by Gunman

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Ritsuko Akagi walked through the streets of Tokyo-3, weeping. She felt always dirty after meeting with 'him'. She had promised herself repeatedly that each time had been the last one. But each time he called her, she returned. If only he'd show her a small sign of love. She shook her head at that impossibility, her tears now reaching her skirt. If at least he were kind...

She put a hand to her face. It hurt there where the commander has showed his 'passion'... A reminder until he returned from his trip to China, and he called her again.

She thought herself a fool. Like her mother before her. But she couldn't help but return to his side each time he called her.

Sometimes she wished that he could be nicer. Sometimes...she wished someone would...


Shinji Ikari paid for the groceries at the register and waited as the clerk bagged his order. He sucked up his upcoming pain as he grabbed the large bag and lifted it off the counter. His ribs still ached and his arms stung, reminding him to go easy.

Once again the impression of his temperamental roommate had made it's mark, and he himself had been the 'beneficiary', as it were. He shook it off, ignoring the pain, as he usually did. He had too, as his guardian, and he used the term loosely, was just not the helpful type.

He knew what she'd say: 'Wounds will heal, pain will vanish, and girls like scars.'

Naturally that brought him little comfort.

He wondered what exactly it was that the redhead disliked in him so much. Was it his helpfulness? His cleanliness? His soft-spoken manner? He couldn't figure it out. He sighed as he exited the store, wishing that someone would show him the kindness he yearned for.


As it was, the two deep-in-thought people didn't see each other as they turned the corner at the same time, bumping into each other with only a slight disorientation.

"Oh! Excuse me I didn't see..." he bowed, only to be stopped in mid-sentence.


The boy in question looked up and saw the blond-haired visage of Ritsuko Akagi.

"Dr Akagi? I'm sorry. I didn't see you. Are you alright?"

"I'm fine Shinji. You didn't injure me." Unlike your father... she thought. "What are you doing out this..." She then noticed his bag of groceries. "Is that for Misato or Asuka?"

"Uh, Asuka. She wanted something else other than ramen tonight." Shinji explained.

"Right. Most Japanese can live on that stuff, but not our western pilot." she smirked.

"I guess not. Anyway I'm sorry I ran into you."

"Don't be. For all I know you could have been a mugger."

Shinji balked, but he realized she was joking. He smiled, and then frowned as his eyes finally saw something he hadn't noticed right away.

"Are you hurt?" he asked.


"You're face. It looks bruised." he said moving closer to examine it.

Ritsuko put her hand over the bruise and shuffled her feet to turn away.

"It's nothing, Shinji. I...just had a little..."

"Someone hit you." he stated. Having been the recipient of multiple injuries, Shinji easily recognized the signs of another's aggression.

Now it was Ritsuko's turn to be shocked. How had he figured it out, and so quickly?

"We need to call the police or..."

Like that would do any good. "No. I...I'm not hurt Shinji. I'm fine. Really."

Shinji didn't seemed totally convinced. "Well, at least let me walk you home. To make sure you're alright."

She lowered her hand and gave a slight smile at his concern.

"And we need to get that looked at before it gets worse." he pressed.

He seems genuinely concerned. That's sweet. "Alright, Shinji. If you insist."

The young man walked Ritsuko to her apartment, keeping as close as he dared. When they reached the apartment, Ritsuko fumbled with her keys and eventually got them open. As they stepped inside, the bottle blond doctor was assaulted by a mewling little ball of fur.

"Hello Chester." Ritsuko said as she picked up the little cat.

"I didn't know you had a cat." Shinji observed.

"Maybe because you never asked." she smiled back as she nuzzled the cat and set it down.

Shinji followed her in and set the groceries down, fishing a first aid kit out of the bag.

"Uh, do you have a bowl, some ice, and any Vitamin C?"

"Kitchen, second left drawer from the stove and the cupboard above it. Ice is in the fridge."

Shinji went into the kitchen and was back in a minute.

"Alright, let's get that bruise looked at. We can't have our chief scientist going around looking like she's been in a bar fight." he joked, trying to lighten the mood.

Dr Akagi smiled as she gently took a seat across from Shinji. He pulled out a small bottle of retinoid cream and poured a small amount of it into a bowl he had gotten from the kitchen. He crushed the Vitamin C pill into powder and mixed it with the cream. She watched as he then took a napkin to hold the ice cube, rubbed said cube in the mix, and then gently applied it to her face.

"Looks like you've done this before." she said to him.

"Well, when you fight Angels..." he said, but not finishing. He didn't have to.

