Maya's Story

Disclaimer: I don't own the WWE or the wrestlers. (waaaaa)

CHAPTER 1- Little Sister

Hi my name is Maya Guerrero. My brother is Eddie Guerrero, the big WWE superstar. I'm 30 years old and just got a job in the WWE as a trainer for Smackdown.


Eddie's cell phone rang. It was 1:00 am, who would be calling? He answered it.

"Hello?" He said.

"EddieIgotajobintheWWE!" his little sister yelled.

"Whoa slow down Chica. What was that?" he said, laughing.

"Eddie I got a job as a trainer on Smackdown." she said.

"Really? That's great, you'll be with me, Rey, Chavo, and Chris." he said.

"Chavo? I thought he was on RAW." she said.

"New draft lottory, we got Chavo, Glen (Kane), Hunter (Triple H), Cena, Shawn, Kurt, Adam (Edge) and Big Show. They got Simon Dean, Boogyman, Super Crazy, Psycosis, Nunzio, Finley, and the juniors." Eddie said.

"Great!" she said.

"When do you start?" he asked.

"Tomarrow, I'm on a red-eye flight right now. I'll be getting in in 30 minutes." she said.

"OK I'll pick you up." he said.

"Thanks bro." She said.

"No problem Chica.' he said. The hung up.

"Who was that?" Rey asked sleepily.

"Maya, she's the new trainer on Smackdown!" He said

"That's great!" he exclaimed.

"Yeah I'm going to pick her up now, she starts tomarrow." he said

"That's good because tomarrow is Chris vs Booker in a ladder match, Batista vs JBL in a no holds barred match, and Randy vs Mark (Taker) in a Steel cage match." Rey said.

"Yeah, she'll be busy, those will be bloody." Eddie said. And he went to pick up his sister.