by Gunman

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Author's Note: I am wrapping this story around the Daredevil movie, but still trying to keep with the series events and timelines. I also had to fudge the timeline a little to give Shinji a more believable character structure. Since this is an alternate universe story, I figure no one will get mad.


Chapter 1
The Devil vs The Angel

(Shinji's POV)

It has been said that your perception determines your reality. Basically this means that how you see the world will enable you to change it as you will.

Of course, when you're blind that's not an easy thing to do.

My name is Shinji Ikari. I lost my sight when I was 4-years old. That was painful enough, especially since the last images I remember seeing are of my mother dying and my father abandoning me. The day my father left me in the care of one of my teachers, was the day everything changed. A truck that was carrying hazardous waste materials lost control while taking a sharp turn. One of the canisters had a lid loose. Some of the chemicals flew from the canister, directly splashing my eyes and only my eyes, causing me to forever lose my sight.

When I woke up, I couldn't see a thing. But I could hear everything. Every bird outside, the wind blowing through the trees, and the heartbeat of an old man sitting next to me.

"You are awake, young one." the man said.

"Who are you? Where am I? What's happened to me? Why can't I see?" I asked him. Even a 4-year old can sound serious.

"My name is Okina. You are in my home."

"Why can't I see?"

"You're sight has been taken from you. An accident in the city. Your teacher has given you to me in order that I will be able to help you deal with your new position."

Abandoned once again, I thought. "I can't see. I can't see!" I cried.

That was when Okina's niece came in. Her name was Misao. She was maybe twelve years old, but still very kind. When she saw me crying she came over to me and held me. I was too upset to notice a strangers arms around me. But it was comforting.

I cried all night, and the next day, I began my training.


It had been fifteen years since I had lost my sight. Fifteen years since I had come to live with Okina and his niece Misao. Actually I should say granddaughter. However, Okina insisted that Misao be called his niece since it made him feel younger. Being blind, I really couldn't tell.

At any rate it was time for me to leave. I had received a letter from my father saying that he needed me in Tokyo-3. All my expenses were paid, so there was little trouble I'd make it.

I said farewell to the place I had called home for fifteen years, and left for Tokyo-3.

The place where all my troubles had started.


Oddly enough, when I arrived at the station, no one was there to greet me.

I felt a tinge in the back of my mind. Someone was on the street, but I didn't hear anyone. It felt a little familiar, and then it was gone.

Who was that?

Then I felt it. A heavy thud.

It wasn't an earthquake. The pattern was too regular. It sounded like...footsteps!

Something buzzed overhead, a windstorm was in one forceful direction. It sounded like a jet engine or multiple ones.


They impacted on something far away. I could see the impacts from the sounds they made. They struck something large and mobile. The impacts showed me the outline of the thing they were firing on. It looked like some kind of giant, the shape was humanoid, but it only had three fingers and it's head was sunk down into it's body. It's face didn't even look human, which is what I suspected.

The military kept firing at the creature, but they were having no effect on it. That was when I heard another unusual sound. It was very loud and it was easy to get out of the way as it screeched to a halt right in front of me. A door opened and a strange voice called to me.

"Shinji! Get In! Hurry!" the woman's voice said.

I didn't argue and just got inside. It wasn't too difficult. The car's engine was making so much noise that finding the door was rather easy.

I got in and the car sped off, away from the fighting.

(Normal POV)

He's blind? How the hell did we miss this? Misato thought as she drove down the road at high speed. And I sent him that picture of me in a skimpy tank-top and cutoffs with an arrow pointing to my boobs. She thought with some shame and disappointment.

They pulled up somewhere as the military dropped an N2 Mine, the explosion resounding across the entire area. Shinji's ears were ringing. The Angel was in the middle, but it wasn't damaged too much and was healing itself now to full health. Misato's car, however, wouldn't make such a recovery.

"Alright...push!" Misato said as Shinji put his shoulder into the car and pushed. The pair easily got the vehicle back onto it's wheels in one shot. "Thank's Shinji. You're pretty useful."

"I should thank you, Ms. Katsuragi."

"Aw, Misato's fine. Well, Shinji Ikari. It's good to finally meet you."

"Same to you." he smiled.

Once the car had it's battery replaced, the pair were on their way.

"Don't worry. His safety is my top priority. And could you get an express elevator ready? Thanks." Misato said as she hung up the phone. I wonder if I should have asked if anyone knew about Shinji being blind? Right, with Shinji right next to me? That's so insensitive. Misato was finally able to get a good look at Shinji. He was about 5'9", maybe 125 lbs, according to his file he was 19 years old, short spiky brown hair, and although his file said he had blue eyes, they were currently covered with red-lense sunglasses. "You know, no one told me you were..." she tried delicately to say.

