This is a story I just felt like writing I have about five chapter's already written and I'll try to post my chapters as quickly as possible so if you like the first chapter you're sure to fall in love with the rest. This story will not only be of Harry Potter but also included is Lord of the Rings and Star Wars so Enjoy!


Darkness surrounded him, he is shivering with cold, every breath he took sent a new stab of pain into his lungs. His whole body felt as though needles were stabbing at him. The air is rushing by him as though he is falling and had left his stomach behind somewhere. He tried to move but the pain wouldn't let him even open his eyes.

He then became aware of three other people that were there with him, but he had no idea who they were. Never the less he tried to keep them all with him, but he is in too much pain and two of them went off on a different path. The last person he held onto until right before they reached their destination. The darkness then became more intense, and he couldn't hold on. the pain had intensified so much that it felt like he was being stretched out in every direction, and it became so could he could not fell his arms or legs.


Two storm troopers walked down the hallway of the Empire's main ground base, their feet echoed loudly with every step. In between them they held the limp form of a twenty year old man. His blonde almost white hair slicked back and his pale skin shined eerily in the light of the hall. They entered a dark circular room, in the center a bright light shone on a chair near the center of the room. The two storm troopers plopped their prisoner in the chair and closed clasps at his wrists and ankles to keep him from getting out.

Somewhere close in the darkness a dark sphere opened shedding beams of light in every direction. In the center, a dark ominous figure rose, and his shadow blocked out all the light that was being admitted from the sphere, as he strode closer to his prisoner. His hollow breathing echoed off the walls making it sound as though it was coming from more dark figures that could not be seen in the shadows.

"Where did you find him?" asked the dark figure, his voice hollow.

"By some old ruins while we were on patrol" said one of the storm troopers.

"Was he armed?"

"All we found was this, sir" the storm trooper held out a long carved piece of wood. The dark figure curious as to why someone would keep a stick with them as though it was some sort of weapon, and started turning it over in his hands. Then the man in the chair started to wake up and struggle against the bands that held him. He then noticed the dark figure before him and the two storm troopers at his sides.

"What the bloody hell is going on? Where am I? And what's with that outfit, is it Halloween or something? You look completely pathetic!" Said the prisoner in a snobbish tone.

"SILENCE!" commanded the dark figure.

"Who the hell do you think you are to command me like I'm some sort of servant!"

The dark figure raised his hand as though he was going to choke him but didn't make a move forward to do so. The prisoner nevertheless felt as though an invisible hand was closing around his throat and his airway being cut off. For several moments the invisible hand remained there unmovable, as the prisoner struggled for breath. Then the hand was withdrawn and he took gasping breaths welcoming back the cool air.

"Do not be stupid and tell me, why did the rebels send you? How did they find the location of this base?" demanded the dark figure.

"I don't work for the rebels I am a Death Eater for the Dark Lord and again I ask who the hell are you and where am I?"

"I am Darth Vader"