Chapter 11


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Summary: A battle against My Hyde slows Daredevil in his attempt to stop the assassin Bullseye, ending up getting Kaji killed. Now, the Man Without Fear must face down a new enemy, as well as a pair of revenge-minded women in Misato and Asuka.



Asuka repeated the action as many times as possible on the heavy bag with her right leg, then alternated with her left leg.

Across the way, Misato was curling the free-weights, right now over 120 lbs.

Anyone who looked at them would have thought they were preparing to take the Angels on by their lonesome.

The truth was... they were training to hunt the Devil himself.

"HEY! YOU!" Asuka shouted to one of the passing by Section 2 agents.

"Yes?" the agent asked.

"Get In Here!" she snapped.

Within ten seconds the man was flat on his back.

"You know Asuka, if you wanted some sparring partners, I could have just called in a bunch of guys for you to spar with." Misato said as she put down the weights.

"Spar? I'm not looking for a spar! I'm itching for a fight!" the redhead growled.

All of Section 2 felt a shiver go up their spines for some unknown reason.


Three days ago Ryoji Kaji had been killed, a strange billy club thrust into his chest while he and Misato were coming back from a wedding reception.

While Misato had missed the actual assassin, in Bullseye, thanks to her drunken state, she had seen Daredevil's crimson form, and the red billy club Bullseye used didn't help much in that respect.

Asuka had been informed the same night, and flew into a blind rage, literally tearing her apartment to pieces.

Daredevil himself had little more trouble with this, only because he was, in a way, responsible for causing Kaji's death.

He may not have stuck the club in his chest, but he did provide the means. The guilt had been bad enough for him to take, so much so that he didn't go anywhere for those three days, just letting Rei comfort him in the confines of their apartment.

It was on the third day, that a new person came to Shinji's door.


Rei went to answer the door, opening it to find an attractive woman in traveling clothes.

"May I help you?" Rei asked the woman.

"My name is Misao. I'm looking for my brother, Shinji." the woman said.

Rei nodded and let the woman inside. "We have been expecting you." she said as she closed the door behind her.


Their reunion hadn't been what she expected.

When Misao had received a call from Shinji about the assassin who had killed her grandfather she hightailed it to Tokyo-3 as fast as possible with everything she felt she would need. Upon arriving she expected to see her 'brother' in a bit of a state... but not this.

He was sullen, depressed, almost like a pale copy of himself.

After hearing what had happened, Misao couldn't blame him, though she thought he was taking this whole thing rather hard.

And to be honest... she didn't like it.


Shinji went flying across the room, slamming into the far wall.

"Get up, Shinji! You've had three days to sulk! Time to get back to business!" Misao shouted as she walked up to the boy and started kicking him.

"STOP THAT!" Rei shouted as she leapt at the woman, who sidestepped and tapped the blue-haired girl, knocking her into the opposite corner.

"Not until he gets up." Misao said to the girl, turning back to Shinji. "Look At You!" she shouted. "This isn't what our sensei trained you for! He didn't train you, teach you, to be weak!" she shouted again as she stomped on his leg. "He believed in you!" she kicked him again. "I believed in you!" she kicked him again. "I... am ashamed to call you brother." she said as she threw another kick... only to have a hand catch it.

If Shinji had normal eyes, both Rei and Misao would have seen him glaring hard at them.

Glaring because he was mad.

Mad at himself for letting Kaji die. Mad at himself for letting Bullseye escape. And mad at himself for disgracing the memory of the only real father figure he had every truly known.

Misao was right. He was weak. That weakness had cost him the chance to catch the man responsible for killing his sensei. A man both he and Misao had been looking for for years. Now that they were so close, that they knew he was at least in the city, there was really no time to wallow in self-pity.

Shinji pushed the foot away and scrambled back onto his feet, despite his injuries. He gestured for her with his hand to approach him, attack him.

She smiled as she lunged at the boy.