But he interrupted her. "Blind as a bat?"

Well, at least he said it. "Sorry. I didn't mean it like that." she said.

"You didn't say it, so no harm. Where are we going?" he asked.

"To your father's agency. NERV." she replied.

"NERV." he repeated. "Never heard of it."

"It's a top secret agency controlled by the UN." she explained.

"And I'll be working for my father." he said, it was not a question.

"Well, yeah. You do know what your father does, don't you?" she asked.

"Not really. I never received any letters until he sent for me." 'Summoned' is more the word. "Does he know about my...condition?" he asked.

"I'm not sure. It shouldn't be a problem, though." she said.

"He didn't want me when I could see, he probably won't want me now." he huffed, gripping his walking cane tighter.

Oh, Shinji. "Sound's like you don't get along with him." Misato said.

Shinji didn't respond as the car drove into the underground base and headed down.

At least he didn't ask me about the batteries I 'borrowed' from those other cars. I wonder, does his father know about this?

"So, Shinji? When did you lose your sight?" she asked.

"Actually, it was right after my father left me with my teacher. I was four." he replied.

She gasped. "Four? You poor dear."

"I've gotten used to it." he said.

"You know, I didn't know you were blind, or I would have gotten you a more appropriate manual." she said as she handed him a book. Why did I hand him the book? He can't read it.

Shinji took the manual and ran his fingers over the cover.

"'NERV. God Is In His Heaven, And All Is Right With The World.' Weird title." he said.

Misato was shocked. "Huh? How did you know that? I thought you were blind."

"Am I scaring you?" he said with a wicked grin.

A little. "No, I just thought you needed braille or something to read."

"You'd be surprised at the tricks you pick up when you're blind."

"Such as..."

"Sorry. The first thing they teach you, is never reveal your secrets."

"What are you, a magician?" she looked at him unbelieving.


The pair descended into the bowels of NERV and took the mobile walkways for several minutes.

"We're lost, aren't we?" Shinji asked.

Misato laughed lightly. "Well, don't worry. Every path leads somewhere."

"Why am I not buying that?" he asked rhetorically.


Dr. Ritsuko Akagi had just gotten out of the LCL tank and was changing out of her wetsuit when she heard the speakers announce that Misato Katsuragi was looking for her.

"Oh, God! Is that idiot lost again?" she grumbled as she got out of the tank and grabbed her coat.

She headed down several halls until she intercepted the pair in the elevator. When she found them, she got right in Misato's face.

"Hi, Ritsuko." Misato slightly cringed.

"Why are you wasting my time, Captain? Don't you know we're short-handed?" she nearly growled.

"Sorry." the purple-haired woman faintly laughed.

Ritsuko sighed as she then noticed the young man next to her. Her eyes went wide as she gasped. "Is this..."

"Yup. This is Shinji Ikari. According to the Marduk Report, he's the Third Child."

"Misato...he's blind." Ritsuko whispered to Misato.

"But not deaf." Shinji said, causing the blond woman to blush. He hadn't been looking in their direction, but it was clear who he was talking to.

"Uh, I'm sorry. It's just that no one informed us of your..." Ritsuko started to say.

"Condition? I'm getting that a lot today." Shinji replied.

"At least you're in good spirits about it." Misato said.

"I've had fifteen years of practice." he said.

"Fifteen years? But that've been blind since you were four." Ritsuko said.

"Good math, Ritz." Misato chuckled.

The doctor lead the pair to the cages where Eva Unit 01 was being held.

"This is mankind's salvation. The synthetic life-form, Evangelion." Ritsuko said like it was practiced and then regretted it as she remembered half her audience was blind.

Shinji extended his walking cane and approached the gigantic robot. He struck his cane against the giant robot, the sound reverberated across it Eva and the room.

His first impulse was to jump back, but held his position. "It sounds big." he said.

"Hello, Shinji! Long time no see." a gruff and unfriendly voice said over the loudspeakers.

"You can say that again." Shinji said as he turned around, and his father noticed the obviousness of the situation.

"You're blind!" Gendo Ikari said, surprise evident in his voice.

"You're obviously not." Shinji replied.

He picked up a phone and spoke. "Rei, our spare is unusable. You will do it again."

"I understand." a weak voice said. But Shinji caught it.

"Rei? Who is Rei?" he asked Misato.

"Rei Ayanami. The First Child." Ritsuko answered. "She's going to pilot."

