A/N: I usually write mature adult stories, but this one is only gonna contain fluff, rated older teen maybe.I'm writinga Hamtaro story, because itreminds me about when I was younger. If your a Sandy/Maxwell fan, don't read. Sandy is with an oc named Marco.Also, if you dislike Yaoi, don't read this. Alter Ego: Crushes the little hamsters. Ky: Samara...Oh! BTW!All the hams are Human/hamster people, size of Kanna and Laura. Hope you enjoy!


Stan, Sandy's older brother, walked down the street in the middle of the night. Stan loved going around town at night, it was always so calm. Tonight was different though.

Stan was heading to The Club house to have a private meeting with the other guy hams. 'I wonder what this is about.' Stan thought before walking through the door. Around the table sat Boss, Hamtaro, Oxnard, Howdy, Dexter, Panda, and Maxwell.

"Yo Hamha Hampster dudes! What's going on?" Stan shook his maracas slightly before taking the only seat left, next to Maxwell. "So what's the meeting about?" Stan said, yawning like the tired ham he was.

"Well, like I was saying earlier, Laura and Kana were playing this game called... Truth or Dare?" Oxnard said before nibbling on his sunflower seed.

"Yea! And they kept telling each other to do something weird or embarassing if they said Dare and if they said Truth, they would have to say if something was true or not about themselves! It looked like alot of fun because they were giggling!" Hamtaro exclaimed.

"It's a common game among human females, often used at slumber parties; where a multiple number of girls stay over at another girl's house. Guys play it too, and you're only suppose to play with the same gender." Maxwell tuned in, looking around at everyone.

Stan blinked and looked down at the book open in Maxwell's hands. "So that's why were here? To talk about a game?"

"No! We're here to play the game, we're playing it now because it's mostly played at night." Boss said, crossing his arms.

"It says here when it's more then three people are playing, we're suppose to spin a bottle." Maxwell said, glancing at Stan suspiciously.

"Well howdy! Yer all lucky I came then! I just happened to bring a bottle with me!" Howdy said, pulling out an empty bottle.

"Oh joy, where would we be without you Howdy?" Dexter said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

Boss took the bottle from Howdy. "I'll start!"

Maxwell looked down at his book. "The person spinning the bottle is the one to ask 'Truth, Dare, Double Dare, Promise not to repeat.' To the person the bottle points at. If they pick dare, they do whatever you tell them to, if they pick truth, then you ask them a personal question that they're suppose to answer truthfully." Maxwell finished saying, snapping his book shut and placing it in front of him. "The person the bottle lands on, after their turn, gets to spin the bottle. Rules understood?"

Everyone nods and the game begins.

Boss spins the bottle and it lands on...Panda!

"Ok Panda, Truth Dare Double Dare promise not to repeat."

Panda thought for a moment. "Umm...Truth."

"Alright, Where'd you learn to build such great things?" Boss asked.

"I'm self taught." Panda answered honestly before taking the bottle.

Panda spins it and it lands on...Dexter!

"Alright, Truth Dare Double Dare promise not to repeat." Panda said, chewing on a ranch flavored sun flower seed.

"Truth." Dexter said automatically.

"Do you really need to wear the glasses?" Panda asked blinking.

"Of course I do! But I do look pretty snazzy in them don't I?" Dexter said smiling.

"I think you mean snappy..." Howdy said while watching Dexter.

"Oh hush Howdy." Dexter snapped before spinning the bottle.

It seemed the bottle would never stop until it landed on Howdy.

"Heh, Truth Dare Double Dare promise not to repeat, Howdy." Dexter said, adjusting his glasses.

"Well that's easy, truth." Howdy said while leaning back.

"Alright, do you wear that apron because you think it's cool, or are you just gay?" Dexter said grinning widely.

Howdy began to yell at Dexter and everyone began to laugh, then the game continued.

At first, the game had been innocent since they were all first timers, but now the game was becoming more wild and perverted.

Stan was asleep, leaning against Maxwell while he slept, until Maxwell woke him up.

"Huh? What? I'm up." Stan said sleepily while sitting upright in his seat.

"It's finally your turn!" Hamtaro exclaimed, obviously hyped up in all the excitement.

"Oh, alright...who got me?" Stan asked before realizing Howdy was grinning evily at him.

"Alright Fellar, Truth Dare Double Dare promise not to repeat." Howdy said, obviously looking around the room for dares.

"Truuuuu...dare." It was true, Stan was gonna say truth, but decided dare to see what Howdy could come up with.

Seemed Howdy had the perfect one already thought up. "I dare you to act like Sandy, and kiss Maxwell."

Both Maxwell and Stan tensed while blushing.

"Ya gotta be kidding me ham-dude!" Stan yelled, slamming his fist on the table.

"C'mon Stan, don't be a poor sport! You chose dare! You gotta do it!" Boss said, crossing his arms.

"I didn't even wanna play this dumb game! It would've been better with the cuties!" With that, Stan turned and left the club house with a loud slam of the door.

All the hams stared at the door for a moment, then began to play again.

Maxwell blinked at them and picked up his book and the maraca Stan had dropped while sleeping and rushed out the door.

"Stan! Are you ok?" Maxwell shouted, running up to the other ham who looked pretty tired.

Stan turned to see Maxwell and yawned. "Yea, sorry about that." He mumbles slightly before taking the maraca. "I only exploded like that so I could get out of there."

Maxwell nodded. "Well, let me walk you home, you seem pretty tired."

Stan shrugged. "Nah, if you want to go back to the game you can." He mumbled before turning and walking again.

"No, it's ok, I was heading home too." Maxwell stated before walking at Stan's side.

They were quiet most of the way until Maxwell noticed something was wrong with Stan. Stan's face was turning red and there were dark circles under his eyes. Not to mention how pale his skin was.

Maxwell stopped him. "Stan, are you alright?" Stan was about to say something, before he swayed slightly. "So...dizzy." He stated before passing out, Maxwell dropping the book to catch him. "What? Stan! Someone! Help! Call an ambulance!"

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