Chapter three

Two girls one guy and one secret

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Kagome ran out of the hut in tears. Kagome didn't know where she was going but all she knew was that she had to leave. The miko ran to the first place her broken heart could think of the sacred tree. She threw her self on the tall roots and cried. 'How dare he do that especially when he just met her. It took Inuyasha's days to even say my name and he's only met her for maybe a few hours and he's letting her stay with us no way. I'd rather let Kikyo come join us then her.'

Inuyasha got up and he walked out to find Kagome again. "Where are you going Inuyasha?" the female Hanyou asked with a hurt look on her face.

"Where do you think I'm gonna go find Kagome."

"I'll go with you" Akura said in a bossy tone.

"No, you won't you stay here plus you're hurt It'll just make you fell worse so stay here." with that Inuyasha leaped out of the hut to find Kagome. Inuyasha knew the only two places that Kagome could be at. She was either at he r house or by the sacred tree. The hanyou tried the tree first. "Kagome" he called hoping for an answer. He knew that when Kagome was upset like this that she wouldn't answer but it was a good try tough. Inuyasha's prediction was right he couldn't hear her he couldn't even track her smell.

The bushes then began to rustle and the wind didn't cause it. It wasn't even windy for that matter. 'That has to be Kagome.' Inuyasha was gonna be very sneaky to find out where Kagome was going to. But yet there was still something odd about this sent it wasn't Kagome's usual sent that he smells everyday. Could something be wrong with his nose?

After a few minutes of crawling on all fours Inuyasha got up and wondered for a bit. Inuyasha was very concerned about Kagome it was almost midday and still on trace of the miko. ' Could something have happened to Kagome in those few hours? Inuyasha began to run to find a trace of Kagome when someone grabbed Inuyasha's hand.

Inuyasha turned around and saw a sad expression on Akura's face. Inuyasha follow me, we need to talk about this. "Listen I know that this is none of my business but every single time a girl gets mad at you. You just can't go after them like that.

Inuyasha turned his head away from the girl. "You don't understand Kagome for all we know she could be in great danger and if I don't rescue her then she may die and it'll be my fault for not rescuing her."

"Who says that you have to rescue her. As far as I know you two aren't mates nor blood related besides that you wouldn't rescue your own brother so why Kagome?" Akura questioned the half- breed.

"Huh?" Inuyasha blushed by her question.

"I'm glad that you care about her so much but tell me dose she care for you the way you so for her?"

"No, I guess not"

"If you keep helping he every time she gets into trouble then one day when you're not there what's gonna happen to her because she's relying on you."

Inuyasha looked down at his feet. 'Akura was right one day I won't be there for her and it'll be my fault if she die's'

"Promise me that you'll leave her alone and if we don't see her in tree dats then you can go find her" Inuyasha smiled

Inuyasha quickly turned his head at the tree. He had a strange feeling that Kagome was behind the tree and watching from a far. There was no one there. Akura reached out her hand and she grabbed the Tetsusgia and ran away with it playfully. "Let's see how powerful you are half-breed." Akura sarcastically said by still running s fast as she could into th forest.

"Oh no you don't" Inuyasha ran at her in full speed as he ran after her.

Behind the sacred tree a small miko was crying. Kagome saw and heard the whole conversation. 'Inuyasha you like her don't you. Why would he not like her she's a half demon too? I basically have no business here now….'

"But you do child" a strange and unfamiliar voice called from the tree.

"Huh?" Kagome turned around and faced the tree.

"Kagome do not be afraid I'm here to help you"

Kagome didn't trust that voice. "What do you want with me if you want the sacred jewel you got the wrong person."

"Dear child I'm not here to hurt you I have a present to give you."


"I'm gonna get you and you know that. So just save me the trouble and stop." Inuyasha called as he jumped to the next tree.

"Giving up are you?"

No, I just don't like going against weaklings it's bad for my reputation"

"What reputation?" Akura said as she sliced the branch that Inuyasha was currently standing on.

"Hey no cheating"

"Hey yourself, don't holler at me just because you can't do it." Akura playfully laughed

"What ever?"

Akura took out the sword and transformed it. As Inuyasha stood in shook think about 'how can she do that. Akura swung the sword at the nearest tree next to her. The Tetsusgia not only cut the tree down clean but ten others fell around it all straight to the forest like dominoes

"How did …you?"


"Okay what is it" Kagome said. Kagome still didn't trust this creature so she kept her guard up. A purple light glowed and it swirled around and it swallowed Kagome up and it took her inside the tree. When Kagome landed she was still screaming her head off. "Hey, where am I?"

"Why you're inside of your own soul Kagome."

"I'm what?"

Kagome could now see that purple mist and a little voice surrounded her with two small eyes looking at her. "Kagome listen I don't have much time but here's you're gift. Every Miko has a guardian and even Kikyo did too. Each guardian has a gift for their miko that were protecting." the purple mist appeared into a picture with Kagome and Inuyasha there at their present appearances. "Kagome if you kiss Inuyasha while he's a half-demon you will turn into a half-demon like him." (Female stage)

Kagome dropped her mouth. She saw the picture as it showed her and Inuyasha kiss she thought for a moment of how it would feel to get kissed. The strange miko puckered up her lips and she pretended that she was kissing Inuyasha.

The guardian cleared her voice to let Kagome know what she was doing. Kagome opened her eyes and she blushed like a strawberry. 'Now Kagome if Inuyasha is human when you kiss him he will become a human with you forever. So must be careful about when you kiss him."

"Wait a minute how do you know that I'm gonna kiss Inuyasha you know that it's impossible for me to even get near him when he's to busy with that other half- demon he has no use for me anymore." Kagome gripped. "Will it work like if I kiss Koga or Shessomoru or Nuraku." The little guardian knew Kagome's whole life because she's been with Kagome inside her scene she was born.

"Yes, Kagome it will work for the other's too but it will only work for you're first kiss and it has to be true love."

"Oh" Kagome knew now that this would never happen.

"I must leave you know my miko if you need any help I'll be there."

"Wait how come I can't see you and how come I never met you before…" Before Kagome questions were answered she was back in the Feudal era unconscious she laid by the sacred tree without moving.

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