My very first yaoi fanfic that is a continuing series, not a drabble or ficlet! I plan to have this all finished before Christmas or at the very latest, the end of December. This is a Christmas fanfic starring my favorite yaoi couple, Roy and Ed.

Title: All I Want for Christmas
Rating: Overall, PG.
Genre: Yaoi, Christmas, Romance, Drama.
Pairing: Roy Mustang and Edward Elric.
Warnings: Yaoi / shonen-ai… Yup, totally a worksafe and light-hearted story.
Summary: There was only one thing Ed truly wanted for Christmas this year.

Chapter Summary: "You mean… you love Colonel Mustang?"

Ed said nothing and buried his face back into the pillows. Al didn't need the muffled answer that came shortly after to know that he had been right.

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Chapter One, Let It Snow.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful,
And since we've no place to go,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
- Let It Snow

The weather outside was violent. It was a cold mixture of snow and rain that pounded against the earth this December night, gale winds ripping harshly through the night. The temperature had already been generally cold due to winter, but the conditions of the storm made the temperature drop even more. It was absurdly cold out there.

Luckily however, Colonel Roy Mustang was safe from the vicious weather inside his small but cozy house. Though he had work in the morning like any other day, Roy still didn't sleep for the night, even though it was getting closer to midnight with every minute. It wasn't because of the racket the storm made either; he could sleep through almost anything. Roy had always been a real nighthawk, and he was actually rather pleased that he now had a valid excuse for his drowsiness during the following day.

The heavy, wet snow pounded angrily against his house as Roy filled his mug with hot coffee. After taking a few sips out of the mug, he grabbed the newspaper off the table and retreated promptly to his living room. Already wearing his gloves, Roy snapped his fingers and the wood in the fireplace suddenly erupted into warm, blazing flames. Sighing contently, the Colonel fell back into his comfy armchair and took another long sip of his coffee. He smiled to himself.

Roy rarely had the time to relax like this due to all the work that was piled on top of him lately, so it was rather ironic that the only time he did get to himself was when the weather was like this.

As Roy watched the rain and snow mixture hit his window and blur the outside world, he silently pitied anyone who was unfortunate enough to be caught outside in this storm.

Edward Elric was unfortunate enough to be caught in the storm outside.

He was on his own, and was far from his dorm at Central HQ. Alphonse was still as loyal as ever to his elder brother, but Edward had refused to allow him tag along on the missions he was assigned. He had finally succeeded in restoring his brother's body, and he'd be damned if he let Al spent all his time following Ed around on missions he didn't even have to do.

After a lot of convincing words, Al had decided to stay home. Subsequently, the younger brother was safe and warm with Winry and Granny Pinako back in the lovely countryside of Rizenbul while Ed was stuck outside in a nasty storm in Central.

Ed, being the headstrong young man he was, had ignored the gray clouds looming threateningly in the sky when he had first ventured outside. It didn't take long for the temperature to drop down as he went along, but the snow had seemed innocent enough at first. But the "innocent" snow quickly turned into something barely even friendly.

Now, after nearly fifteen minutes out in this weather, Ed was starting to feel the effects of the bitter cold. His fingers and toes were so numb he could barely feel them anymore, he was much paler than usual and his joints had stiffened and froze up so badly it ached to walk. His automail arm and leg didn't go unaffected either; they too had become so cold and frozen he soon had some trouble moving them. They only proper winter attire he wore was a long red scarf, which didn't seem to be helping him much.

"Damn it…" Ed mumbled to himself as he wrapped his arms around his body in an attempt to warm himself up. A chill rushed down his spine at the cold metal of his right arm that was pressed against him, even through the clothing.

The young alchemist stopped to regain his bearings, shivering badly. He coughed haphazardly and silently fumed at the thought of having to take that horrible tasting medicine again. Oh, how he hated winter. As his eyes scanned the snowy area, his golden eyes rested upon a cozy looking house to his left. He could see lights turned on in a few rooms and a faint light that he recognized as fire from another. Perhaps whoever lived there would let him wait out the storm!

Desperate for warmth, Ed trudged up to the front door and when he was about to knock when he suddenly froze, knuckles barely touching the door. But it wasn't the cold this time that froze him, it was horrible realization.

This was Colonel Mustang's house.

He remembered Havoc pointing it out to him when they drove by once before. Ed never thought he'd ever come near this house again. Actually, he was surprised he remembered that Mustang lived here in the first place. But then, one did tend to remember things about the one they loved.

