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Midnight Tryst

Night. The outside world sleeps calmly, gently bathed in silvery moonlight. A young man sitting beneath a plum tree is staring sadly at the sky. His deep blue eyes glisten with unshed tears, as he lets out a soft sigh.

Slowly he closes his eyes.

Seto's POV

"It's been so long. So long since I saw her, since I touched her. So long since I felt…anything."

"Fool" my angry mind yells at me. "Sentimental fool! You are Seto Kaiba. You have no feelings. You have no need for feelings! You have no need for her!"

"But if that were true", my heart muses, "then I wouldn't be hurt now. I wouldn't keep waiting for someone who will never come because I told her not to."

"You did well to chase her off, she didn't care. She was just a stupid cheerleader; belonging to your nemesis!"

"And that's what hurts the most, my heart keeps arguing, she belonged to him…but not with him"

"And why should you care?"


"She's made you pathetic! WEAK! You are a fool!

"You're right. I am a fool…for letting her get away…"

A cold breeze blew, scattering petals of plum blossoms. They swirled and danced around the young CEO. His face, still very much a mask, but his eyes showed some of the chaos raging inside him; and for the first time he felt he could just lay himself down and cry until there were no more tears, until the hollow she had left was filled.

He closed his eyes. He just could not take it anymore. The petals danced around him. Carefree, beautiful and elusive. Just like her.

He loved her-and hated himself for it.

Trapped in his own thoughts he did not notice the girl coming up to him.

A solitary tear slid down his cheek cutting a liquid scar as it did so. She stood up on tip-toe and gently pressed her lips against his face, where the tear rested.

He opened his eyes, surprised, and for once, words failed him. She was there, looking up at him with her innocent eyes and he lost himself in their depths.

"Anzu" he whispered shakily.

"I'm sorry…" her eyes became clouded with tears. "I…I…didn't mean what I said that night. You're not heartless; I know that, I just…"

"It's alright…I…I'm sorry too. You are more important than any card game. Any title. Anything!"

Anzu looked up at him, and in his eyes she saw everything he had never told her; everything he would not admit to even himself. His soul lay open before her and for once he wasn't going to hide it.

"I missed you." he whispered, drawing her close and taking in the gentle fragrance of her.

"I love you."

Once again she had taken him by surprise. His eyes widened slightly, but he smiled at her. His reward was infinite for she smiled back and her eyes lit up. Beauty incarnated. That is what she was.

"I love you, too."

Anzu drew herself up in his arms and gently pressed her lips against his.
They did not need words anymore.

Author's Note: Ok. This was fluffy, huh? Well it's my favourite kind of story. Fluffy one-shot. Methinks there are not enough of these nowadays. R+R. Oh and thank you to all those who have reviewed my stories. It's greatly appreciated.

Oh and by the way, just so you know, the tense change is intentional.