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Chapter 6: Dungeons and Dragons

"You said you saw two hobbits?" asked Aragon intently, determined to find his friends at all costs.

"I'm not sure about hobbits, but I did see two small boys," responded Hermione 'what is a hobbit anyways?' she added but didn't dare voice her question.

"Do you know which way they went?" pressed Gimly

"I believe they went that way;" said Hermione as she pointed toward the forest.

"They went in the forest?" asked an astonished Legolas.


"What madness drove them there…." Said Legolas gravely

They walked into the forest following Aragon, who had found the hobbit's tracks, but as far as Hermione could tell there was nothing on the ground that would suggest that anyone had passed over it at all.

After an hour or two of stumbling over tree over tree roots there was a sudden flash of blinding light.

"It is the White Wizard, don't let him speak or he will bewitch us," said Aragon in a hurried voice.

They turned to attack the where the light source was coming from, but before they could attack or defend themselves in any way they were thrown back several feet by a huge dragon.

Its bright red scales gleamed in the sunlight so brightly that anyone who looked at it directly would momentarily go blind. Its fangs large and threatening snapping at them, its tail with large pointed spikes that stuck off it in every direction, that could easily drive through a muggle armored tank as though it was thin paper. It came down upon them from all directions causing them to scramble for cover among the trees.Her

"What sort of madness is this!" asked Legolas as he joined Aragon behind on of the huge trees of Flagon forest.

"It's probably one of the many servants of Saruman" replied Aragon.

"What the bloody hell is going on?" shrieked Hermione from a couple of trees away.

'First I get stranded in a different dimension of some sort, all alone with no knowledge of this place (not to mention there seems to be no library in sight!) and then there is a horrific battle and now we are being attacked by some crazy psychotic DRAGON! (Not that dragons are usually nice or anything, but this one seems particularly fierce)' on an after though she added 'I MUST be going crazy….'

Legolas jumped up suddenly from behind his tree and let loose a couple of arrows at the creature, and ducked back behind the tree just milliseconds before the spot where he was standing was engulfed in flames. After releasing a couple more arrows Legolas realized that no matter how expert his elf aim was there was no getting past that dragon, at lest no in none magical ways.

"I sense some dark wizard magic unknown to belong to dragons" muttered Aragon.

"Ai, I sense it too," Legolas responded as he continued to survey the dragon from behind their momentarily safe tree.

Gimly, who was sitting a couple of trees away, was starting to get really tired of this damn dragon pestering his friends hurled his axe at the beast's neck so expertly that it would have made any dwarf that might have been watching weep at the shear beauty of throw, but alas the axe never reached its mark, but bounced harmlessly off the thin air that around the blood red dragon. Gimly, who had looked very much forward to gloating to Legolas about how he had slain a dragon nearly burst out into tears when he realized who wouldn't be able to hold this above his elf friend's head.

Hermione, who was watching the dragon intently wishing that she were like Harry and use a broom to over come it, noticed that for a millisecond the spot where the axe had responded light up and she realized that the dragon was surrounded by a powerful shield charm.

'That means that there has to be a wizard near by, but where could this wizard be?' she sat there pondering for a moment when she was drawn out by a sudden flutter of cloth that caught her attention. She quickly located the source of the movement on the very back of the beast's very back, it had gone on unnoticed before because it was the same exact blood red color of the dragon.

'I need to tell the others and we could come up with a plan, the hard part will be getting to them without becoming the main course of the bar-b-q'

As quickly and quietly as she could Hermione rolled, ran, ducked, and dodged her way over to Legolas and Aragon's tree. When she finally reached them she was panting hard after getting over her breathlessness a little "I have…an…idea!" she gasped between breaths.


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