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Summary: Sasuke is the object of adoration of every girl in Konoha. At least, he always thought he was, but that was before he met the girl who not only isn't in love with him--she's beginning to hate him. And so, the stalked becomes a stalker.

Disclaimer: I no own, except OC and (lack of a) plot. Shoo.

Once Upon Tomorrow

Chapter One: The Sighting

It was a crappy day.

I mean, come on, let's face it: it was a cold, wet, miserable day with hurricane-force winds and she had to be out in it. Would you smile and say that it all served some divine purpose?

Well, she thought it served a purpose, but not exactly divine one. She felt like it was the cosmic joke.

And the fact that the wind sounded like laughter was not helping.

So it has been established that it was a crappy day, she had to be out in it, and she had a sneaking suspicion that she was the world's cosmic joke. All in all, it was a fairly normal bad day for a civilian in Konoha, and she was happy with that. She respected and liked shinobi well enough, but not enough to ever think of becoming one--well, not for more than a few minutes, at least.

She tiredly pushed her way into the little cafe that she knew would be open tonight, setting down her laptop bag carefully and letting her books set on the table with a wet thump before sitting wearily down herself. She looked like a drowned cat, and knew it. Of course, no one would ever accuse her of being the world's beauty, she thought to herself dryly. Average and pretty were probably the best descriptions. Then again, she'd never put too much stock, time, effort, notice, etc. into physical appearances so it didn't bother her too much.

She wondered if people could die from rambling. If it was up to her luck, she probably would. Not that she was bitter or anything with life; she didn't have any bad blood--erm, her clan wasn't in the habit of slaughtering itself or keeping to Main and Branch sides, or become hosts for insects, so she figured she had it pretty good. And she did love her life dearly, content where she was. She could think and dream and wonder in her own little world (some may call it the mind) and her apartment, and for that she was truly happy. Above all else, she prized her freedom and independence. She liked it on her own, without romantic attachments, and intended to stay on her own.

And boyfriends had called her too independent.

Shaking the water off of her like a dog, she gave a quiet laugh at the insanity of her drifting thoughts and returned to the present time. She gave a cursory glance around the room, sizing up the people and their possible motives for being out at midnight in God-forsaken weather, and promptly ignored them.

"Hey! Long time no see!" a dusty-blond haired 20-something guy waved to her with a rag she hoped was mildly clean.

"Andrew," she grinned at him, happy that she'd come in during his shift. Anyone who tried something with her would face the wrath of one of her many platonic, she's-like-my-sister-so-I'm-way-overprotective guy friends.

Ah, it was good to be single.

"Whatcha doin' out this late at night?" he sat down in front of her, his boyish features lighting up with the chance of someone to talk to.

"You know, this, that, and the other," she waved her hand vaguely.

"Uh-huh. Planning world domination again?"

"Of course not, Min--uh, I mean, Andrew."

The two laughed at the old joke, shaking their heads.

"I'd better get back to work, but can you wait for me? I'll be getting off in about an hour, and I'll walk you home," Andrew said while standing up, stretching his tall frame with a crack or two.

"You know I'd like to, Andy, but I've absolutely got to get the next chapter ready or the old man'll have my head."

"As long as it's just your head he's after."

"Andrew!" she said in a shocked tone, a hand over her mouth to cover her grin.

"Hey, I'm just sayin'..." he trailed off, grinning.

She shook her head, still chuckling, and gave a good look at the people again. Drunk... Insomniac... College student... Shinobi... Psychopathic serial killer... Homeless person... Doctor...

Wait. Back up.

What was a shinobi doing in this part of town? This was pretty much a civilians-only residential area. It wasn't as if shinobi here were banned, or anything, it was just that they usually didn't hang around there too much.

And yes, the shinobi was who had her puzzled.

She took a good look at him, not trying to hide her curiousity; she figured that it would be better to be blatant, since trying stealth against a ninja was like using water against a fish. Hmm... not bad. Not bad at all. Black, unruly hair falling into black-as-night eyes; pale, flawless skin forming a patrician face with a mouth that absolutely screamed of dark mastery (he was always in control and he knew it); all in all, an absolutely breathtaking visage of maleness.

Too bad she wasn't interested.

Too bad with looks that perfect he was probably gay anyways.

Bored with this delectably dangerous piece of perfection, she blew wet hair out of her eyes and moved on, eyes falling back on the college student. He was kinda cute, in that panicky oh-God-it's-finals-and-I-haven't-studied kind of way. Nah. Sighing, she threw down a tip for Andy, grabbed her things, and left.

Interesting. Clearly, she had seen him, and yet he had seen only... boredom.

He was not used to such a thing. When women saw him, they turned into mindless stalkers and fangirls, willing to risk everything for just a glance in their direction. They desired him, wanted him, adored him, threw themselves at him.

He had seen in her eyes only... rejection.

Very interesting indeed. Uchiha Sasuke wasn't used to such unconscious, utter rejection before. Rivalry, hatred, fear, yes. But never rejection. After all, he was the Uchiha Sasuke. Who could possibly reject him? And yet, she had... wholly and unconsciously, which was worse because it was so natural.

He got up, melting in the darkness. He'd have to keep a close eye on this one.

A very close eye, indeed.

So... whadda ya think? At least the idea's original... I think. I don't think I've read anything like this before, so if it's been done before, don't blame me. I just write what the plot bunny strikes at me.

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