyasha, not noticing the woman behind her suddenly being held back by two teenage boys.

"Apologize asshole!" The drummer tapped the snare a couple times before the keyboards came in, playing comical background music that would fit with most cartoons. If one were new to this, they could tell the other bandmates certainly weren't.

"Keh, shove it up your fucking ass and shut up. We've got work to do." Kikyo was about to fire back but she thought better when Inuyasha simply stood and began play the intro to one of their songs. Everyone else in the club shared glances before reaching into their pockets and grabbing cotton balls or ear plugs. Inuyasha noticed this and smirked as he looked towards the drummer and got his signal.

Now I will tell you what I've done for you, fifty-thousand tears I've cried.

Even the members didn't hide their winces as Kikyo began to sing a warped, cracked version of Evanescence's "Going Under".

Screaming, deceiving, and bleeding for you, and you still won't hear me.

As Kikyo sang on, the other people in the club shook their heads or in the case of one young raven haired girl, made gagging noises from behind the bar, making the other girl next to her frown as she cleaned a martini glass.

"Rin you know better than to do that. Do you honestly want to lose this job too?" The younger girl huffed, but stopped with the gagging noises as she grabbed an empty case of beer bottles and took it out through the back door.

"Hey, don't forget to shut the lid tight! I found Bouyo in there last week!" The woman shook her head, making her high ponytail tickle her neck slightly.

She wasn't much in her eyes, and not much in other's either. Whether it was her extremely baggy jeans that jingled as she walked with their three sets of chains, or because she didn't even bother to put on any other makeup than some black eyeliner and a little eyeshadow, Kagome was relatively unnoticed by the people she bartended for every night. Sure, she wasn't ugly by any means, but she wasn't eye catching either.

"Kagome, make sure there's plenty of Smirnoff on hand for tonight. I've heard we may have quite the full house tonight, and to make things even more impossible, the club's owner will be attending tonight as well." Kagome looked up into the wise eyes of her adoptive mother and smirked.

"Kaede-mama, I at least know how to run my bar. Besides, I already checked all the vodka earlier." Kaede smiled at her, but they both let their faces contort into winces as Kikyo hit a rather long high note. But as she backed off to give Inuyasha his guitar solo, Kagome shook her head with a growl.

"Why do they keep her on that stage? She's horrid! I can sing so much better than her Kaede-mama, and yet they try and act like it's nothing!" She talked fiercely, not letting her voice get to loud as she spoke to the older woman in front of her. But before Kaede could say anything, there was a loud screech as all the music cut out.

"I've had it! I will not be in a band where the lead guitar player is such a fucking idiot he steps on my toes twice in less than fifteen minutes! Now my nails are ruined too!" The bass player rolled her eyes and mumbled, making Kagome laugh as she turned and placed the martini glass in its place.

"Sango is so gonna let her have it one of these days." Kaede sighed and rubbed her temples as she walked foward and hushed Kikyo and Inuyasha, now that they were at each other's throats like rabid dogs.

"What is wrong you two? Can you not get through one practice without arguing?" Both of the bandmates huffed and turned away from each other as the front door of the club opened quietly.

"Kaede, he stepped on my new shoes! I just bought these specially for tonight too!" Kikyo's whine caused the older woman to glare at her as she sighed and turned around, seeing the person who entered for the first time.

"Kikyo, you sound like a child. Stop your whining and start from the top again." The bandmates all huffed but nodded as Inuyasha once again started the intro. Kaede walked towards the bar again, nodding for Kagome to get some drinks as she approached a rather tall figure as he sat at the shadowed end of the bar.

"I did not expect you so early. Tell me, what do you think of the band?" Kaede smiled on the inside as the figure snorted in an uncharacteristic way.

"The band is fine, good actually. But if they can honestly call that girl their lead singer and still sleep at night, I pity them." His voice was was a deep, velvety baritone that still sent shivers down the spines of many. Kaede turned and glared at Kagome as she choked on her water while she mixed Kaede's drink. Apparently, the man had heard her as well because he inclined his head at Kaede's reaction.

"Please excuse my daughter, she's...not exactly friendly with the lead singer." Kaede heard Kagome grumble something, and guessed it must have had some form of curse in it because the man raised a delicate eyebrow as the young woman turned and walked towards them with a bright smile on her face and two drinks in hand.

"It's all I could whip up right now, I'm still restocking the 'Captain Morgan' and a few other things." She handed them their drinks before turning and grabbing another martini glass and cleaning it as she counted the different brands of alcohol on the back shelf. As she went on counting, Kaede glanced over and saw the man studying her daughter with a strange look.

"She sings. She's actually very good, even by your standards. Her talent's wasted though as long as I have to work for Kikyo." Kaede frowned as she listened to Kikyo hit the high note once more, noticing the man wince and hold his ears as she finally backed off. She also couldn't help but notice Kikyo was frowning as she looked in their direction.