"Pilot What?" Misato called out. "Unit 00 hasn't been freed from cryo-stasis." she then looked at the large, purple Eva. "You can't mean...You're going to activate Unit 01? But Rei hasn't fully recovered yet."

"There's no other choice. We can't have a blind pilot controlling Unit 01." Ritsuko said.

Rei was wheeled in on a stretcher. Shinji felt something familiar as she was brought in.

Rei Ayanami. So, that's her name. He thought, giving a name to the presence he felt earlier.

Suddenly, the entire base shook. The Angel was on the move. Girders broke loose from the ceiling and fell towards Shinji and Rei.

"Shinji, Watch Out!" Misato shouted, forgetting again he was blind.

However, Shinji just stepped to the side as the girders landed right next to him. He didn't even get scratched.

Amazing. He got out of the way so casually. He doesn't even look scared. Misato thought.

Another girder broke loose and fell towards Rei. Shinji sensed it and immediately threw up his hand. Suddenly, the giant hand of the Evangelion emerged from the LCL and blocked the beams before they hit Rei.

Gendo was shocked, but then smiled.

"Unit 01 moved on it's own!" a new voice shouted over the communication system.

"But that's impossible! The entry plug isn't even inserted." Ritsuko said.

"It's Shinji!" Misato stated.

Shinji raced over to Rei's side and cradled her in his arms. He could hear her heartbeat and felt her shivering. She gasped in pain.

"Let me pilot!" Shinji shouted.

"Are you sure, Shinji?" Misato asked.

"Unless you have another pilot who isn't injured?" he asked.


Shinji's entry plug was filled with LCL. His senses went into overdrive. The feeling of the strange liquid surrounding him sent his skin tingling as if it was mild static electricity. But the smell was even worse. It was coppery and all around him. It was overpowering almost. He was glad he didn't have lunch, otherwise he'd have lost it.

"God. Why does it smell like blood in here?" he asked through the communicator.

"It's the Link Connection Liquid. We use it to connect the pilot to Eva. We can't do anything about the smell because the chemicals we use would be less potent." Ritsuko said.

"Sempai!" Maya Ibuki shouted as the readouts came up. "His...his synch ratio is 75.9%"

"What? That's impossible!" Ritsuko said as she went over and examined the data. "Unbelievable. It took Rei eight months to synch with her Eva. Who is this kid?"

"EVA LAUNCH!" Misato Katsuragi shouted. Shinji, please come back alive.

The purple Evangelion launched out of the elevators and hit street level, just a few blocks from the Angel itself.

"Shinji! Just concentrate on walking." Ritsuko said through the com.

However, Shinji bent down and used the robots hands to feel the ground.

"Huh? What's he doing?" Makoto Hyuga asked from his terminal.

"It looks like he's feeling the ground." Shigure Aoba said next to him.

Shinji then lightly tapped his fists into the ground.

"Is he playing the drums, or something?" Maya asked, obviously confused.

Suddenly, the Angel lunged forward and attacked him. As if he could see the creature coming, Shinji blocked the first blow, grabbed its arm and using that as a distance reference, threw an uppercut to it's face, so to speak. The blow stunned it enough for Shinji to reel back and kick it hard in the gut. The kick knocked it back several blocks. Shinji stood his ground as the Angel got back to it's feet and attacked, but Shinji grabbed its arm and threw it over his shoulder a half-mile distance.

Everyone in the Control Room was stunned.

"Whoa! He's blind and he can fight like that?" Aoba asked.

"With a synch-ratio over 70% when he first got in? That's incredible!" Hyuga said.

"Where did we get this guy?" Maya asked.

The staff kept talking as they simultaneously watched Shinji deflect blow after blow, then leap into the air and throw a roundhouse kick that knocked it back down. He piloted Eva like he had done it for years, his control astounding everyone.

"Such balance. Such precise movements. Are you sure he's blind, Misato?" Ritsuko asked.

"As sure as I am that you're not a natural blond." Misato shot back.

Ritsuko grimaced at her old friend. "That was cold."

Suddenly, a massive explosion sounded through the city.

"What happened?" Misato suddenly turned to the monitor.

"The self-destructed." Maya said incredulously.

"It couldn't beat Shinji, so it blew itself up? Talk about a sore loser."

"Unit 01 is coming out of the explosion." Hyuga said.

Everyone looked up to see the image of Unit 01 come into focus as the blast died down. They were shocked to see that Unit 01 was walking out of the blast and had only minor damage.

"Hmm. Your son certainly is full of surprises." Sub-Commander Kouzou Fuyutsuki said.

"Indeed. He may be worth keeping around after all." Gendo said with a lite grim smile.