To the side, Rei just watched as both man and woman threw punches and kicks at each other. Misao was the more aggressive in this, but Shinji used that to his advantage. He blocked and dodged her attacks as best he could, finding it easier than he thought possible. She still landed a few good hits in addition to the beating she had just given him, and he returned it in kind.

His hyper-sensitive hearing listened intently to her breathing and heartbeat, finding them rapidly accelerating, until he was sure she was past the right point.

Shinji's strategy was simple: minimal movements in order to conserve what energy he had left while he got his opponent to use as much of his, or her, own as possible. By tiring him/her out he would be able to gain an advantage.

However, Misao caught onto his little plan and backpedaled just a bit.

The pair squared off not a meter or two from each other, a satisfied smile on their lips.

"So... are we ready to do some hunting?" Misao asked.

"I think we are." Shinji replied.

Rei, however, hadn't blinked the entire time.


It was four days later.

Shinji had effectively recovered his strength and was back in his crimson outfit, billy clubs and all. Beside him were two new figures. Well... one was new.

Blue Oni flew across the night skyline to his right, feeling good to be back in her blue outfit again. The figure to his left, obviously older and much more shapely was dressed all in black leather pants and a small shirt that exposed her belly, but covered her arms all the way to her wrists. On the upper part of her back were strapped a pair of sais, three-pronged daggers with longer than normal middle blades. The lower half of her face covered by a small mask, only her eyes and upper part of her nose visible.

This was Misao, who had taken to calling herself Elektra, after the Greek tragedy, the personification of the passionate lust for vengeance.

(Though to be honest she had gotten it from a comic book, but wouldn't let Shinji know that.)

The trio leapt across the skyline of Tokyo-3, the boy leading his older sister back to where he had first encountered the assassin.

Granted it had been a week since then, but Shinji was convinced that there might be something.

"Nice to see you back to your normal self." Elektra said as she flipped across the expanse between the buildings.

"Guess all I needed was a swift kick to the head." Daredevil said as he ran along a wall and leaped off to the rooftop.

"Any time, little brother." she grinned.

Oni however thought the woman's healing technique could have used a gentler touch.


It was midnight when the trio arrived at the murder scene, after making Daredevil's usual rounds and taking care of six car thieves, four muggers, three kidnappers, and an arsonist.

The chalk outline was still present.

"So, this is where it happened." Elektra said.

"Yeah." Daredevil replied.

"I see the chalk outline."

"I don't." he said as he turned away from the outline.

"Don't, or don't want to."

"Don't go there. Now please be quiet." he said as he cleared his mind and extended all of his senses, his hearing and smell mostly.

Oni leaned over to Elektra.

"What is he doing?" she asked the older woman.

"Trying to get a lead on the man responsible for killing your Mr Ryoji, and our sensei, by using his enhanced sense of smell and hearing." she answered the younger girl.

"He told me about that." Oni replied. "Your sensei."

"I see. So... just how close are you two?"

"We are partners."

"So you two haven't..." Elektra's playfully tone apparent.

"That is not your business." Oni said sharply.

"So that would be a no, then." she grinned.

Oni glared at the woman.

"Got it!" Daredevil said, getting the pair's attention.


In a seedy bar on the far end of town, the assassin Bullseye huffed as he tossed the last of the darts from his hands, missing the dartboard and impaling another innocent bystander in the forehead.

A second figure stepped out and looked around at all the dead bodies, more than a dozen, that littered the bar. He was a tall man in a dressed in black suit with red pinstripes, a black hat with a red band across it, and a black mask with red eyes.

"Nice to see your aim hasn't lost it's edge." the man said.

"You're late. I had to entertain myself." Bullseye said as he twirled another dart in his hand.

"Right. Couldn't just find yourself a woman and a room."

"What do you want, Fear Master?"

"That's 'Mr Fear' to you, hitman." the man said.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Bullseye waved him off. "You know, I'm sure the Yakuza would be pretty interested in knowing you've hired me, an outsider, to do a job you were supposed to do."

