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"I've been trying so hard to tell myself that it wasn't you," Chris managed through tears, looking down at his sister, "I just kept thinking it had to be a coincidence. I swear Andi, I thought Cowgirl killed you."

"Don't you dare say that Christopher. It's an insult to her memory."

"What do you mean 'her memory'?" Mustang looked away from his eyes. "Oh no. She didn't..." Mustang nodded and Chris hugged her closer. "When?"

"About a month ago, in the storm."

"You were scared, weren't you? Just like always?" She nodded, half laughing through her tears.

"Speaking of being scared." She stood, helped Chris to his feet, and motioned for Dutchy and Blink to join them. "Chris, this is Dutchy, my boyfriend, and Kid Blink, my best friend just about anywhere. Guys, Chris, my brother."

"Andi. I already know them, remember?" She laughed.

"But there is someone you don't know!" She latched Firebird's door and took his hand. "Come on." She lead him to a small pasture behind the barn where the track workers had been kind enough to let Dunder stay. "This is Dunder." Chris held out a hand and stroked the horse's nose.

"He seems sweet. Any good for riding?" Andi smiled and climbed over the fence and onto Dunder's back. Dutchy started to say something, but stopped himself. A few kicks and Dunder took of around the field. She let her hands fly out behind her until Dunder slowed to a walk as he came back around to where the boys stood.

Chris and Mustang sat watching the horses load into the starting gate. Dutchy and Blink sat a few rows ahead of them, working on telling the horses apart. Another jockey had volunteered to ride Frebird and they had bet a good deal of money on her. They watched the race, screaming at the top of their lungs. As Firebird flew across the finish line far ahead of all the others, Chris turned to his sister and just watched her. She looked up at him.

"So, this Dutchy, he a good guy?"

"Obviously I think so. Do you approve?" Chris laughed.

"You know, if you approve of him, I don't think I could say no. You're so picky you'd probably never find another guy." Mustang smiled and hit him lightly on the arm.

"I've got a back-up. He's in the field behind the barn." They both laughed.


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