Dr Akagi mumbled her understanding, though it would've shocked her to learn that his own bruises has actually come from a more terrestrial foe. She sighed as he attended her, his gentle ministrations were calming to the doctor. Her eyes looked up and she found herself staring at the young man. He was centered, eyes never blinking, totally focused on the task at hand.

She took in all his features, little things that she hadn't noticed before. His soft wavy brown hair that looked only slightly uncombed. His gentle staring blue eyes which seemed to radiate concern and worry. His clean, unblemished Japanese skin, a sure sign of good hygiene and health. The light purple bruise on the underside of his jaw...

The What On Where? What was this? Where had that come from? She hadn't noticed it before.


"Yes, Dr Akagi?"

"Where did you get this bruise?" she asked as she gently touched the bruise on his jaw.

"Oh. That." he said as he pulled away from her. "Asuka was...insistent about me going out to get her food." he explained, turning his head down. "Your bruise should be gone by tomorrow." quickly changing the subject and stepping into the kitchen with the items he had borrowed. "Uh, can I use your bathroom for a minute?" he asked as he retrieved the grocery bag from the table.

"Uh, sure. It's right down the hall." she pointed.

"Arigato." he bowed and walked to it.

As he left, Ritsuko felt that something was wrong. Her instincts had never been razor sharp, but it was as if something were compelling her to follow the boy. And something also troubled her.

Why did he take the grocery bag with him? She wondered as she slowly moved towards the bathroom, hoping that she wouldn't catch him on the toilet.

As it was the door wasn't closed all the way, and there was just enough of a breach to allow her to look inside.

What she saw shocked her.

Shinji Ikari was standing in front of the mirror without his shirt on, applying generous amounts of the same retinoid cream to his own bruises. Bruises that were on his arms, his back, his chest, his face, and the sides of his stomach. He was also applying pain reliever cream on those same wounds, cream that would go hot to dull the pain, and then cool to relax the muscles.

But what shocked Ritsuko the most were the other bruises he had. The ones that looked lighter in color, like they had almost finished healing.

Older bruises. She thought with some unusual discomfort.

She then saw him take out a bottle of 500 mg pain killers and popped four of them into his mouth. He leaned against the sink and closed his eyes, as if he was struggling to stand up. He looked like he was in pain, or about to pass out. He breathed deeply for several minutes, then put his shirt on.

She hadn't noticed before that he had been wearing a long sleeved shirt, especially since it was so warm out. Now she understood why.

She saw him pull out a spray can of deodorant from the bag and spray himself...heavily.

Why is he...of course. The retinoid. The pain reliever cream. It has a fairly noticeable smell to it. He's disguising himself so no one knows. But why? Ritsuko thought again as she could smell the retinoid on her face. Maybe so no one knows he has injuries? But why...Oh, Shinji. Why do you carry all your problems yourself?

Ritsuko moved back from the door and waited until Shinji emerged.

The door finally slid open and Shinji stopped before the faux blonde doctor. He noticed the look on her face. A mixed look of concern, irritation, anxiousness, and sadness.

"Dr Akagi?"

"How long has this been going on, Shinji?" she asked, crossing her arms over her chest.


Misato Katsuragi wasn't sure what was going on, but when NERV's chief scientist calls the Director of Operations and practically orders you to come over to her apartment, it had to be important.

Even at 10:30 at night.

Wonder what Ritsuko wants to talk to me about? And this late at night? And where the heck is Shinji? Section 2 hasn't been able to find him at all. Damn idiots. Misato wondered as she arrived at her friends apartment complex.

She took the elevator up to her apartment and rapped on the door.

To her surprise, Shinji Ikari answered the door.

"Shinji? What are you doing here?" the shocked major asked.

"I walked Dr Akagi home after we ran into each other on the street." he answered as the young pilot let his guardian in.

"You volunteered, or she asked you to walk her home?" she queried, slightly teasing.

"That's not important right now, Misato. The reason I called you is." the faux-blond said, her arms crossed over her chest and her expression one of seriousness.

Misato recognized that grimace plainly enough.

"And that reason would be?" Misato asked, wondering why she hadn't mentioned it over the phone.

The doctor sighed as she turned to Shinji. "Shinji, please take your shirt off."

The boy blushed a little and slowly began to unbutton his shirt.

"What is this Ritz? You invited me over just to see Shinji do a little strip-tease?" she joked, but her friends mood did not change.