"Outsourcing is a typical business strategy. And this is a standard business deal."

"So was taking out Boss Nakatomo so your current boss could assume power."

"We paid you well for that, and to never talk about it. However, right now there is a job that I need done, and I can't risk exposing myself just yet."

"Becoming quite high in the ranks, aren't you."

"Yes. Now, about this job?"

"Just tell me it's a challenge and pays well."

"Oh, it's quite challenging. And the pay will be quite worth it."

"And just who would..."


The two men turned around to see a trio of figures explode into the bar through the large window.

Bullseye recognized Daredevil instantly. The two, obviously female figures, he didn't.

"What the..." Mr Fear gasped.

"Well, well, well. Look who's here. And you brought groupies." Bullseye said.

"Bullseye!" Daredevil growled in a deep tone.

"At your service." the assassin grinned and bowed.

"Then do us a service... and die!" he growled as he pulled his billy club.

"Stop!" Mr Fear exclaimed, holding up his hand to the three vigilantes.

"Pardon?" Elektra gasped.

"I have a business transaction to complete with this man, so I'm afraid you'll have to settle for an appropriate substitute." he said as he snapped his fingers.

Suddenly, two dozen red-garbed ninjas appeared out of nowhere.

"What? The Hand?" Elektra gasped.

"Who's hand?" Blue Oni asked.

"They're a clan of ninja assassins." she explained as she pulled her sais.

"Only two dozen. This is appropriate?" Bullseye asked as the ninja's attacked the trio. "I'm a little insulted."

"If I'd known you were being hunted by a trio of vigilantes, I'd have brought more." Mr Fear said as he lead Bullseye out the back door. "This intervention is unfortunate, but it won't interrupt our plans. Or your assignment."

"And what about this Daredevil and his allies?"

"We'll have to find another way to deal with them."

"The Devil is Mine!" Bullseye declared strongly.

"Fine, but later!" Mr Fear said as he and Bullseye vanished into the night.

Daredevil leaped over two ninjas and split-kick the two behind them. He landed and quickly spun around to knock the heads of the two other ninjas with his billy clubs. Two more ninja attacked him, but he easily avoided their weapon strikes, enough to dip low, move in, and then shoot straight up to uppercut both of their jaws in one deft move. A seventh ninja attacked, armed with a spear, only to have Daredevil throw one of his clubs at the ninja and strike him dead center in the forehead. His last foe tried to sneak attack him from behind, only to have Daredevil jerk his head to the side as his ricocheting billy club flew past his head and knocked the ninja between the eyes.

Blue Oni easily side-stepped an advancing ninja, and elbowed another one in the jaw. She grabbed his sword and brought it up to block the blades of another ninja. A fourth ninja leaped into the air and came down hard upon her, but thanks to Daredevil's teachings she was able to dodge it in time, allowing the sword-wielding ninja she was fighting to receive the blow. She quickly leaped into the air and kicked her attacker down. She tossed the sword away and grabbed the nunchucks that he had dropped. Spinning them wildly she attacked three more ninjas and impacted all their faces, including the ninja she had side-stepped earlier. Her last two opponents charged as one, but Oni's uncanny grace enabled her to leap high into the air to avoid their weapons, and strike them hard in their faces.

Elektra quickly used her sais to disarm the attacking ninja, then flew into the air and kicked both of them down, twisting in mid-air and stabbing a third one in the chest before landing, removing the blade, and throwing a right-cross that knocked him cold. Another ninja attacked, but her reached out and gabbed his shirt, pulling him back and tossing him, blade first, into a ninja that was behind her, rendering them both unconscious. The last three lunged at her, causing the woman to toss her sais into the air, spinning wildly as a brief distraction while she lunged forward, lashing out with fists and feet and knocking the last three ninja out cold.

Their enemies defeated, the three vigilantes looked around in disgust that their true target was gone.

"He's gone!" Daredevil growled as he kicked over a table, slamming it against the wall.

