The Youkai's Siren

Chapter Six


"Kagome, don't talk with your mouth full of food." Kagome frowned, but swallowed the huge bite of her hamburger she'd taken, making Inuyasha raise his eyebrow slightly.

"My mouth wasn't full!" At this, Miroku choked on his water.

"My Kagome! I never knew you could fit so much in your mouth! Tell me..." But a very loud growl emitted from Inuyasha silenced him as he scooted nearer to Sango, who watched the whole display with her chopsticks stuck inside her mouth still, eyes insanely wide as she blinked innocently.

"Kaede, how are we supposed to do this? We don't have the money for plane tickets and none of our cars can..."

"Keh, mine can." Kagome frowned at Inuyasha as he slurped some ramen loudly.

"Your car could barely fit you and I in it. Besides, I don't think you'd want anyone eating in that car." At this, he narrowed his eyes and took another giant bite of noodles. Kaede shook her head at them , for she had never seen a cruder bunch of young people in her life.

"I've arranged transportation and lodging. Next on the list is a photo shoot." Again, Miroku choked. Only this time, it was a synchronized choke with everyone else instead of a solo.

"Photo shoot! Why!"

"Well for tour brochures of course. Several of the venues require them and it spreads information about the band." Kagome sighed and looked down at her burger. Her horrible month had just gotten worse.

So far this month, she'd managed to blow a fuse in her apartment that caused her half of the complex to be without power, she had to take Souta to the hospital for an infection that the doctor said was because of all the soda he'd
been drinking, and possibly the worst thing of all, she hadn't been in contact with Him since the incident during practice. The scar upon her skin had healed completely in less than an hour, and now as she thought about it, she realized the scar was slowly fading back to unblemished skin. What did that mean? Was he distancing himself from her for some reason? The thought of him leaving her forever pained her more than it should have, and as she thought about it, she really would die inside if he left.

Yes, she was scared of him and yes, he seemed to have ulterior motives. But there was an undeniable pull to him, to Sesshoumaru, and she knew she could fight it her whole life, and never win. Although she hadn't told the others, she hadn't been sleeping well. She barely slept as it was, and when she did sleep, she awoke in a cold sweat from dark dreams, not nightmares exactly. They weren't frightening actually, but everything seemed to have such a clarity that it was as if she were watching a movie. They were all similar, showing her death in varying degrees of gore and blood. Why she would dream such things was beyond her.

"I scheduled the photo shoot for the day before we leave. The photographer is rather well known, if not a little unorthodox, so you may have to come up with your own ideas for the photos, brochures, and such."

"Kagome will handle it. That's her deal." Sango stuffed a large piece of sweet and sour pork into her mouth, earning a rather exasperated glare from Kaede.

"Kagome will already have enough on her hands. I've had to hire a make-up artist and wardrobe stylist for her. Although luckily I was able to get the same person to do both."

"Kaede...I don't need a make up artist or anything like that." Kagome frowned, a small drop of ketchup sitting on the corner of her bottom lip. She wasn't completely incapable at being a civilized female.

"Well, for tours you do." Kagome snorted and licked away the ketchup, making Inuyasha pause in his slurping of ramen, large noodles still hanging from his mouth freely as he stared.

"Fine. As long as I don't look too much like a priss." Inuyasha continued to gawk.

"You won't. The only time you'll be dressed up more than you want to be is when we go to Symphony Summit.There you all have to wear dresses and tuxes." Kouga grinned from his spot over in the corner, a plate of completely gnawed on chicken bones before him.

"Well, we all know Miroku's dress has to be pink and frilly."

"Shut up Kouga." At this, the drummer howled with laughter.

"I'm having the tuxes custom designed so that they're unlike the other bands. You ruin them, I kill you. These will not be rentals." Kouga and Miroku both gulped loudly, for Kaede really would follow through with her threat. Inuyasha was still busy gawking at Kagome, who by now had finally noticed.

"Inuyasha, if you don't suck the rest of those noodles in and quit staring, I'll poke your eyes out with Sango's chopsticks." Inuyasha snorted with a quick blink, slurping the rest of the noodles into his mouth rather loudly.

"My Inuyasha, have you taken a liking to Kagome-chan?" Inuyasha visibly blushed and growled at Miroku from across the table.

"Keh, as if. She the farthest from what I'd ever look for in a woman."

"Hey! What the heck is that supposed to mean jerk!" Sango, who had been watching all this as though it were a spectator sport, suddenly realized she had to end the argument before someone ended up with a black eye or worse and she cleared her throat loudly.

"Kagome, don't you have a class soon?" Kagome blinked slowly, not exactly sure what Sango had said. But suddenly, she squealed and jumped up from the floor, since they'd been sitting in Kaede's living room, and grabbed her hamburger before running towards the door and grabbing her bag and hoodie.