Misato's line of sight switched from the boy to her young charge, her smile falling into a shocked drop-jaw expression when she saw the lite purple bruises all over Shinji's body, a slight scent of deodorant mixed with retinoid cream catching her attention.

It took Misato several seconds to realize what was going on, when she did...

Well that explains why he started wearing those long-sleeved shirts around the apartment. But when did this start? And who has been doing this to him? Of course her logical mind came up with only one obvious answer. Asuka!

"Shinji, why didn't you ever say anything?" she asked him.

Shinji looked at her, shocked and crushed. Misato saw the look.

"I DID SAY SOMETHING! Every time Asuka hit me I cried for you to stop her, but you just ignored me, like it wasn't your business."

Ritsuko looked at Misato.

"Is this true?" the doctor asked the major.

"I...I just thought that was Asuka's way of showing affection." Misato replied.

"If she falls in love with him, he's probably going to end up dead." she said, not making it a joke.

The female major now had a disappointed-in-herself look on her face as she moved to hug Shinji, mumbling an 'I'm so sorry, Shinji-kun' as she did.

"I'm sorry too, Misato, because under the circumstances, I'm removing Shinji from your apartment and moving him into mine." she said as she turned to Shinji. "Is that alright?"

"That's...fine with me." Shinji stated, obviously a little shocked to have such a thing happen to him. Even though he had liked staying with Misato, being around Asuka was not healthy for him.

Naturally Misato was upset about that. "You can't do this, Ritz!"

"As the head scientist of NERV I have full authority to do what is in the best interest of the pilots. And staying with you, it seems, is not what is best for Shinji."

"I'll take this to the commander!"

"Given the physical evidence upon the Third Child, and the obvious aggressive nature of the Second, I don't think he'll side with you. And right now, the commander's on a business trip to China and won't be back for at least a week."

"I'll go to the Sub-Commander!"

"My authority supersedes your own, MAJOR! The pilots health is in question, and you are not the answer."

As much as she hated to admit it, and while she did care for the boy, she knew Ritsuko was right. She had failed as a guardian, and she couldn't make up for it

"Alright." she said reluctantly. "I'll bring Shinji's stuff by tomorrow. Tonight I'm going to have a little talk with Asuka."

Shinji's attention snapped at this. "Misato, don't. It's not that bad."

"That's a matter of opinion." Ritsuko said.

"Please Misato, I don't want anyone to get in trouble because of me."

"Because of you? Shinji, she's part of the reason your bruised right now. She is the trouble!"

Shinji moved to hug his guardian. "Please Misato. Don't do anything to Asuka, alright?"

Ritsuko watched the tender scene and realized that if Shinji cared this much for someone who had caused him pain, she could only imagine how he'd react to someone who was genuinely nice to him.

"Alright, Shinji, I won't do anything. But Asuka still needs to be punished for this."

"We can deal with that at a later time." Ritsuko said. "But as for right now, it would probably be advisable for Asuka to have no contact with Shinji outside of NERV. School is unavoidable at this point."

Misato sighed again. "Alright."

"Thank you Misato." Shinji smiled. "Oh, here. This is the stuff Asuka asked me to get for her." he said as he pulled the grocery bag off the table and handed it to her.

This confused Misato. "Wait. Wait. Wait. Asuka had you go for groceries? This time of night?"

"Well..." he started to say.

"Maybe staying with Ritsuko is better for you." she sighed.

With a parting hug the purple-haired major left the apartment.

"Well, it looks like I got a new roommate." Ritsuko smiled at the boy, who smiled back weakly.

The pair spent the rest of the night getting to know each other. As it was Friday, they didn't need to worry about Shinji missing school tomorrow.


"Checkmate!" the scientist grinned.

"Again? That's the third time in a row." Shinji groaned. "I should have known better than to play chess against a scientist."

"True, but that's why this is called 'me teaching you how to play'." she smiled.

"What was that last move you used to win?" he asked as he reset the board.

"It's called Castling. When the rook and the king trade places. A definite advantage since the king can only move one place at a time." Ritsuko explained.

"Castling." he repeated. "Sounds like a good strategy."

"It usually works, but it's only one aspect of playing chess."

"Meow." a little voice cried out as Shinji felt something rub against his leg.

"I think someone wants some attention." Ritsuko smiled.

Shinji picked up Chester and cradled him in his arms. The cat nuzzled Shinji and settled in quickly for a nap.

"Looks like Chester's taken quickly to you, Shinji." she said as she got up and moved to him. "I'd better put him to bed."

"Can you leave him, for awhile. I think he's comfortable." Shinji said, cradling the purring cat.