"Yes. But he will not be able to hide now, and we know he's been asked to take another job." Oni said, trying to look on the positive side.

"But we don't know how long he'll be here, or where his next job will be." Elektra growled, sharing Daredevil's concern.

"Perhaps one of these ninjas can tell us." Oni pointed to the defeated ninjas.

"Flunkies wouldn't have been told anything about their bosses plans." Elektra scoffed.

"Yes we do!" one of the ninjas croaked, his pride objecting to being called a mere flunky.

Idiot! Daredevil grinned as Elektra grabbed the ninja and stuck her sai up his nose. Not enough to draw blood, but enough to make her point crystal clear.


It was two days later and both Shinji and Rei were back at NERV.

Elektra's interrogation of the ninja revealed that Bullseye had been hired to do a job overseas, but that he would be coming back to do a job for the Yakuza in Tokyo-3 within a few days. Apparently the jobs were linked, so for now the team chose to wait.

And that meant that both Shinji and Rei had to report to NERV for a new mission.

"You want us to catch the Angel with our hands?" Asuka shouted as soon s she heard about the new threat that the 10th Angel posed.

"That's right." Misato said, bringing up an image of the Angel on the monitor.

It looked like a gigantic orange eye with weird looking antenna's on it's sides.

"That's insane!" the redhead cried.

"Welcome to NERV." the woman replied.

"Here's the area we think that the Angel is capable of destroying if it lands." Ritsuko said as she brought up a large map of Tokyo-3 on the main monitor. The digital map of the city was basically green for the forests and hills and blue for the buildings, but had a large red circle that covered nearly all of Tokyo-3.

"That's a HUGE area!" Asuka shouted.

"It could fall within this range?" Rei asked, gasping as well at the gigantic area.

"The Eva's will be situated at different dispersal points to intercept the Angel when it falls." Misato said, changing the image of the red circle into three smaller red circles around the city.

These circles indicted where Unit's 00, 01 and 02 would be positioned.

"What's this dispersal pattern based on?" Shinji asked as he ran his fingers over a 3-D map of the area, map provided by Ritsuko, that Misato was suggesting. "You have got to be kidding me." he said as Rei showed him physically the area Misato was suggesting.

"I know." the blue-haired girl said.

"Uh... based on?" Misato blushed a little, glad that Shinji couldn't see her.

But he felt her body temperature rise, which made him suspicious and fearful when she said that.

"What is this information based on?" Rei asked the question again.

"A guess." Misato answered.

"A GUESS?" Asuka screamed.

"It's woman's intuition!" Misato defended.

"Her woman's intuition." the redhead grumbled. "We're dead."

"Yup." Shinji replied as Rei nodded.


Shinji was situated in his Evangelion just waiting for deployment. His special headgear, which had jokingly become referred to as The E-Visor (Eva-Visor) as it was basically an interface system specifically for Shinji and could only be used inside the Eva, was over his face.

Rei was situated in her Eva, arms folded over her chest, her eyes closed. She looked like she was taking a nap.

Asuka was listening to her music via her own SDAT, trying to get a positive vibe going for this insane mission.

I wonder if anyone see's the irony of letting the blind guy 'catch' something the size of a small town. Shinji wondered as the order suddenly came in.

(The Angel's Entered The Drop Zone! Eva's Intercept!) Misato shouted.

However, Shinji was lost in his own thoughts, and failed to heed the call as Rei and Asuka departed.

(SHINJI! What are you waiting for?)

"Huh? What?"


Shinji reacted with blinding speed, his reflexes pushing the Eva at a quicker pace than that of Rei or Asuka.


"Shinji's Moving!" Maya cried from her console.

"About time!" Misato huffed.

"Give him a break, Misato." Ritsuko said. "He is blind after all."

"Don't make excuses, Ritz! You know that's not a real issue with Shinji."

"Then something else must be wrong. I'll preform an examination on him later."

"If there is a later." Misato huffed.


Shinji raced across the uneven terrain, even though it was through the city, his radar senses maxing out to a truly superhuman degree as his E-Visor gave him the heads up as well.

