The ode to Odo

This is my verison of the song Slugtorn and Hagrid sang that night after Aragog's funeral. Odo himself, as well as the entire last paragraph, belongs to Rowling.

Odo the hero said to his dad
For adventure I'll go bold and true
He left the place that he'd known as a lad
Under a sky, which was blue

Odo the hero went forth to the world
But his path was blocked by a knave
Attired in steel and carrying a sword
Odo lowered his wand, which was brave

Oh sir Knave, I can see you are wandering like me
Thus I say, you and me should not fight
We are brothers in that we are both young and free
Let us join, Odo said, which was right

Oh sir Wizard, thou speakst with honour in voice
Let us both go to kneel for my king
Odo was greeted and hailed by the lord
And given a sword, which did sing

Thou will be a hero and hailed as a knight
If the dragon thou slayest in his lair
That has ravaged my land, Death-in-tooth is his name
This I swear by my crown, which is fair

A maiden so fair caught Odo's heart
By her window he played the lute
He sang about love and was given a ribbon
To tie 'round his wand, which was cute

Farewell, my dear maiden said Odo so bold
A tear of regret in his eyes
As he bowed to her thrice and went forth and begone
She kissed him goodbye, which was nice

Odo and knave with wand and with sword
They were friends of the kind nothing lack
Side by side they went forth for the dragon to slay
'till the day turned to night, which was black

The dragon had haunted and ravaged the land
'twas a sight that was wicked and sad
Wherever they looked all was burnt, all was dead
And the flowers were gone, which was bad

To the cave, to the lair, to the deed, to the death
To the dragon so horrid and grim
They made up a plan and they did estimate
Their chance of success, which was slim

Come out oh thou fiend, Odo cried, show yourself
Cease to hide in your hole on your gold
I have come to thee slay, ay, your reign will end
So come out Odo said, which was bold

I will come little man to thee fry and devoure
Let us fight, let us dance, let us duel
I will tear out your heart, I will crumple your bones
Death-in-tooth slowly hissed, which was cruel

The dragon emerged like a snake from its cave
Its head just as big a a barge
He was scaly and green, he was two hundred feet
From his head to his tail, which was large

Fire erupted from Death-in-tooth's jaws
Odo raptly made flame-freezing spell
The rock all around him did bubble and melt
But Odo survived, which was well

But the knave he rushed forth and slashed at the head
Of the dragon with sword clean and plain
In an attempt to cut through the scales
That protected its neck, which was vain

'twas an outcry of woe as Odo run forth
To his friend to rescue from the fire
Thus instead of the knave who laid struck to the ground
Death-in-tooth fell on him, which was dire

Odo stood fast with his wand in his hand
The wand with the ribbon so red
With his throat ripped apart he uttered his spell
And it struck Death-in-tooth, who was dead

The knave knelt by Odo who laid on the ground,
Closed the eyes of his friend and he said
Odo died as a hero, he died as a knight
He cried then a tear, which was shed

And Odo the hero, they bore him back home,
To the place that he'd known as a lad,
They laid him to rest with his hat inside out
And his wand snapped in two, which was sad