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Title: All I Want for Christmas
Rating: Overall, PG.
Genre: Yaoi, Christmas, Romance, Drama.
Pairing: Roy Mustang and Edward Elric.
Warnings: Yaoi / shonen-ai… Yup, totally a worksafe and light-hearted story.
Summary: There was only one thing Ed truly wanted for Christmas this year.

Chapter Summary: "Ah, I'm just teasing. I'll keep my distance from the ladies then, if it makes you happy. If they approach me, then I'll just have to tell them I have the cutest little partner waiting for me at home." Roy winked.

"Little, did you say?"

"That's what makes you so cute."

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Chapter Five, All I Want for Christmas is You

I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is you...

-All I Want for Christmas is You – Mariah Carey

Edward Elric was predictably unpredictable. Roy had always thought that about the young man, and knew it was a good quality in an agent. Edward's action only proved this fact.

Ed's arms refused to let Roy slip away and bright golden eyes wouldn't look away from him, even though the blonde man was blushing furiously by now. The young alchemist stared up at the Colonel with an expression he had never seen on Ed's face before. Desperation to be accepted, love for him, embarrassment from the whole thing and determination to win Roy over. That was the mix of emotions he saw in Ed.

Ed refused to say anything, or maybe it was because he couldn't find the right words. Either way, he was leaving it up to Roy to make the next move.

The older man only stared down at him with a curious look for the longest time. He could tell that Ed was starting to become uncomfortable with the awkward silence, and so finally broke the wordless tension between them.

With laughter.

A low growl escaped Ed's throat at the unexplained laughter coming from Roy. "And what do you find so funny? Think I'm too short to be your bo-"

"Ed!" Roy exclaimed with a laugh, shaking his head. "You always jump to conclusions; I didn't even say anything yet."

"Bastard, would you just tell me already?" Ed demanded, not wanting to play any silly games.

"You're so impatient, Ed." Roy teased gently.

Ed huffed, knowing it was true. "Well, if you just gawk at me and say nothing-"

"You really are the most unpredictable man I've ever met, Ed." Roy interrupted again, a sly grin gracing his lips.

"And what is that supposed to-mhmm!"

Ed's first instinct was to get angry at being interrupted again, but after what Roy actually did to silence him, he didn't obey that instinct. Ed just stood close to the other alchemist, allowing Roy to silence him by claiming his lips in a sudden kiss.

That definitely wasn't what Ed had expected. He'd expected Roy to freak out, tell Ed he wasn't gay and kick him the hell out of his house. Instead, he received laughter and kisses as a reaction.

"Seems you're not the unpredictable one, hmm?" Roy purred against Ed's lips, sensing the surprise in Ed from the returned sign of affection.

"Shut up." Was the only answer Roy got before Ed forced another kiss upon him.

"Hmm… Ed." Roy mumbled, trying half-heartedly to get the blonde's attention. He didn't seem much more inclined to break their kiss than Ed did. "Ed, still morning. Open your gift."

"But this is your house, I don't have any presents here-"

"I got one for you." Roy answered, slipping out of Ed's arms. He gently took a hold of Ed's flesh wrist and pulled him over to the decorated tree where he crouched down to find the gift he had gotten for the blonde. He tugged on his sleeve to indicate for Edward to sit down next to him, which the younger did. With a quirky smile, Roy pressed the package into Ed's hands.

"How sweet of you." Ed teased, though wasted no time in ripping away the shiny wrapping paper.

It wasn't hard to tell by the weight and shape of the gift that it was a book of some sort; so naturally, he expected to see something to do with alchemy staring back at him when he removed the paper. But when he gazed down at the book in his hands, he found that it had absolutely nothing to do with alchemy. The illustration on the front was vibrantly coloured and when he flipped it over to see the back, it had reviews and comments like "Wonderfully hilarious!" or "Comedy of the year!"

Ed cocked his head curiously at Roy.

