More Than Loyal – A Collection of Drabbles and One-shots from the Royai 100 Themes

By flOofymikO
Original Publish Date: Oct 9, 2012

#45 – Awakening

Every morning feels like rebirth, opening his eyes to the image of her.

We made it. We really made it.

He moves slowly and carefully as he cranes his neck to check on the time. The clock on their nightstand reads a few minutes shy of seven. The pale gray dawn filters in through cracks in the drawn shades, the sun still too low in the sky to cast warmth into their tiny bedroom. Beside him she is still asleep, her breathing slow and rhythmic, and he watches the rise and fall of her resting form. It's reassuring, therapeutic, even. There's a rustle of sheets as she turns over and shifts slightly towards him and his body heat, burrowing into their little cocoon of pillows and blankets, a small sigh escaping from her lips.

He can't help the smile that spreads on his face. He gently brushes the short, golden locks out of her eyes and traces his fingers along the edge of her soft jawline. She looks so calm, so peaceful and content; he wishes he could freeze this moment, lock it away in a place unreachable by the demands of work, the responsibilities of life, the passage of time.

Looks like both of us slept through the night. Good.

She stirs and leans into his caress, eyes still closed. "What time is it?"

"Almost seven. We should go back to sleep."

She makes a sound of protest and moves as if getting ready to sit up, but he pins her down with an arm across her shoulders. "Roy..." she begins, a warning seeping into her tone.

"Almost seven on a Sunday. Remember? It's our day off now," he tries not to whine, nuzzling her cheek with his nose.

She frowns. "I need to walk Black Hayate. And there are errands to run. Having a day off doesn't mean we do nothing."

"Ah... but surely it means we get to start our day later than usual?" He yawns loudly and stretches his legs under the covers. One foot collides with their dozing dog, who yelps in surprise ("Sorry, Hayate!"); the other brushes against the left foot of his human bed-mate, and this time it's Roy doing the yelping.

"Ack, Riza! Your feet are like ice cubes!"

"Oh," she says, realizing this. "I must have kicked off my socks while sleeping. I should probably retrieve them." She's able to lift his arm up by the shirtsleeve and push aside the first layer of sheets before Roy stops her movement with an emphatic "nooo," and wraps his arms and legs tightly around her supine body. She huffs indignantly. He nuzzles her harder, burying into her hair, his fingers trailing along her bare stomach. She lets out an involuntary giggle at his touch.

Things escalate rather quickly into a tickle fight, leaving the pair breathless and teary-eyed, blankets and limbs strewn about in the light of the rising sun. Black Hayate patiently watches his humans and lets out a soft woof when the commotion finally dies down, settling his head back into his paws, eyes drifting closed. "See? Even Hayate agrees we should stay in bed," Roy points out matter-of-factly, pulling the mess of sheets back over their entangled bodies.

Riza settles down into his embrace, an acquiescent smile on her face. "I suppose so. Guess I'm still getting used to this new schedule." Her breath tickles his cheek. He turns and kisses her on the nose, and is rewarded with a tiny blush.

"I happen to like this arrangement," he remarks warmly, relishing in her serene, unguarded expression.

"I could definitely get used to it," she whispers back.

She kisses him; he pulls the blankets fully over their heads.

Neither get up until noon.