It has to be close. Shinji thought as he continued to push his Eva towards the presumed landing spot. But where...

(Shinji!) Misato shouted.

"I'm a little busy, Misato!" he cried as he continued running.

(The Magi predict that you're less than a mile away!)

"I SEE IT!" he shouted.

(See it? How?)

"Figure of speech!" Shinji shouted as his Eva raced up the large hill that the Angel was coming down upon. "AT-FIELD NOW!" he shouted.

The energy exploded from his Eva as the Angel landed directly on top of him. Shinji pushed back with all his might, his concentration maxed out to an incredible degree, which also pushed his synch ratio even higher.


"Captain! Sempai!" Maya shouted.

"What is it, Maya?" Ritsuko asked.

"It's Shinji's synch ratio! It's over 150!"

"WHAT?" the pair shouted.


Rei and Asuka finally managed to get a bead on where Shinji and the Angel were, racing up the hill to get to their male partner.

"Unit 02! Raise AT-Field!" Rei shouted as she pulled up alongside Shinji and helped him push.

"Right!" Asuka shouted as she extended her own field, pulling her Prog. Knife from her shoulder pylon and stabbing at the weakened field.

The blade cut through the field and lanced at the Angel, right in the center of it's eye.

Within seconds, the Angel exploded with immense force, the three Eva's and their pilots the only survivors.


It was hours later. The city's population had returned, the mess all cleaned up, the Eva's were all repaired, Shinji had been mildly chewed out by Misato about being alert (mildly only because all of NERV was fully aware of his handicap) and Ritsuko had requested that Shinji be sent to her for an examination.

It was something he wasn't really looking forward to. Mostly because Ritsuko would be curious as to where his unusual scars had come from.

"Dr Akagi?" Shinji asked as he softly knocked on the door, hoping that she would be too busy to see him today.

However, Ritsuko had seen that tactic used many times.

"Hello, Shinji." Ritsuko said as she opened the door to her office to let the young man in.

"So... what are these tests you needed to see me about?" Shinji asked the rather rhetorical question.

"Well, given your performance against the Angel..."

"But didn't I reach the Angel first?" he asked.

"Yes, you did. If you hadn't we would have all been destroyed. Well, except for you, Rei and Asuka since you were all inside the Eva's."


"But to help get Misato off your back regarding your late start, an examination was the best I could come up with. That, and I was curious as to your late start as well."

"I'm sorry. I was... distracted."

"Which is what I wanted to talk about. This is war, Shinji-kun. If you get distracted by something else, you, and others, will die. I'm sure you know this, but I just wanted to make sure that whatever issues you have, are effectively resolved. Alright?"

"Of course."

"Good. Now, get undressed and put this on." she said, thrusting a standard hospital dress gown into his chest.


"I need to do both a physical and psychological examination of you." she explained.

Here's hoping she's not trying to seduce me. Shinji said as he got undressed and put on the gown.

Whoa! Ritsuko blushed as she took in the healthy physique that Shinji had. Yeah, I'd hit that. She thought and then chided herself for her childish thoughts. She wasn't a hormonal crazed teenager like Misato was, but she couldn't deny it had been a while since anything good. I'm getting turned on just by looking at him! She realized as Shinji finished putting on the gown and found the examination table.

He turned back to the direction Ritsuko was, sensing the increasing body temperature and heart beat within her. Uh-oh. I think she's getting turned on by this. He thought. Not that Ritsuko isn't a nice lady, but she seems... conflicted about some things. Wonder what? He mused. Right! This is NERV. Nothing in this place is ever so straightforward. Not with my 'father' involved.

Steeling her emotions, Ritsuko walked over to Shinji and pull up a chair.

"Alright, Shinji, we'll start with the physical examination, get that out of the way. Alright?" Ritsuko asked.

"Alright." he nodded.

"And relax. I'm a doctor. I'm sure you don't have anything I haven't seen before."