"I'm gonna be late! There's no way I can...EEP!" Suddenly she was shoved out the door by Inuyasha, who had simply gulped down the rest of his ramen.

"Keh, we'll both be late if you don't shut up and get down to the car!" Kagome blinked as he shut the door behind them, practically shoving her towards the elevator. She hadn't known before now that Inuyasha had classes the same time as her, let alone went to college at all.

What point was there for it? He was an heir to a millionaire's fortune!

Inuyasha watched her reactions, finding shocked confusion heaviest of all. But there was nothing, not even stampeding youkai, that would make him tell her that he'd changed his schedule in order to protect her. Ever since the incident during their practice session, he'd been protective of her more than knew he should be. There were few times when he wasn't around her, and when he wasn't he would call her or send her text messages on her mobile. Although the bastard hadn't been heard from since then, Sesshoumaru was still around.

After calling his father, Inuyasha had discovered that not only was his half brother still in the area, but he wasn't planning on leaving anytime soon and was staying at a rather large manor north of downtown. If he had thought Sesshoumaru was planning something before, he knew he was now. It was rare for the pompous ass to leave Japan, let alone longer than a few days.

As it was, it had been nearly two months since he'd left.

Inuyasha didn't dare tell his father what was actually going on. There was something he was missing, something new this time, and he had to find out what it was before it was too late. His father would only complicate things at this point, and complications could either mean more danger for Kagome or danger for anyone who crossed Sesshoumaru's path. Especially if he'd been drinking.

He didn't know how long his elder sibling had been indulging himself in this ningen habit, but indulge himself he did. More than once he'd been in car accidents due to his drinking. Many times when servants at his home searched for him, Sesshoumaru was found in his chambers in a drunken rage with glowing crimson eyes and his snout elongated. So far, he'd lost complete control twice and transformed. Luckily, in Japan Sesshoumaru was close to their father and the elder tai had subdued his son.

But Inuyasha visibly winced when he thought of what would happen if Sesshoumaru were to transform here.

Not for the first time, his mind wandered to a particular fact. Did Kagome truly know who and what Sesshoumaru was? If she did, did not she not care? Or was she too terrified of what would happen should she reveal her fear of him?

"Inuyasha...I know what you're doing." He reigned in the urge to jump at her quiet voice as the elevator doors opened and they stepped out into the parking garage. He glanced at her, seeing that she wasn't even looking at him and she had a dark look on her face.


"You're trying to protect me...aren't you?" He couldn't make himself keep on walking at that statement and instead froze in midstep, his eyes widened. She stopped as well, turning to him with a soft smile. In that small moment, she took his breath away.

Even though she wore a pair of baggy, ripped jeans that barely stayed up with the help of her studded belt, a paint splattered black tank top that showed of a nice bit of her stomach, and her two-sizes-too-big hoodie, she was still enough to take his breath away. The soft smile on her lips might've done the trick just on its own, but her hair that was contained in a very loose braid seemed to glow in the sunlight coming in from the exit of the garage and her sapphire blue eyes were seemingly glittering.

With tears.

"Gomen...but I'm starting to think I'm beyond help." Her voice was so quiet that he barely caught it, but he did hear it. It was so sad, so regretful, that it struck a chord in his soul.

Kagome felt herself trembling as she stood there, smiling softly at her friend who had come to mean so much to her. As soon as they'd reached the elevator, she'd realized what was going. If Inuyasha knew about Sesshoumaru, then he must've known his motives unlike her. If the way he'd been acting lately said anything, she had enough to tell her that she should be worried. Very worried. But even as fear coiled low in her gut and burned in the bottom of her throat, she couldn't help but think that she'd willingly let herself go to Sesshoumaru. Why? She didn't know. Maybe it was because she owed him.

Yes, she owed him so much now. He'd taken her under his wing, taught her the magic of the stage, and ripped away the timid covering over her body and mind. She was still Kagome, but not at the same time. Her voice, which was only at its strongest when she was singing alone, was suddenly strong anywhere she used it. Even in the shower, and that thought had nearly made her giggle when she'd first realized it. He'd started a fire in her veins to perform in any way. When she was on stage with the lights shining on her, the beat thumping inside her chest, and the audience before her watching her like a hungry dog would watch its owner, she felt alive. She felt strong, seductive, and everything she never thought she could be. Why he had even chosen her to be his pupil of sorts was still a mystery, but she was grateful to him. She had a debt to pay now, and she intended to pay it however she had to.

But that didn't mean she would be happy about it.

Inuyasha's attitude on the whole matter was enough for her to gather that the payment she would be giving was something she wasn't going to like. She looked at him then, as a single crystalline tear ran from her right eye, and she realized that whatever payment she had to give would never make her happy. Because for some reason, she instinctively knew that whatever the details were, she'd never be allowed to be near Inuyasha again. That thought sent a hot dagger into her chest, making her flinch visibly. It was then as Inuyasha towards her with concern heavy in his features that she came to a realization and nearly collapsed with a loud sob.