"Of course, Shinji. I'll get you a blanket." she said and went to do just that.


Shinji stayed at Ritsuko's apartment the whole weekend. Misato made good on her promise to bring Shinji's stuff by the following day. Not that there was a lot. Just his clothes, his toothbrush, his SDAT and his cello.

Ritsuko was impressed. She didn't know Shinji actually played a musical instrument. So much so that she asked Shinji to play something for her.

A little nervous about actually performing for someone else, besides those in his imagination, Shinji decided to play a piece he had been working on.

It was Allemande, First Suite, by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Ritsuko recognized the piece fairly well, and even though Shinji didn't get it exactly right, she was impressed that he had attempted to learn that one. After all, the skill level required for this piece was very high.

He then played Amazing Grace for her. Somehow it put Chester to sleep right on the floor.

Sunday was pleasant enough. Ritsuko was called to NERV to do some work, so Shinji decided to get his own work done. That meant the laundry, the vacuuming, dusting, and even rearranging the kitchen cabinets filled with food and some pots and pans.

Shinji noticed that Dr Akagi had limited amount of food, which made sense since it was just her and her cat. Actually, it was very limited. She also didn't have a lot of pots and pans for cooking.

With that in mind, Shinji went out and bought the necessary cooking utensils and more food. When Ritsuko got home that evening, she was greeted by the sublime smells coming out of her kitchen. She found that Shinji had prepared a whole family meal.

"Shinji, what's all this?"

"I thought I'd make dinner, Dr Akagi." the boy replied. "The lasagna will be ready in a few minutes. You can wash up if you want."

"Uh...right." she said with a smile.

As she walked through the apartment, the first thing she noticed was how clean the apartment was. Chester's cat hair was even gone. As she went into her room she noticed it was clean as well, the bed made, and even her clothes ironed and hung up in the closet.

Damn, Shinji. Were you that bored? she mused as she washed up and changed her clothes.

Dinner consisted of salads with rolls, lasagna for the main course, and ice cream for desert.

Chester even got some fresh catfood with a little lasagna meat in it.

"Wow, Shinji, that was incredible!" Ritsuko sighed happily as she leaned back in her chair, patting her stomach contentedly. "What was the occasion?"

"I just...wanted to thank you know...everything." the boy said meekly.

"If you keep cooking like this, I'm going to be owing you." the doctor smiled.

After dinner and the kitchen were cleaned up the new roommates retired to the living room where Ritsuko watched television as Shinji was ambushed by Chester.

The blond doctor just smiled as she watched the playful scene and listened to the sounds of laughter that had long abandoned her domain.


(Monday morning...)

"Breakfast is ready." Shinji said as Chester ate his meal.

"Thank you, Shinji. You didn't have to make it though." Ritsuko said as she entered the kitchen.

"I'm used to it." he shrugged.

Ritsuko sat down and ate her breakfast. Omelets with bacon, cheese and assorted vegetables. "This is excellent, Shinji. It's easy to see why Misato makes you do the cooking."

"If she had her way we'd be eating instant food everyday."

Ritsuko chuckled. "True enough. I hope Asuka is doing alright."


(The Katsuragi/Shoryu Apartment...)

"Catch it! Catch it!" Misato shouted as he reloaded her gun and gave chase.

"I'm trying! I'm trying!" Asuka shouted as she held the two kitchen knives in her hands.

"WARK! WARK!" Pen-Pen shouted as he ran from the creature.

"How is it possible for you to screw up breakfast this much?" Asuka shouted as she deflected the creatures tentacles with the knives.

Misato fired her gun at the living breakfast. "Don't blame me! It was Shinji's turn to cook!"

"It you hadn't let Ritsuko take him!" the redhead shouted as she leaped forward and stab the creature.

"If you hadn't given her a reason to!" the major shouted as she reloaded her gun.

"So this is my fault?" Asuka shouted as she pinned the creature to the floor and backed off.

"YES!" Misato shouted as she unloaded her clip into the creature, effectively finishing it.


"Are you alright, Shinji?" Ritsuko asked as Shinji sneezed.

"I think so, Dr Akagi." Shinji replied as he rubbed his nose. "I don't know why I sneezed. I'm sure I'm not sick."

"Maybe somebody's talking about you." she joked.

Shinji bowed his head. "I don't think so." he blushed.

"It's probably nothing then." she said as her car pulled up to the school. "Sorry I live so far, Shinji."

"It's not your fault, Dr Akagi. Thanks for taking me to school."