"Looks like the wench is displeased with something." Kaede nodded slowly as Kikyo continued to frown as she screeched out the last part of the song, making the man shake his head and chug down some of his drink in an effort to drown her out.

"Kaede! I've had it! I'm done with this little piece of shit band!" Kikyo jumped off the stage, squealing loudly as her new heels broke beneath her and left her on her ass growling as the band laughed uncontrollably.

"I always said you'd land on your ass bitch!" Kikyo eyed the drummer angrily as he howled in laughter before standing up and throwing one of her busted shoes at his head, narrowly missing his right temple.

"You disrespectful shit! Fuck you! Fuck you all!" With that she spun and walked out the door, leaving behind a dull roar of laughter behind, making Kaede frown. She got up and walked towards the stage, catching only Kagome's eye as the young woman shook her head.

"They're so in for it now." The man glanced over at the girl as she muttered, finding her shaking her head as she counted off alcohol towards the bottom of the shelf.

"Great guys, really nice! Just how do you plan on performing tonight?" The laughter stopped as the faces of the band paled slightly and Inuyasha sank onto the stool once more.

"Well shit, didn't think of that one." Kaede rolled her eyes and sat down on the edge of the stage, rubbing her temples in an effort to think over her irritation.

"Alright, you guys go and get some food from the store. I'll make some calls real fast and work this out." The band nodded as they set down their instruments and walked out the back door, all except Sango who stayed and talked with Kagome. Sango was built like Kagome, her hair also in a high ponytail, but she had hot pink streaks in random places.

"Hey Kags, maybe now you can try out for the band since the bitch is gone." Kagome laughed lightly as she finally finished inventory and jumped up to sit on the bar.

"Yeah right, I'm not good enough. Besides, Kaede's gonna call..." But before should could finish, Kaede walked over and sighed.

"Kagome, go pull out the piano and if you have it, could you lend out your guitar?" Kagome nodded before launching herself over the bar with Sango following after as they went backstage and rolled out the piano. Sango then went of to grab Kagome's guitar as Kagome herself studied the piano.

'The poor thing, it looks like no one's touched it in ages.' She sighed and grabbed a stool, not caring who was watching, and began to test the keys to see if they would stick. Once she was satisfied, she looked around and saw that everyone most likely had gone to get something to eat with the band. So, with a deep breath, she began to play a slow melody she'd fallen in love with since she'd first heard it. She closed her eyes, enjoying the sound as she lost herself and began to sing, not noticing the man at the bar straighten up slightly.

I'm so tired of being here, suppressed by all my childish fears.

He didn't know if he was alive or in heaven the moment she started to sing. Her voice was strong, with a lovely vibrato. She seemed to be an alto, but from the sounds of it, she could hit just about anything you threw at her. All in all, after listening to Kikyo's screeching, she was definitely a breath of fresh air.

'Am I losing my sanity? Or is this simply because that foul Kikyo woman sang before her?' His thoughts were wild with that moment, but he shoved them out the window when she began a long crescendo.

And if you have to leave, I wish that you would just leave. Cause your presence still lingers here, and it won't leave me alone.

He never even noticed as Kaede smiled knowingly, and that the rest of the staff who still remained had froze and were watching in awe as they removed their cotton balls and ear plugs. It seemed as though she'd put him under a trance as he became lost in the musical quality of her voice. Sango entered from the back room, a black electric guitar in her grasp. The guitar wasn't solid black though as there was a blue rose up one side and it's petals fluttering around the rest of the body.

These wounds won't seem to heal, this pain is just too real. There's just too much that time cannot erase.

Her voice seemed to soar as she built up to the chorus, and he could actually hear pain etched into it. She'd become the song, and the song had become her. Strangely, he doubted she'd ever felt like this and that if she had to, she would greet the feelings with a strange strength. Why these thoughts came to him, he did not know. All he knew was the girl Kagome, and her angelic voice as it cast its spell upon his senses.

When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears. When you screamed I'd fight away all of your fears.

Kaede looked over at the shadowed man, and smiled once more. She hadn't seen him take this much interest in someone since the young Kagura, who later died of mysterious circumstances. His eyes were alight with emotion, something that had never happened in a place like this one, and his body was rigid, but slowly beginning to loosen.

And I held your hand for all of these years, but you still have all of me.

The rest of the missing band approached the back entrance, laughing over Kouga's newest love interest. But as the dark haired keyboard player made to speak, he frozen and shushed them. That's when they heard the haunting music coming from the club. Inuyasha immediately grabbed Kouga by the back of his t-shirt and dragged him to the ajar door, leaving the keyboard player to follow at will.

He had a handsome face, with glorious violet eyes. His black, shoulder length hair was in his traditional low ponytail. But as he listened, his relatively calm features turned into a grin as he heard a female voice sing out the next line.

You used to captivate me by your resonating mind. Now I'm bound by the life you left behind.

Sango noticed as the rest of the band entered slowly, and she waved them over to where she was since she knew you could only see Kagome from where she stood. The boys hurried over, the keyboard player with a rather strange look in his eyes. But as he got near enough, Sango leaned over and growled quietly into his ear.