Ed hesitated. "W-wouldn't you know I'd end up at t-that bastard's place…" His teeth chattered with the cold.

Just like anyone else, Ed had a secret to keep. Fortunately for him, he was able to hide it well behind insults and harsh words. In truth, Ed was in love with the Colonel. He'd only recently admitted it to himself, but Ed definitely had some sort of infatuation with Roy Mustang for a while. Ed could easily accept being attracted to men, just… not to him, of all people! The confusing and stressful thoughts were taking their toll and more on Ed, and Al had noticed his brother's odd behavior. Naturally, he confronted him about it.

"Nii-san!" Al said desperately to the boy whose face was buried into the pillows, "Nii-san! Please tell me what's wrong!"

"There's nothing wrong!" was the muffled answer.

"But Nii-san…"

After an unnerving silence, Al heard Ed sigh in defeat. The older boy pulled himself up into a sitting position, avoiding Al's eyes.

"Well, you know about… me liking men, right?"

"Of course. Did something happen? I swear, I'll kill them if they hurt-"

"No, no, no!" Ed said quickly, not wanting for his younger brother to misunderstand. "It's just…well…" He honestly didn't know how to admit he was in love with that bastard, so instead attempted an indirect route.

"Well, I like older men."

Silence. "And…?"

Ed suppressed an irritated growl at having to say more. "You know, older men. Military men. With dark hair… and dark eyes." Ed mumbled quickly, still unable to look Al in the eye. With those given characteristics, Al soon pieced it together.

"You mean… you love Colonel Mustang?"

Ed said nothing and buried his face back into the pillows. Al didn't need the muffled answer that came shortly after to know that he had been right.

Ed shook his head in attempts to get the memory out of his mind. Roaring out loud in frustration, the alchemist turned on his heel to march away when a sudden cold gush of wind and rain hit him hard, making him cringe and let out a surprised yelp. Realizing that he had no other choice right now, the State Alchemist turned back around, swallowed his pride, tried his best to shut out the infatuating thoughts of Roy Mustang, and knocked as hard as he could manage on the door.


Roy raised his head up from his newspaper at the knocking. Remembering that there was a storm raging outside, he chose to shove it off and turned his attention back to the paper. But the noise continued, and it sounded as if it was coming from the front door.

"Huh? Is someone at the door…?"

Roy yawned and stretched his arms. Leaving the newspaper and coffee mug behind on the table, the Flame Alchemist stood and strolled out of the living room. The repeated and relentless knock was a little irritating, but when he swung the door open and saw who – more like what by now - was there, he suddenly lost any irritation that he felt.

There stood the unstoppable Edward Elric, sopping wet and shivering.

Roy stared in silent shock for a moment as he studied the horrible state his subordinate was in. Ed's skin was sickly pale save for the unhealthy red tinge to his cheeks and his soaked hair stuck awkwardly to his tired face. His body was shaking and his arms were weakly wrapped around his small body. His golden eyes seemed slightly glazed over, but Roy could still see weak desperation in them.

"C-colonel, can I… uh... come in? I-it's sort of c-cold…" He stuttered, a sharp chill running down his spine as another gush of wind hit him.

Roy nodded numbly and moved aside to let Ed in. The younger man mumbled a thank you and stepped inside, grateful and happy to feel the warmth wrap around his tired body. Roy shut the door tightly behind him.

"Fullmetal, you look terrible."

"Yeah well, I was just c-caught outside for fifteen m-minutes…" Ed said, half mocking. Ed fumbled around clumsily as he tried to remove his soggy red coat and scarf, fingers stiff and numb. Seeing the boy struggle, Roy helped him out of the wet coat and unraveled the scarf from his pale neck. Ed kicked off his boots in random directions and headed straight into Roy's living room while doing his very best to hide his stiff and frozen muscles from the Colonel. Following after him in silence, Roy saw the blonde fall to his knees only inches away from the fire, shivering still but smiling now at least.

"Would you like some coffee, Fullmetal? It's still warm."

Ed nodded silently in response to the Colonel's question, hugging his knees close to his body. It was unusual for Edward to be so silent, thought Roy. But then, the younger alchemist being here in his house wasn't usual for Edward either. The Colonel soon disappeared from the living room, but Ed was too distracted by the pleasant fire to care.