Oh, here we go. He thought.

And here we go. She thought.

Ritsuko pulled down the gown so that it rested in his lap, his upper body exposed to the woman.

"Wow, Shinji. You certainly have kept up with your exercises." Ritsuko exclaimed.

"Not much else for a blind guy to do, right?" he asked as she took in his physique.

"Well, I'm sure you could find something to do." she replied. Or someone.

Ritsuko stated with a simple palpate of his torso, running her fingers over the many scars and bruises that he had received as Daredevil.

"Where did you get these scars, Shinji-kun?" she wondered.

"You'd be surprised at how many injuries a guy can get when he hasn't mastered getting around on his own." he replied.

Something's not right. Some of these look... recent. She thought. But Shinji wouldn't get into fights on his own, and no one would willingly attack a blind man. So where... "Shinji, have you been in a fight recently?"

"Just with the Angel." he answered.

Right. Somehow I doubt these scars came from that. She mused, making some notes on her clipboard and then turned back to Shinji. Taking out a stethoscope, she placed the metal end on Shinji's chest. "Now just breath easily."

Shinji breathed in and out as Ritsuko listened.

"Not bad. Respiratory system seems to be working properly." she said, removing the stethoscope and moving on to his arms. Gripping and massaging the arms she felt nothing unusual, except the results of his workouts and crime fighting activities. My god! So firm and developed. Where have you been all my life? She wondered.

Shinji heard her heart pick up pace, and turned to face her. "Is everything alright, Ritsuko?"

"Uh.. yes. Very good. Nothing wrong. Though I think you might want to be careful."

"I'll try." he said as he pulled up his gown once Ritsuko was done.

"Now, I need to get a blood sample from you." she said.

"Alright." he said, unsure if losing more blood was a good idea, but not wanting to be arouse any kind of suspicion by not doing it, so he gave her his arm.

A minute late, the extraction done, Ritsuko labeled the test bottle and sent it to the lab.

"Now, Shinji-kun, I have a psychological questionnaire for you to answer."

"Alright." he said with an uncomfortable sigh.

"I know this is inconvenient for you, but orders are orders."

"Right. What do you want to know?"

"Just the usual. Are you sleeping well? Have you had anything unusual happen to you that could be distracting you from your work? Have you had sex with anyone?"

"What?" he gasped at the last question.

"Did the last one throw you?" Ritsuko giggled. "Must have. You look flushed."

"That's not... I mean..."

"It's a personal question, I know. But as I'm sure you know, physical intimacy can have effects on a person in more than one way."

"Such as... distracting them from catching a giant Angel?"


Shinji paused for few moments, thinking this might be helpful to him.

"I guess I really haven't been sleeping regularly. Some times I can't sleep."

"Anything in particular you want to talk about?"

Nothing you could help me with. He thought. "No."

"Shinji, this is important. I need to know these things in order to help you."

"And if I wasn't comfortable telling you this?" he asked.

"Because you don't trust me."

"That's part of it."

"And the other part?" she asked, curiously.

"I don't want you getting hurt?"

Ritsuko stared at the young man with a strange look in her eye. She felt both touched by his concern and curious as to what could be so bad that he would try to protect her from it.

"Danger is where I live, Shinji-kun." she said. "Where we all live. This war is nothing but dangerous, for all involved, not just you pilots, right?" she said, sitting down next to him.

"And if it wasn't this war I was talking about?" he asked.

"Then something else, something closer." she deduced. "Something... local." her mind started to go into overdrive at what he was insinuating. "That's why you can't trust me, isn't it? It's something local... like... criminal?"

When Shinji didn't answer right away, Ritsuko knew she had hit the nail on the head.

"You don't seem like the type to get into such trouble. So how bad could it be?"

"The less you know the better."

"Well, you've got me curious, and if this is a matter that could affect your piloting, as well as put the whole of the world in danger, then it's my responsibility to know what it is so I can change it." She explained.

