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Chapter One


Kagome looked into the water and saw her reflection she sighed when she saw her normal self. Then she looked again and saw herself with dog-ears and long silver hair like Inuyasha's. She gasped and sat on a big rock always of the lake so she couldn't see her self.

It had only been about three day's scene they almost destroyed Naraku again. (A/N: This take's place about three episodes after 167) Everyone was feeling better especially Kagome's feet and legs. 'I wonder what's gonna happed now?' Kagome got up and started walking back to the hut but when she looked at her shoe she screamed.

Inuyasha who was following Kagome ran off of the tree he was standing in watching Kagome from and ran towards her. "What's the matter Kagome?" Inuyasha held that out like if a demon was attacking her or if she was in a lot of pain. He looked at her closely and couldn't think of anything about why she screamed like that. Kagome pointed down to her right shoe. Inuyasha looked down with her finger and saw a bug. The Hanyou brought a look to his face. He went down and flicked the harmless bug off of brave Kagome.

"It was big and disgusting!" Kagome yelled

'What am I gonna do with her?' the Hanyou thought Inuyasha shook his head. 'What is your problem it's just a bug. What are you gonna do if it was a demon and you just stood there like an idiot and scream while it eats you alive or if it stills the Jewel Shards?" he yelled

Kagome gave him an angry look "Well sorry I just can't stand bugs and if it was a demon I'd like it with my arrows and that's all you care about anyway is the jewel you never care about me…or anybody else."

"Right" Inuyasha said that sarcastically "I do care you remember how many times I saved you, a day." he said that seriously

'That's only because with out me you wouldn't find the shards."

Inuyasha went up to Kagome's face "No your not the only one Kikyo can find the shards too. I can always ask her."

"Not if she doesn't drag you into hell first. I don't know how she did it in the past. How did she put up with your rude attitude huh?" Kagome slapped her mouth shut "Sorry…I didn't mean to bring up Kikyo like that"

Inuyasha's ears went flat. "Whatever." was all he could say he then walked back towards the hut. Kagome knew he didn't mean to say that and she hopes that he knows that she didn't mean those words it either. She knew that it hurt his feelings and she really didn't mean it.

Kagome sat back on the edge of the lake again and saw her reflection again this time it changed back to her looking like a half-demon again 'what's going on?' Kagome wondered. She always looked at her reflection and it was always normal, Kagome's normal human self but the past few days when she past by the lake her reflection always changed and her appearance was a half-demon. For now Kagome would ignore it she was afraid to tell Inuyasha this right now because he'd probably get mad at her.


Slap Miroku laughed." I was just trying to see if you were feeling alright." The monk ducked down with his last words he was afraid of another hit on the head with Sango's weapon again for touching her bottom again.

"I feel fine, and if you feel me again you'll feel your self ten feet under ground." Sango threatened. Leaving the perverted monk with Shippo and Kelala Sango walked out of the hut to walk for bit. That is until she took the first step out she found her face barried in someone's stomach. She backed off and looked up to see whom she ran into. She saw a angry Hanyou looking straight at her the moment Sango noticed his face shivers rolled down her back she was afraid that he would to something cruel. But then again he'd never hurt any of his friends. "Inuyasha I'm sorry I didn't see you… right there." She continued walking out the door and sat under the sacred tree.

Inuyasha didn't ask he knew what Miroku did so he turned back at sat on his favorite tree. He jumped up there and didn't see Sango sitting on the other side even if he did see her there. He wouldn't have asked he has his own problems if he can't handle his he has no right to try to help someone else's problems (plus he's not the type to ask) ' I'm not leaving this damn spot until that Kagome returns here. She better not have gone back to her Era this time or I'll drag her back.' Inuyasha thought he figured this one might take a while so he put his arms behind his head and leaned back against the tree and looked down at the lake. He stared at the water for a while and he got confused first he saw his reflection but it wasn't his current self (you know the 1/2 part) he saw him self as a human beside him was Kagome. Inuyasha rubbed his eyes and looked back into the water more closely this time his human self and Kagome (in her human form) were kissing. "What the" he yelled aloud. 'Why am I in my human form and kissing Kagome' he began to blush by his thoughts 'It's not a bad thing that were kissing but why would I see that in a reflection' Inuyasha looked back at the water but this time the reflection was a little different. He was kissing Kagome and they were both in their half-demon forms. This time Inuyasha practically fainted.

"Miroku you better go and apologize to Sango!" Shippo yelled at the monk who was still rubbing his head. Miroku sighed and walked out to find Sango. 'I hope he doesn't screw up this time' Shippo thought sipping his bowl of Ramen Noodles Kagome made for him but that was a little over two hours ago so it might be cold by now.

Inuyasha's ears twitched for a moment and once he got the sent threw his sensitive noise he jumper out of the tree and ran towards the sent.

Sango stood up from the tree. 'I scene a demon" she said noticing that Miroku was coming near the tree. She ran into the hut to grab her weapon and the other two and raced on Kelala to the demon. With Shippo ridding in front of Sango. Miroku was already ahead trying to keep up with Inuyasha.

Inuyasha was the first to arrive at the scene of so he thought. A small girl was already there who beat them all it was none other than Kagome. Kagome already had her arrow up and she was ready to fire her weapon at the Ogre demon. "Ha your gonna miss it," Inuyasha announced to Kagome with his rude mouth. ' You idiot your suppose to help her and say your sorry later it was your fault in the first place remember.' But of course his rude self ignored his conscious and stayed with his stubborn self.

'please work I want to prove to Inuyasha that I can do things right" Kagome fired her sacred arrow it went straight towards the demon and fell to the ground and hitting nothing but the dirt. Inuyasha shook his head and unsheathed this Tetsusgia and raised his sword above his head to unleash the Wind Scar when Sango's weapon came flying from the forest. The demon held out his right arm and her weapon hit the demons arm and left nothing. Not even a scratch on the Ogre. The weapon fell flat to the floor while Sango was still in the way the Ogre charged and clawed Sango all over her stomach. That sent her flying back to the hard floor.

"Fool" Inuyasha, yelled, "you got in my way."

Kagome ran to help Sango thankfully Miroku arrived but yet he was still out of breath. But that wouldn't stop him from helping Sango. Miroku took over and watched Sango as Kagome went back to the fight. "Inuyasha you're the fool Sango was just trying to help" Kagome yelled at him.

"Whatever." Inuyasha growled he then ran off towards the demon once more and used the Wind Scare on the demon "Yes, now that's what I call a pathetic demon."

"Inuyasha" Kagome innocently said

Inuyasha turned around rolling his eye's "What do you want" he mumbled

Kagome was hiding her right arm behind her back and she had something in her hand. She threw her hand forward and out came a huge rock that headed towards Inuyasha it was already to late to move when it knocked him on the head. "You're pathetic, and next time before you sy that, you should make sure that no one got hurt, to call a demon pathetic you jerk." Kagome walked angrily back to Keade's hut. 'I can't believe I liked him and now I don't even remember how I liked him in the first place.'

Inuyasha left the others (Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kelala) and ran to Kagome and stopped her. He put his hands on her cheeks and lifted up her face to look him in the eyes.

"Inu..yasha?" what is he doing his he trying to kiss me?' Kagome looked in his eyes and…

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