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Sakura bit her lip, totally ignoring the paper, she tried to get a better view of Neji. Unfortunately, it proved to be very difficult from her position. "Explain what?" She asked, her voice wavering.

Neji narrowed his eyes. "This." He waved the slip of paper in front of her face again, his other hand pinning hers behind her back.

"Oh, that." She laughed a little, laying her back down onto the cool ground. "Now, you're going to laugh," she paused, seemingly considering who she was talking to. "Or not."

He grunted.

"Well, you see, I was playing a game, and it kind of…got out of hand." She murmured, trying hard to wiggle out of his grasp. "And, so…ya."

Neji was not pleased. "Not good enough."

"What do you mean not good enough!? It's the truth!" She snapped, pumping chakra into her fist, yanked her hands out of his grasp, tossing him off with ease. She dusted herself off, angrily snatching his fallen headband from the spot it had landed in all the commotion. She stomped over to him as he landed gracefully on his feet, coming nose to nose.

They stood like that for a while, complete silence passing in between them.

The truth was neither really knew what to say.

Meanwhile, crouching on a high tree limb, chakra discreetly hidden, was Lady Hokage herself.

Sakura was playing tag with that Hyuga brat, they somehow ended up on the ground, and just a moment ago he was waving some type of paper in her face. Now, they were staring at each other.

She was almost positive that she was drunk. But just to make sure that her beloved student wasn't trampled by the fuming Hyuga, she would stay and watch.

"I'm going to do something now that's probably going to hurt, but don't worry, I'm a medic." Sakura said flatly, a absolutely blank expression on her face.

Neji rose a perfectly thin eyebrow. "And what would that be?"

There was silence again.

Sakura smiled coyly, placing a hand on the slightly confused boy. "I'll even give you something in return." She made sure not to look at his cursed mark.

Seeing as she held his headband with a chakra infused grip, he felt the need to comply. Sakura took the opening while he was contemplating her hand.

Neji felt pain. Pure, un-adult-rated, pain. His Hyuga prodigy nose felt like it had been shattered.

Boy did he scream.

The pink haired medic-nin merrily tied the boys head band to her aching forehead. Headbutts hurt. "Sorry 'bout that, but I really need to be heading home." She reached down, swatting away his hands that gripped his noise.

He glared at her with such a passion, even the Uchiha boy would have been envious. "What the hell is wrong with you!?" She shouted as she mended his nose.

Sakura gave him a 'are-you-kidding-me?' look. "Have you ever been to a slumber party? So you know what would happen if I showed up without doing my share od tasks? Ino would have done horrible things to me."

"I'm going to do horrible things to you!!" He shouted, voice alittled higher then he would have liked.

Sakura rolled her eyes. "Puh-lease. Worst thing you could do is kill me. Ino on the other hand…" She involuntarily shivered, memories of past deeds flooding back to her. "Okay, all done." She pulled her hand away, mentally summing up how long she had left.

Neji experimentally tapped his nose, his eyes practically crossing in an attempt to check out the damage. He looked down to glare at the smaller girl as she gnawed on her thumb in concentration. Just as he was about to throttle/threaten her, he noticed a whisp of long blonde hair.

Being the opportunitist that she was, she decided to slink away into the forest as Neji became distracted with something far off in the trees. She was grabbed by the elbow.

"Show yourself!"


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