Descending Rain


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He lay still, daring not to breathe as he looked out the rain-splashed windows of Shigure's house. The raindrops slowly fell, faster and faster, until a big blob of another crowd of raindrops caught it as it fell. It was an unusually quiet night, as tomorrow was Monday. But he was restless this night, so he decided to get up and look out the window.

As he silently, without a word, brought up his fingers to the window, a sudden thunder blasted in her fragile ears, making him snap his fingers away, as if the glass were poisoned. He brought up his fingers, slowly, and looked like he was inspecting it carefully.

He had remembered on Friday that a new ninth-grade girl had brought up her courage and half-asked, half-shouted at him, "D-do you h-have a g-girlfriend! 'Cause if you don't, w-will you go… ON A DATE WITH ME?"

He wasn't so surprised; after all, each day, ten girls would ask him out, all in that big, screaming voice. Hardly any girl asked politely, and they all screamed in his ears, with all of them in big packs like wolves hunting down an animal. It scared him, it scared his friends, it scared her. But it makes him laugh his head off. It reminded him of a hyena, but just a little bit more… low.

He knew he was handsome and he knew that he was popular. But what else? Surely not because he was kinder than a Pope! He himself didn't think he even had a heart.

No, he knew that without his face, he would be nothing. Without his handsome face, no girl would like him.

No girl except her. And her name was Tohru Honda.

That ordinary girl? No, he would call her anything except ordinary. She's extraordinary! She was no where near ordinary! She found out about the secret, she didn't tell anyone, and she was pretty. In fact, she was near beautiful.

Well, she was beautiful. Until he saw her kiss him.

He has never seen something so disgusting that it had almost changed his heart. He was torn between jealousy and rage. But his heart said to him, "If you truly loved her, then you would de anything to make her happy, Yuki."

So now, he was alone in the world again. He doesn't speak much, he doesn't talk loud. He was almost like Kisa, except he thought it was far worse. Kisa didn't…

He closed his eyes as his dreams and desires shattered into a reality. There wasn't any room for him. He would live his life, wanting to die.

But he had a strange desire to touch the glass of the windows again. The rain beat hard, and he could feel the rhythm of the raindrops. It was soothing, and it almost made him fall asleep. He felt tired and soon drifted to sleep.

You're as cold as snow, Yuki, he remembered Akito saying that to him when he was just a child.

Though he didn't know it—partly because he was asleep—he actually smiled a tiny crack. No, he didn't have to listen to bumy Akito. Starting tomorrow, he'll live fresh, free.

And, really, who knows? Maybe he isn't after all.