Author: Uchiha Yumi

Title: Uncovered

Genre: General / Romance

Summary: There's a moment in your life when you understand you can't stand the pain no more. What would you do, then? Is escaping really a good idea? ItaHina

Rating: PG13 / R

Parings: Itachi x Hinata

Main Characters: Uchiha Itachi, Hyuuga Hinata

Special thanks: A special thank to Lilya-chan and FunnyNeko, for reading and correcting all of my nasty stuff.

Notes: English is not my native tongue, so please, tell me about my mistakes!
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Chapter 1 : Of glass and silver

She would never look back.

Hinata was sure of it.

She had always been the weak, the submissive, the shy one.

The beautiful gentle princess doomed to spend all of her life trapped in a huge castle, waiting for her wintry father to provide her someone to marry and to procreate with.

She was the flower, the nightingale. But she had no time to bloom or chance to sing.

She experienced the pain of being rejected, refused.

She learnt how to suffocate tears with the iciness of silence.

She had to bear her sorrow when she was told she was going to marry her cousin, Neji, in order to provide the rich, noble, Hyuuga family a worthy heir – or, at least, worthier than she had ever been.

So, she just looked out of the window, living her plain and planned life as if it was reflected in a dark mirror: it was all indistinct, confused. She could follow and trace the edges of things, but she never managed to understand them wholly.

But you know, a mirror is just a thin shield of glass and silver, as frail as her numbed soul was.

And fragile things are not meant to last forever.

Not at all.

Hinata's mirror got fractured the day she knew Naruto had been killed and the murderer had not been found. Her world completly shattered the moment she figured out that no one in the village – not even her important, noble and skilled family. No one really cared about that crime, nor tried to avenge it.

And her little, tiny mind was crushed along with that. Making a small, evanescent fragments of anger and sorrow scatter all around her helpless soul, tainted with darkness and cruelty, the former pureness of her aristocratic being was destroyed.

So she decided.

She freed herself from the chains and escaped. Leaving that hideous castle of great expectations and imposed manners behind.

And now here she was, wrapped in a long, black coat she had stolen from a nearby store, leisurely walking down the path that lead out of the village.