Misato heard this and frowned. First he sends him away, then he calls him back after 15 years, then he doesn't want to use him because he's blind, and now he wants to keep him because he did good. God, some father.


After Shinji had gotten out of the Eva, he reported to Misato who had his living assignment all ready for him. Of course, being blind meant that he had to have someone live with him. Misato heard this and immediately volunteered. Shinji didn't argue, since he had no intention of living with his father. And naturally, his father didn't put up a fight for custody.

"You're what?" Ritsuko nearly shouted into the phone.

"I said, Shinji's going to live with me. It's already been approved." Misato said into the phone. "And don't worry, I'm not going to put the moves on him." she said coyly.


"Geez. It was a joke, Ritz." Misato grumbled to herself as she held the phone away from her ear.

Off to the side, Shinji was just smiling.

Before the pair headed to the apartment, Misato stopped by the store to get a few food supplies. She wanted to have a party to welcome her new roommate. After they got the food they headed to an area that Misato wanted to show him. It wasn't until they reached the lookout that Misato realized that what she wanted to show him was impossible, since he was blind. But Shinji didn't say anything.

As they overlooked the city known as Tokyo-3, the multitude of buildings rose up out of the ground. Shinji just appeared to be staring out over the city and smiled.

Misato wondered what he was smiling at.


When Shinji and Misato got back to their apartment, the first thing Shinji noticed was the smell.

"WHOA!" he gasped as he stepped back, nearly falling over.

"Shinji! Are you alright?" Misato cried out in concern.

"I...I'm sorry. The smell, it's..."

"Oh, yeah. I just recently moved in. And it's a little messy."

A little? He thought. The combination of liquor bottles, empty beer cans, trash bags, TV dinner trays, food scraps, and what he probably figured were feminine hygiene products, assaulted his senses like a cannon blast. He was barely able to keep conscious.

Damn. Should have figured. His other senses have to be overcompensating for his blindness. Then again, I'm used to it. Misato frowned slightly.

"Are you sure I'm not going to be intruding?"

"Shinji, I told you, this is your home now."

"Home." Shinji whispered as he guided himself into the apartment.

"Welcome home, Shinji." she said as the door closed behind him.

Shinji got settled in and after a not-so-good dinner, comprised mostly of instant food, Shinji was introduced to Pen-Pen, Misato's warm-water penguin. After brief introductions, Misato suggested that Shinji take a bath and wash his troubles away. Shinji didn't argue.

After a few minutes, Misato remembered that she hadn't put out any new towels and went to replace them.

"Shinji? I forget to put in some new towels, so I..." she said as she entered the bathroom to find a bare-naked Shinji standing before her. She stopped cold and blushed fiercely as she noticed his body. He was lean but athletic, each muscle well-defined. His glasses were off and she could see that his pupils were very lite blue, almost transparent, a sure sign that he was blind.

"Misato? Is something wrong?" Shinji asked.

"Uh, Shinji, I...uh, no, no problem. I just forgot to give it to you...I mean, the towel! I forgot to put out for you...New Towels!" she fumbled with the words as she handed him the towels and quickly went outside. "Uh, they're right here on the wall next to the shower. Well hung, I mean hung here! Uh, that's..."

"Oh. Thank you Misato." Shinji said as she left.

Outside, Misato was blushing furiously.

What the hell was that? My god, for a teenager he's got an incredible body. I've never seen anyone with that kind of physique. Suddenly her mind replayed something else she had seen. The scars on his body. They weren't too noticeable, but they were there. Various sizes, but spread out all over on his torso, legs and arms. Geez! Even my old boyfriend was never that ripped. God, I need a beer! She thought and went to the kitchen.


Authors Notes:

Well, what did you think? This is my first attempt of crossing Shinji with a superhero. I'm pretty sure no one has done anything with Daredevil so I thought I'd give it a shot. Also, and I don't know this for sure, but from what I have heard, the Japanese consider blind people as more of a burden than American people do, so I'm trying to downplay that a bit.

Also, while Daredevil was a lawyer in the movie and comics, I didn't think deviating Shinji from his musical talents would be an easy thing to do. Not without a deeper understanding of law. And if Japanese do tend to keep blind people at arms length it would be hard for Shinji to get a job as a law clerk.

Furthermore, I am well aware of Shinji's depressed mental state and lack of confidence, but I am playing this up with Shinji being trained as a ninja for fifteen years, who taught the boy to be fearless. So there will be none of the usual anxiety that Shinji would normally go through. I know I'm probably cutting the series in half with this, but I'm sure I'll come up with something else.

I'm hoping to put in more action scenes later.

Please, read and review. (Feedback welcome)