"Well, I supposed since you're a State Alchemist, you'd be tired of reading book after book and essay after essay on alchemy. And even if you aren't – well, it's always nice to just curl up with a nice, light-hearted story to refresh your imagination and spirit."

Ed stared at Roy with a skeptical grin. "So, who told you that little speech?"

"…The employee at the store."

Ed shook his head and laughed at the blatant confession. "Mine didn't give me a speech to steal, only a wish of good luck." He smiled, impishly pointing an automail finger at the mistletoe hanging from the ceiling. "Which it seems I have gotten."

"So you planned this, eh?"

"Perhaps." Ed answered, letting himself lean against Roy with a contented little sound that came close to a purr.

"You make no sense sometimes, Edward."


For a while, they just stayed sitting there leaning against each other. They didn't speak, but sometimes one would make a quiet, appreciative sound for the other, the both of them caught in the moment. Ed had come to discover he quite liked to snuggle against the dark-haired man's chest and to have Roy's hand idly play with his hair.

"How long?" Roy's voice asked, shattering the silence.

Ed blinked, confused by the sudden question. "How long what?"

"How long have you… felt this way?"

Ed sighed, but stayed in his comfortable position of leaning his head against Roy's chest. "I found out I liked men a few years back, and I've liked you for a few months…"

"And you didn't say anything because you were afraid of rejection?" Roy guessed, used to the dramas of dating.

Ed snorted. "You're a complete womanizer and you've dated so many women you can make your alchemic code out of their names. Not only am I male, but a lot younger than you…"

"Well, yes, I suppose that would scare you off." Roy mused, resting his chin on Ed's shoulder. "I'll go either way if the bait's worth it. And quite frankly Ed, you're cute."

Ed let out a little indignant huff at the word. Cute meant feminine. Feminine meant small. Small was not Edward. The blonde lifted his head and stared into Roy's eyes with a small frown. "Couldn't you have chosen a better word?"

"Hmm… Not really, no." Roy smiled wryly and dropped a quick kiss on the blonde's nose. "But we'll just have to see if I can find any other ways to describe you. I've never had a relationship with someone quite like you before … this should be interesting."

Ed let out another sarcastic snort, gently nuzzling Roy's cheek. He couldn't think of any clever retort for the comment, but was just as content to be able to cuddle with Roy.

"Can you cook?" The Flame Alchemist asked suddenly.

"Can I what?"

"Cook, Ed. Cook."

"I'm not going to be some housewife of yours if that's-"

"No, that's not what I was thinking. Although that wouldn't be half bad…" Roy could feel the glare Ed was shooting him. "No, I asked because we still have to make Christmas dinner."

Ed tapped his chin thoughtfully at the question. "Well, Winry taught me some stuff a long time ago, but I wasn't really paying attention…"

Roy sighed heavily. "Help me anyways. I barely ever cook, I usually just stick something in the microwave and I'm done."

"Fine, fine. Just don't blame me if we get food poisoning."


Surprisingly, the food looked like actual food. Ed was silently amazed that he and Roy managed to cook something edible.

"See, you weren't that bad." Roy commented, stabbing a carrot with his fork.

"Dumb luck." Ed answered simply, shoving a mouthful of potatoes in his mouth without worrying that he would die of food poisoning.

Roy chuckled. "Well, you seem to have a lot of luck in you."

Ed only grinned.

During supper, they talked about things that really weren't important. Neither one mentioned one word about work nor something stressful in their loves lately, it was all just friendly chatter and banter. When Ed had cleared his plate, he set the fork down firmly and locked a serious gaze on Roy.

"Roy, if we're going to be together I don't want you running around dating every woman you see." Ed proclaimed in one quick breath.

"Hm. That'll be hard." Roy joked, earning him a murderous glare that clearly said 'Be serious, you loser'. "Ah, I'm just teasing. I'll keep my distance from the ladies then, if it makes you happy. If they approach me, then I'll just have to tell them I have the cutest little partner waiting for me at home." Roy winked.

"Little, did you say?"

"That's what makes you so cute."