"Wouldn't want you to be late." she said as he got out. "I'll pick you up after school, Shinji."

"Okay, Dr Akagi. I'll see you then." he said as he closed the door.

"Shinji, call me Ritsuko. Alright?" she smiled at him.

"Alright, Ritsuko." he smiled back as he closed the door.

"Hey, Shinji, who's that?" Toji Suzuhara asked as the car drove off.

"That's Dr Akagi." he said, calling her formally in front of his friends.

"The scientist chick from NERV?" Kensuke Aida asked.

"Why's she giving you a ride to school?" Toji queried.

"Well, Ritsuko lives a bit farther from school than Misato does, and since I don't live with her now, Ritsuko thought..."

"WHAT!" the pair shouted, stopping Shinji in mid-sentence.

"Why Aren't You Living With Misato Anymore?" Toji asked.

"Why Would You Want To Leave?" Kensuke asked.

"ARE YOU INSANE?" they both shouted.

Shinji started backing up, for fear of his hearing.

"At least tell us why." Kensuke asked.

Shinji suddenly looked at the school gates as a certain, grumpy, redhead walked in.

Toji and Kensuke looked at each other and could only nod in total silent agreement.

"Well, that's great and all, you're out from under the Red Demon's claws, but what excuse are we going to use now to come over and see Misato?" Toji asked.

Shinji looked a little hurt as Kensuke slapped the jock in the back of his head.

"OUCH! What was that for?" he asked as Shinji walked past them, into the school building.

"You really are a dumb-jock, Toji." Kensuke said as he pushed his glasses up his face and walked after Shinji.

"What?" the jock asked as he followed the pair inside.


"And then the thing started attacking us, like it knew we were the enemy." Asuka grumbled as she wolfed down her food.

"I didn't think Misato's cooking was that bad, even from what you told me the last time." Hikari said as the pair ate lunch.

"I can't believe I miss Shinji's cooking that much."

"But why did he leave?"

"Something about my bruising him, and..." she suddenly shut up, clamping her hands over her mouth to stop her chattering.

"Bruising him? Asuka!" she gasped.

The pair got into a heated debate about injuries and the like as Shinji's friends were up on the roof of the school.

"I still don't know why you hit me, Kensuke." Toji said.

"Because you basically told him were only nice to him to get close to Misato." Kensuke explained.

"But isn't that...ohhhhh." Toji groaned as he realized what he had unintentionally said.

"Which is probably why he decided to eat in class today."


"So let me get this straight: you bruise Shinji, he meets this Dr. Akagi on the street, she takes pity on him, calls Misato and has him transferred to her care on Friday."

"That's about it. And on top of that, I have orders from Misato to stay away from the baka til further notice. Can you believe it!" Asuka grumbled.

"I know. He can't even make you lunches anymore." Hikari said.

Asuka turned to her friend. "You know? How do you know that?"



"Well it's just common sense since he's not living with you anymore."

"Oh, right."

"And after what Misato said today..."

"What? Misato called you? For what?"

Hikari mentally slapped herself as she realized her goof.


"Just that I was supposed to keep you and Shinji apart. Didn't say why. But now I know."

"She gave YOU orders?" the shocked German asked.

"She requested that I do this as a favor for her. For both Shinji and your well-being."

Somehow I doubt it was my well-being. Asuka growled but held her peace. First her manservant and punching bag gets taken away form her, and now her guardian was using her best friend to make sure she doesn't do anything to him.


Ritsuko's apartment, later that afternoon...

"I think the tests were harder on you than they were me, Ritsuko." Shinji said as he stepped into the apartment.

"You think so?" the blond asked as she dragged herself into the living room.

"You just look...tired. Like you're about to fall asleep."

"I was going over a lot of new data. I barely had lunch. It was all pretty exhausting. And my muscles are sore."

"Lie down on the floor." Shinji offered.


"I'll give you a massage."

Ritsuko looked confused. "I didn't know you knew how to do that."

"Living with Misato and Asuka, I'm expected to do a lot of things."

Ritsuko nodded with a smile. "Alright."


At that exact moment, the pair of women walked up the stairs to the apartment.

"Are you sure this is the right place?" Asuka asked.

"Of course I'm sure." Misato said. She suddenly stopped at the right door. "And here we are."

Before either of them could knock, a low moan caught their ears.

"Ohhhhh, that's so good, Shinji."

Misato and Asuka look at each other in confusion.

"Don't move so much Ritsuko, I'm losing my grip."