Right. If you haven't figured it out by now. Shinji thought as he turned to the woman, putting his relationship issues before her so that she wouldn't even suspect his Daredevil problems. "I slept with Misato." he said.

"WHAT?" She gasped, obvious upset in her voice. "When Was This?"

"Right before I was moved into my new apartment."

That was a nearly two months ago! "I see." she said calmly. "And did you sleep with her, or did you 'sleep' with her?" she asked, trying to be specific.

"Sleep, as in sex." he explained.

Shinji suddenly felt Ritsuko's blood-pressure skyrocket.

GOD DAMN IT MISATO! First Kaji Now Shinji? She fumed, so upset that she didn't bother to comprehend how this whole thing could be dangerous or criminal as Shinji let on. Why do you have to take all the cute guys? She growled, then paused. Wait a minute! "You said you slept with her before you moved out... and that was it?"


"So... what's the problem? Can't get over her, or you haven't found someone since who could ever measure up?"

"It's... not so simple."

The delicate pause prompted Ritsuko to ask something else.

"She was your first, wasn't she?" she asked, trying to be delicate.

"Yes." he replied.

"I see. And you're wondering what would have happened if you'd stayed with her at her apartment instead of having me move you out?"

"Sort of." he said. "I'm sure most girls don't find a blind guy to be the most... effective boyfriend around. High maintenance and all."

"But you're not." she argued. "You actually cooked for and cleaned up after Misato. That's why I moved you out."

Turning to look at the woman, Shinji smiled. "I know. And it's not that I'm not grateful, it's just.." he paused, the silence telling Ritsuko he wasn't comfortable talking about it.

She put her hand over his to reassure him.

"Hey. It's alright. I won't tell anyone. But if this is bothering you now, maybe... you should try to take your mind off of it."

Shinji internally smiled, knowing that he had at least gotten Ritsuko away from finding out about his dual-life as Daredevil. Ritsuko was a smart woman and would have eventually figured it out, but now there was this issue to deal with.

"It's not something you can forget." he said.

"True. But maybe we could do something to take your mind off it for now."

"Like what?" he wondered as Ritsuko touched his cheek and turned his face to her own, her lips pressing against his own.

Shinji felt his blood rise as her kiss drew him in. Never thought she had soft lips. He thought as she drew her hand down his chest. Oh, yeah, she's trying to seduce me. "Ritsuko." he said, gently pushing the woman from him. "I... don't think this is a good idea."

"Why not? I think we both want, need, this, Shinji-kun." she said huskily.

"And you're not worried about..."

"What?" she asked, softly undoing her own blouse. "Doing it with a blind man?"

"Yes." he asked, hearing her buttons coming undone.

"If I was worried, I wouldn't have kissed you." she said, getting closer to her in order to nuzzle his cheek with her nose. "Even if it's just this once, Shinji-kun, I think this will help alleviate both of our troubles."

Both? He wondered. "You have some troubles also?"

"You have no idea. So please... don't deny me this." she whispered, the young man hearing her blouse fall to the floor.

Shinji sighed as he drew the woman to her, and soothed both of their troubles.


Author's Notes:

Well, I know it's been a long while since I updated this story, so I hope everyone is satisfied with this latest chapter.

It's about 17 pages on my computer, so it's not a lite chapter.

And yes, I did have Misao in the role of Elektra, I did have The Hand show up, and I did have Shinji sleep with Ritsuko. Also, Mr Fear is a Daredevil villain, and that identity has actually been used by four different people over the comic years.

The first was Zoltan Drago, a failing wax museum owner who tried to bring his wax statues to life, only to find out the gas he used could evoke fear in anyone who breathed it.

The second was Starr Saxon, a criminal engineer who created a bunch of robotic assassins that Daredevil defeated.

The third was Larry Cranston, a former law student alongside Matt Murdock whose reasons for becoming a villain were never really explained.

The fourth was Alan Fagan, nephew of the third Mister Fear who's primary enemy was actually Spider Man, not Daredevil.

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