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Chapter 7, final part,

Of Love and War

She was Exhausted. For nearly a four days now she hadn't gotten any rest, and had been fighting almost continually, except for those brief instances when the ANBU ROOT forces withdrew to nurse their wounds. Though she, Jirya, and the few that were left that were loyal to her had managed to hold off Danzou's forces, they were fighting a loosing battle. Who could have guessed that he had managed to gather such an army? "Naruto… please… come save the day." She thought, looking out the window towards the Horizon, where he was.

"… Tsunade?"

"Wha?" She asked, jerking out of her reverie.

Jirya leaned against the glass, taking a long swig of Sake. "I've been trying to get your attention for nearly two minutes now. Whats on your mind?" He asked.

Tsunade scowled. "I'm just pissed that this happened." She growled.

"Really? Then why did you just have a look of longing on your face just then? Are you waiting on someone special?" Jirya asked, smirking.

"I was just imagining crushing Danzou's skull between my hands." She retorted, crossing her arms.

Jirya smiled. "Don't worry, he'll come through for us, he always does." He said, patting Tsunade on the shoulder and walking off.

The next day dawned unto a scene of battle. The slashing of metal upon metal, punctuated by the screams of the wounded and dying. Hours later, the battle was still going in full force Tsunade, Jirya and the others had been pushed back and forced to garrison themselves in Tsunade's office.

"They intend to finish us this time." Jirya said grimly, watching as a guardian frog that he had summoned tried to hold the door closed against the repeated bashings against it. No sooner had he said that though, than the bashings had stopped, and the sound of retreating footsteps could be heard. "What the hell just happened?" Jirya asked, looking bewildered.

"Naruto is what just happened!" Genma yelled, pointing out the window as everyone rushed over to look out of it. Standing atop the main gate was a brightly shining ball of furious red flames. At the core of this chaotic energy stood a transformed Naruto, a pillar of righteous fury, batting away the ninja who were leaping at him as if they were nothing more than pesky bugs.

"YOU BASTARDS! I'LL KILL YOU ALL! I'LL KILL YOU FOR TRYING DESTROY MY LIFE!" Naruto-no-kitsune raged, cleaving one enemy in half with large, chakra claws, and then impaling another, slinging his corpse into three more, knocking them over. One ninja tried attacking from behind, but promptly found himself wrapped in four chakra tails and ripped apart. The other ninja quailed at the unrivaled power of the demon fox and fled for their lives.

Danzou and Sai stood atop a building not too far from the battle. Danzou's anger grew as he watched the men that he had trained for so long being picked apart. "Sai, it's time we departed." He said after several long seconds.

"I'm sorry, but your not going anywhere." A voice said from behind them before Sai could answer. Turning around in surprise, the two found themselves face to face with Kakashi, his Sharingan trained on them.

"GO NOW SIR!" Sai screamed, pulling out two blades and going for Kakashi, who had likewise pulled out two kunai blades. Without even looking back, Danzou leapt off the side of the building, landing heavily on his bad leg just as Sai let out a death scream, and breathed his last. Feeling a presence behind him, Danzou spun around, lashing out with his cane, though it only found air.

"What's the matter old man, are you scared?" A guttural voice asked, just by his left ear. Before he could react, Danzou was shoved forcefully against the wall, his face being pressed painfully into the stone. "You tried to kill the people I love, to destroy the place I call home. I'll never forgive you, you'll die here, by my hand." Naruto-no-kitsune continued, pressing harder against the back of Danzou's head, so that the only reply he got was a muffled grunt of pain. Quicker than the eye could see, he stuck his hand through Danzou's chest, killing him.

Later that night, after the rest of the ROOTS had been routed, Naruto lay on the domed roof of the Hokage building, staring up at the stars as he replayed everything in his head. He never noticed the shadowy figure walking up to him, until a soft voice broke his reverie.

"You saved us Naruto, just like I knew you would." Tsunade said, laying down beside the blonde ninja to stare up at the stars.

Naruto smiled faintly. "I had to, this is my home, where those I care about, where the people I love, live." He stated simply.

Instead of answering, Tsunade clasped his hand in hers and rested her fore-head against his shoulder, sighing contentedly.

Naruto gazed upon Tsunade's face and smiled, closing his own eyes as sleep took him.

End ch.7

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A moment in silliness:

The only chapter (Maybe, depends on if anyone likes this):

Meeting of the Muscles!

It was a clear, beautiful day as the two large men approached each other, each on their set course. One was a tall, bald (except for the single blonde bang that didn't quite reach his eyes) well built with blue eyes and a bushy blonde moustache. He had his blue coat slung casually over his left shoulder. Though, the most distinguishing feature about him was the little purple star that floated above his head. The other man was even larger, standing roughly at 9 feet tall and an enormous, well toned body. His eyes were cold, like that of a killer, and the most distinguishing feature about him (besides his height and build) was his spiky, golden hair.

"And who might you be sir?" asked the bald man as they stopped in front of each other.

"I'm Broly." Growled the large, Spiky blonde. "Who are you?"

Instantly, all light went out, except for a single spotlight which shone down upon the bald man. "I…" He said, flinging away his coat and posing dramatically, flexing his muscles as more purple stars started appearing around him. "…Am the ultimate image of perfection of the military! I am Alex Louise Armstrong, the Strong Arm Alchemist!"

Broly stood there, eyeing Armstrong. "That… was cool!" He finally exclaimed. "How did you do that!"

"It is easy my young friend! Come, and I shall train you in the art of flexing!" Armstrong said, patting Broly on the back as they walked off together. A few months later, Armstrong was still working for the military, and Broly had killed the Z Fighters in the most beautiful way possible, crushed by the elegance of his muscles. (But he didn't kill them until after he posed, which included little purple stars and everything.) His dreams fulfilled, Broly then went on to become a model for muscle magazines.