Asuka's eyes widened.

"I didn't know you were this talented with your hands, Shinji."

Misato's jaw dropped.

"Oh, Shinji its so hard!"

"It'll feel good in a couple seconds."

"Ohhhhh, Shinji please, I can't take much more!"

"Don't worry it'll all be worth, I promise."

Asuka started getting red-faced.

"Ohhhhh, that's it! Right there! That's great!"

Misato's teeth ground as she drew her gun.


The pair burst into the apartment, Misato had her gun drawn as the pair suddenly froze to find the boy pilot with his elbow buried in the blond scientists back as she was laying face down on the floor. He was fully clothed. She was naked from the waist up, save for her bra, but lying on her shirt.

"Oh. Hi, Misato. Asuka." Ritsuko moaned as she tried to sit up, her shirt covering herself.

"Just what is going on here?" Misato demanded.

"Shinji was giving me a massage. Is there something wrong with that?" Ritsuko asked.

"You're doing it rather enthusiastically." Asuka grumbled to the boy.

"Ritsuko was tired and sore about the Eva tests." Shinji countered.

"That's not the point!"

"So, you're using Shinji for your own gain, huh?" Misato asked.

"First of all, he volunteered. I'm sure living with you had something to do with it."

"Well..." Misato grinned sheepishly as Asuka glared at her guardian in stunned silence. "I thought I'd be helping Shinji learn a new skill."

"One that benefits you?"

"Like you're complaining about his cooking, and cleaning, and massages?"

"At least I don't use him for slave labor!"

"Not after I broke him in for you!"

"So You Admit It!"

"Could we not argue about this?" Shinji asked.

The two women grumbled but stopped arguing.

"And here we thought you were putting the moves on Dr Akagi." Asuka smirked.

"I'd never do that!"

"Oh? I'm hurt, Shinji." Ritsuko pouted.


"You're right, he is easy to tease." Ritsuko smiled.

Shinji ended up making them all dinner that night, as a way to easy everyone's tension and forget this little incident and teasing him.


It was a week later and things had mellowed a little.

Shinji had offered to make Asuka her lunches, to help her out, which the redhead gratefully accepted. Shinji continued to cook, clean, and basically take care of Ritsuko's apartment. He did this as a means of repaying Ritsuko for her kindness, just as he had done for Misato. He played music for both Ritsuko and Chester, getting better with each practice. This was something Ritsuko encouraged.

Gendo had no opinion, or interest, in Shinji's new living arrangements when he got back. Despite that it was with the women he was having 'relations' with.


Author's Notes:

Originally I had planned for this to be a one-shot, but I got so into it I decided it was too much and just made it a two chapter story. And I AM going to make it two chapters, no more.

I started writing this story since there were not a lot of Shinji/Ritsuko stories out there. So I figured I'd give it a shot. The tricky part was coming up with something that the pair had in common in order to bring them together. After reading a couple other fanfictions, I got this idea.

I hope everyone doesn't mind, but I kinda like the idea of these two getting together, and I will make the second chapter a little more dramatic, tense, and in the end, happy.

That's just me.

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And now...OMAKE's!


Omake One

Shinji and Misato are waiting in front of the elevator. Both are silent, but given what had happened to Shinji just mere hours ago, meaning his battle against the 3rd Angel, it was understandable.

Suddenly, the elevator opened up and standing before them both was Gendo Ikari.

He glared at Shinji, cold and emotionless. A grim expression on his face. Of course he always looked like that. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Misato was worried that one of them would speak.

Before she knew it, Shinji's leg flew out, his foot striking Gendo's groin sharply.

"oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" the older Ikari moaned like a little girl and collapsed to the ground, holding his crotch as the elevator doors closed and ascended to another floor in the complex.

Misato was just stunned as she looked at the boy.

"What? Like you didn't want to do that." Shinji smirked.

I'm gonna like his kid. Misato thought with a hidden smile. Hmm, maybe I should have him move in with me.



The Antarctic Sea...

"Once this place was filled with life, now it's a Sea of the Dead." Gendo said as he walked out onto the deck of the aircraft carrier that held the Lance of Longinus wrapped up in tarps.

"Perfect place for you." Fuyutsuki said as he walked up to Gendo from behind and suddenly pushes him off the aircraft carrier and right into the ice cold ocean.

"I can't swim!" the grim commander shouted and he tried to tread water.

"What's he crying about? The ships propeller will get him long before he drowns." the older man grinned as he walked back inside to his warm cabin.

(Like we didn't want to see this.)