'I...I'm in love with Inuyasha...'

"Kagome, he can't have you. He won't have you." Those soft words, just like last time, broke down her barriers and the tears came in torrents. But she didn't move.

"You're wrong. There's nothing anyone can do. I have a debt to pay." She gasped though when Inuyasha suddenly rushed forward and grabbed her shoulders with a furious expression.

"No! You're wrong! You don't owe that bastard anything! If you keep telling yourself that you do, he'll take you. But if just let go of it, cut yourself off from him'll be able to stay." His statement that had started of so fierce in the beginning faded into a mere whisper at the end, his expression sad and longing.

'Longing? Why would he...'

"Inuyasha..." He brought her to him then, wrapping his arms around her with the protection she needed and she wanted to cry at the tenderness he showed to her and her alone.

"Don't you see? I want you to stay. I need you to stay. I think I've fallen for you Kagome." She gasped loudly in the echoing parking garage, her breath hitching in her chest as more tears stung her eyes. She knew how hard it was for him to say something like that. Inuyasha, who's gruff and rude nature made him nearly impossibly unapproachable, had suddenly shown the side of himself that she'd known was hidden underneath the rough edged exterior.

"'ve fallen for..."

"Keh, I know it sounds stupid. But I have damn it and I'm not about to let that filthy bastard take you from me." She finally wrapped her arms around him, returning his embrace. It felt as though a weight had been lifted from her chest, allowing her to breathe again. But something nagged her in that moment, something that had lingered just beyond the point of her remembering it fully. But she remembered now and she frowned.

"Inuyasha...what's your connection to him? To Sesshoumaru?" He stiffened in her hold, but loosened just as quickly with a long, tired sigh.

"He' half brother I'm sorry to say." She stiffened this time, fear shooting through her veins.

Half brother? Could that mean that Inuyasha was just like him? No, Inuyasha was Inuyasha. Gruff, rude, and crude with the manners of a wild pig and the emotional range of a teaspoon. Inuyasha who had belching contests with Souta and Kohaku. Inuyasha who played guitar like it was a part of his body. Inuyasha who when he sang had such a beautiful voice that it made her eyes burn with tears. Fear that had suddenly choked her seemed to melt, allowing her to swallow and breathe once more as her body relaxed in his arms.

No, Inuyasha was nothing like Sesshoumaru.

"Inuyasha...what if he..."

"Keh, I can kick that bastard's sorry ass any day. Just leave it up to me, okay?" She nodded against his chest, feeling happily safe for the first time in a long time. She'd always felt someone watching her from the shadows, like if she turned around he'd be standing there smirking in his seductive way that she'd realized was even more fear inspiring than his usual bored expression. Sometimes she could swear she could feel his hot breathe against the strange scar on her skin, sending tingles down her spin. She always felt that no matter where she went, no matter how hard she tried to hide, he would always be there. His presence smothered her all the time, making her dizzy and lightheaded. But now, as she leaned back and looked up into Inuyasha's golden eyes. Now that she thought about it, they looked so similar yet so different. Inuyasha's features were more...human for lack of a better word. Sesshoumaru was like some untouchable god.

That, and Sesshoumaru would never be caught wearing a black baseball cap.

'Wait a minute...'

" you have ever take off that hat?" She expected him to snort or scoff. But instead she gasped as he hissed as though in pain and stiffened. "Inuyasha what..."

"You don't want to know what's under it." She blinked innocently, looking up at him with her big blue eyes as though she was a child.

"Do you have 'hat hair' or something cause..."

"No." That one word was so fierce that it scared her, but his expression and attitude softened as he sighed and looked away from her. "You'd probably run away if you knew."

"Knew what? Inuyasha, what aren't you telling me?" He opened his mouth several times as though he was going to say something. But nothing came out and he finally let out an angry sighed before removing one of his hands from her lower back and reaching up to remove the cap quickly, all the while looking at anything but her. She looked on as he removed the hat and when she saw what was there, twitching as though nervous about her presence, she gasped with bright, child-like eyes.



Holy hell this chapter and entire story has been a real pain in the ass! . I'm considering rewriting it now that I have the small chance before school starts again. I've changed alot of ideas in my head, changed the way I write somehow, and plus, I've begun to lose insperation for this story. But I love it too much to give up on it and apparently my readers do as well! huggles you all! You guys make it even more worth it to write! This story has gone far beyond my expectations, and I'm happy with it! I just wish my other stories could get the kind of response this one has TT But anywho, I'm sooooo sorry it took so long. This story just loves to give me hell. Almost as much hell as Sometimes You Just Gotta Say "HUH!" and that's alot of hell. So yeah, I'm gonna go try and work on some other stuff while I'm in the mood and not busy. Ja ne!