When Roy came back, he handed the warm beverage to the cold alchemist. Ed took it with shaking hands and took a quick gulp of it, his eyes lighting up a little as he drank. Roy then handed Ed a pile of dry clothes.

"You should change your clothes, they're wet. These are my clothes, so they're too big for you… no, no, I didn't mean that!" Roy exclaimed defensively when he saw the angry who-are-you-calling-small glare that Ed was shooting him. "Just, put them on before your condition gets any worse."

Ed snorted and stared up at him. "You want me to change right here in front of you?" Despite his sarcastic tone, Ed really couldn't say he would mind if the Colonel answered 'yes' to that question.

"No, I was hoping you'd change when I leave in a minute to get you some blankets." Roy countered, equally sarcastic. Ed hated to admit he was disappointed that Roy had declined and watched longingly as Roy departed the room once again.

Roy came back to hear Ed coughing. It was a loud, dry and hoarse cough that sounded far from healthy. It hurt Ed's throat rather badly, but with a stubborn streak that big, Ed wasn't about to tell him that. Roy draped the blanket over Ed's shoulders and sat down on the carpet next to him. The older man placed his warm hand on Ed's forehead to come to the conclusion that Ed was burning up.

"You've got a fever, and a bad one at that. You should get some rest."

Edward coughed again and pulled the blanket tighter around his body, avoiding the Colonel's eyes. "Just let me stay by the fire. I'm fine."

"No you're not."

"Yes I-" His own coughing interrupted him, ruining the point he was trying to make.

"That hurts, doesn't it?" Roy asked abruptly.

Ed looked at him, surprised for an instant before slowly nodding his head yes.

"I'll get you some medicine then." Roy stated simply, swiftly pulling himself up off the floor.

"W-what! No, not medicine!" Ed whined, jumping to his feet. Ed's legs, however, didn't want to hold him so he stumbled and grabbed onto the wall for the support his wobbly legs refused to give him.

On instinct, Roy was quick to support Edward. Ed hadn't expected the Colonel to do something quite like that, leaving Ed to be caught between shock and bliss at being so close to Roy's body. He had often daydreamed of being close to Roy but now that he actually was this close, the simple action still made Ed's mind race. He didn't even realize that he had relaxed into Roy's touch.

"M-my legs hurt…" Edward admitted quietly, and Roy was surprised that Ed hadn't been able to hide the weakness in his voice.

Roy nodded. "You're in need of rest."

Ed didn't answer but allowed the older man to escort him into the spare bedroom. Roy walked slowly in consideration of Ed's weak legs and Ed had seemed to have abandoned his attempt to hide any weakness from him.

Ed flopped down the bed with a groan of both pain and relief, absolutely content to have something warm to snuggle into. He coughed again and grumbled, burying his body underneath the fluffy covers.

"Make yourself comfortable." Mustang ordered, even though it was obvious that Fullmetal was already doing just that. "I'll get you something for that cough of yours."

Roy slipped out of the room to find aid for Edward for the third time, and Ed didn't notice his absence this time either.

When he returned, Roy sat down carefully on the edge of the bed, nudging the lump under the covers that was Edward. Not liking being poked at, the young man grumbled.

"Fullmetal, take this medicine and then you can sleep all you want." Roy ordered as he unscrewed the cap of the grape-flavored liquid, measuring the right amount of it in a spoon.

Ed pulled the covers from his head only to get a spoonful of a foul tasting substance shoved into his mouth promptly after. He sputtered and coughed, but he had swallowed the repulsive… thing. Roy only smirked.

"That'll help your cough. Take it again in the morning." He screwed the cap back on and placed both the bottle and spoon on the nightstand. Ed watched him with sleepy eyes as he stood and headed to the doorway, giving Ed one last order.

"Now get as much rest as possible."

With only a soft mumble and ruffle of sheets and pillows as an answer, Roy flicked the light off and closed the wooden door behind him.

With a cold like that, Fullmetal wouldn't be assigned any mission anytime soon. He knew that the younger man was probably going to be suspicious of him for a while now, too. The thought made the Colonel sigh, because all he had done was help Ed when he needed it. But despite their bickering, Roy still felt responsible for Edward as both his commanding officer and an adult. Although, it was perfectly safe to say that Roy had a soft spot for Ed, reasons unknown to even him.

Well. At least he had an even better excuse for losing sleep tonight for Hawkeye now.