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Stan woke up and looked around. It was already late in the afternoon, and he was still in the hospital. There were improvements though, the oxygen mask had been removed, and his throat wasn't as dry as it was the night before.

He looked around the room and realized a few things missing. All the books Maxwell had, the bed Maxwell had fallen asleep on, and Maxwell. "Damn, he's gone." Stan mumbled hoarsely.

"He just went home to return all the books and get some clothes." A nurse who had walked in with lunch said, smiling. "You really shouldn't use your voice right now. It's only had a week to heal."

Stan blinked. "A week?" He thought he'd only been in this place for two days.

"Yes, a week. That's how long you've been asleep. Maxwell was able to find out what you have, which is Desterox by the way. A common disease for the over stressed." She stated, placing his food on a table and rolling it so he didn't have to get out of bed.

"We've been able to stop your breathing problem, and your voice box is operating well. But still, you should rest more. Your heart rate is still to high, and you're in for major risk." She smiled slightly while waving over to a table full of get well gifts.

"All your friends are worried about you, especially Sandy and Maxwell."

Stan looked to the gifts then down at his food. Why was Stan starving himself? Everyone of his friends obviously wanted him to get better, but food looked so rotten to him.

"Could I get a salad?" He mumbled. The nurse nodded and left him alone.

Stan sniffed at the milk and decided it was about time he tried this milk. He took a drink and blinked. It was good, and it had flavor to it unlike water.

So he decided he liked the taste and asked for more when the nurse came. The hams came into visit him, all of them, except for Howdy and Dexter since the doctor knew they would cause Stan some major stress

Stan talked to Marcia the most, her and Pashmina being the only single hams left; of course penelope was single, but she was too young for him.

All too soon it was dark and everyone had to leave, and Maxwell still hadn't come. Stan began to worry. What if something had happend to Maxwell? Why did he care? 'Because Maxwell saved your life, that's why!' Stan's gut began to churn, maybe that wasn't the only reason?

"Hey! I heard you were up and talking!" Maxwell exclaimed as he walked in.

"What took ya forever?" Stan said, surprised by Maxwell's sudden appearence.

Maxwell blinked then smiled. "Oh, well Dillon was shorthanded at the store when I came. So decided to stay awhile and help." He said while taking off his coat and sitting in a chair next to Stan's bed.

Stan shrugged and leaned back, clearing his throat. "So Maxwell, you know I really don't know you all that well right?"

Maxwell thought about it then nodded. "I guess you could say that. We're more acquaintinces then we are friends." Maxwell stated while pouring himself some water.

Stan closed his eyes. "And yet, you saved me anyway?"

Maxwell blinked and nodded. "Well I wasn't just going to stand there while you died."

Stan nodded and sat up. "That's all I needed to know."

Maxwell blinked at the sudden end of the conversation.

Stan looked at him and smirked. "What do you think of Marcia? Everyone's hoping you'll get with her."

It was winter now, close to Christmas, and Maxwell walked Stan home from The Club house. It'd been around a month since Stan had been in the hospital, everything seemed to return to normal.

Sandy still liked Marco, none of the hams played Truth or Dare again, Dexter and Howdy were fighting like always, and Stan was back to his flirtacious, dancing self.

Maxwell was glad everything worked out, but inside he was still sulking about the loss of Sandy, the girl he really only liked.

Wham! A snowball flew and hit the side of Maxwell's head and sent him stumbling sideways.

"C'mon Ham Dude! Where's yer holiday spirit!" Stan shouted, already having another snow ball in handand tossing it up and down.

Maxwell growled then smirked, grabbing a bunch of snow and packing it into a snowball.

Stan and Maxwell ran down the street, throwing snowballs at each other until they were both out of air.

"Hey...Maxwell." Stan said between breaths.

"Yea?" Maxwell answered breathlessly.

"I want...you to know... I'm in debt...to you...until I save...your life." Stan said, now catching his breath.

Maxwell shook his head. "You really don't-"

"I am, and that's final." Stan said before picking up more snow and smirking. "And now, you face your fate at the hands of Stan the Man."

The End

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