"Don't even think about it Miroku. If your perverted hand goes anywhere near Kagome, I'll cut it off. Along with other important body parts." Miroku nodded with a deep gulp, earning a slight chuckle from both Inuyasha and Kouga. Inuyasha's chuckle was short though as he came to stand on Sango's left, leaning down so his mouth was closer to her ear.

"So, who's the little siren?" Sango rolled her eyes and pointed to the raven haired person sitting at the piano, and she wanted to laugh when she saw the hanyou's jaw drop and his ears perk up underneath his hat, making it come off his head slightly.
"You can't be serious! Who knew the bartender could sing like that!" He whispered fiercely into Sango's ear, making her bite her lip in a serious effort not to laugh at his awe and disbelief.

Your face it haunts my once pleasant dreams. Your voice it chased away all the sanity in me.

No one noticed as the shadowed figure straightened again, knowing what was coming next. His skin seemed to tingle with each note she sang, like someone had locked him in a freezer and cause goose bumps to cover his skin. But no, the club was relatively warm and the only thing doing this to him was the siren he hadn't even bothered to study before.

She sang the chorus once more, slowing building up to the bridge, and as her voice became stronger he took note that she was actually barely using any of her force at all.

'Ah, so the little siren is timid. This will have to change.'

I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone. But though you're still with me, I've been alone all along.

She played her heart out as she let her voice fade. By now she had all the staff entranced, even one man who had been lighting a cigarette who suddenly began to curse quietly as his match grew too much and let the flames reach his fingers. Kaede and Sango were both sporting smirks, and the shadowed man nearly jumped when a small voice came from right next to him.

"Did I not tell you I had found someone worthy my Lord?" He glanced at her with golden eyes, seeing her smirking triumphantly. Yes, she had spoke of a young woman who might be worthy, but he never actually thought she was right. He loved the girl as a father would his own daughter, but sometimes her ears deceived her. So, he simply nodded as he heard the angelic voice again and then he felt everything drift away for just a moment as he lost himself once more.

'If the little siren can do this with her voice, what would her touch do to me?' Normally, he would have frowned at such a thought. But he was too far lost in her voice to care.

When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears. When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears.
And I held you hand through all of these years, but you still have all of me...

She sang the last line a few more times, gradually fading out and then playing the eerie melody twice before finally stopping, unknowingly bringing back several people in the room to Earth.

But she jumped slightly when an applause was heard from everyone in the club, which was around twenty or so people, and she felt her cheeks begin to burn slightly when she realized they'd all been listening to her sing. But as she got up and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear and turned to jump of the stage, something caught her eye and she turned, locking her bright blue eyes with a pair of gold ones. They looked as though they were made of a dying sunset, with fire so hot it would surely burn her if she continued to look any longer. But her trance-like state was broken as Kaede's voice rang out happily.

"Well it looks as though I shall no longer have to search for a new singer!" The band turned and looked at her strangely, but all of them quickly nodded in agreement. Except Inuyasha who snorted lightly.

"We don't even get a say in this?" Kaede looked at him in disbelief, and then sighed as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"What do you think Inuyasha?" Inuyasha froze for a moment, but then he smirked as he turned and looked up into Kagome's blue eyes, unknowingly causing her stomach to flutter.

"She's...acceptable. Welcome to 'Mayonaka Youkai' or in English 'Midnight Demon'. So, you in or what?" Kagome looked over at Sango, who was practically glowing. So, knowing she could never disappoint her adoptive sister, she smiled and let out a light laugh that was musical all its own.

"I guess I really have no choice. Besides, that just means Rin can run the bar for once." She laughed again when she heard Rin's triumphant "Yes!" from somewhere around the area where she'd seen the pair of golden eyes. But as she looked for their source now, she found nothing but an empty barstool and a few bills placed onto the bar. Strangely, she found herself disappointed.

"Yes! The bitch is gone and now we have my little sister with us! How could this get any better!" Sango lifted the guitar a little higher before starting to walk towards the stage, only to freeze as an unwelcome warmth settled on her rear end.

"I could think of many ways this could..." But Miroku's statement was drowned out as Sango turned around with the fire's of Hell burning in her eyes.

"You god damned HENTAI!" Miroku let out an unmanly-like squeal as Sango's fist made contact with his face, sending him to the floor as she stomped towards Kagome.

"Come on you guys, let get some rehearsing done with our new lead singer. Oh and by the way Inuyasha, you don't have to do so much anymore. Kagome will take over the first guitar part, you can take second, I can play base lines, and Miroku can do more keyboard stuff." Inuyasha let out a deep breath of relief, knowing his fingers might not twitch after shows now. So, for the first time, the band gathered on stage as Kagome plugged in and hit the intro chords to "Going Under". Then, as the people in the club began to get back to work and nod their heads in beat with the drums, Kagome sang out the first eerie set of lyrics.

Now I will tell you what I've done for you...