Ed glared and crossed his arms with an indignant huff. Laughing, Roy pushed his chair back and stood, making his way over to where Ed sat. He wrapped his arms around Ed's shoulders and kissed his neck softly, destroying the frown on Ed's face almost immediately.

"You'll be telling your brother about us then, I presume?"

Ed froze, then groaned. "Oh no, I forgot to call him this morning…" Ed mumbled mostly to himself, shaking Roy off to stand. "I'll be right back…"

The blonde neglected the phone waiting on the wall in the kitchen. Instead, he walked right past it, out into the hallway and eventually Roy's bedroom to use the phone there. It was just a natural instinct to him now search for privacy. He didn't bother to close the door properly and left it ajar, happily jumping onto Roy's large bed. Ed couldn't stop grinning while he dialed the number he knew to be Al's.


"Merry Christmas, Al!" Ed announced cheerfully.

"Nii-san! I was starting to wonder if you'd EVER call us!" Al exclaimed, followed by a sigh of relief.

Al heard Ed laugh happily. "Yeah, sorry about that. I guess I got… carried away by the spirit of Christmas."

Al knew that voice. It was either Ed's 'giddy with happiness voice' or his 'I just destroyed something important' voice, the two tones were very similar. There weren't many things that could make that stubborn brother of his giddy and there were countless things that would make him guilty. It seemed obvious enough.

"Ed, what did you do?"

"What? Have you no faith in your older brother?" The elder brother mock-gasped-in-shame.

"Well, you are a bit of a… well, trouble maker." Al answered meekly.

"No I'm not! Well, maybe a little. That's besides the point!" Ed exclaimed in a huff, not letting Al make any more accusations.

"You're pretty happy in any case." Al pointed out.

"Umhmm!" Al could hear the smile in his elder brother's voice. Ed was about to continue when he saw Roy's head peak in the doorway and give him a sly smirk when he saw the phone pressed to the blonde's ear. Ed made a shushing gesture to Roy before he had the chance to speak, wanting to hear what his brother was saying to him. Roy remained quiet as asked, but he had taken a seat on the bed next to his new boyfriend and was kissing his neck affectionately.

"R-Roy, stop it." Ed hissed, Roy's tongue tickling him and distracting him from Al's voice on the other line. Roy didn't obey that command.

"Ed, where are you?" Al asked, catching Ed's attention back on him.

"I'm still at the colonel's place."

"Did you tell him?" The younger Elric inquired immediately, eager to hear the latest news with Ed's love life.

"Well, sort of. I used mistletoe – stop it, you idiot - and I really didn't say anything-"

Ignoring the middle part where Ed obviously was talking to someone else, Al pressed on. "What did he say?"

Ed was about to answer when Roy put a finger to his lips to hush him. Obviously hearing their conversation, he leaned closer to the phone. Knowing Roy wanted to speak, Ed shifted the phone a little closer to Roy so the both of them could hear and speak to Al.

"Roy says he promises to take good care of Edward and that he'd much rather have your blessings than an angry brother try to kill him." The dark-haired man said simply.

Al didn't say anything for a while and Ed wondered if maybe the phone connection died. But the sudden sound of Al's laughter from the other end told them both that Al was there, and approved.

"Don't worry, Colonel Roy, I don't plan on killing you. And you better take good care of my brother, he can't do anything properly on his own…"

"I'm still here, you know!" Ed exclaimed, though both his brother and boyfriend were laughing at him.

"Sorry Nii-san, but it's true. I think you'll be happier with Roy-san though. Good luck to the both of you, and Roy? Hurt Edward and I'll hurt you. Got it?"

Roy, being used to threats from brothers, answered with a simple, "Got it."

"I suppose I'll leave you two alone for now." Al stated, "Merry Christmas, you two."

"Merry Christmas, Al." Roy was glad he didn't have an angry brother to deal with this time.

"Tell Winry and Auntie I said Merry Christmas to them too." Ed replied cheerfully.

"Alright. Bye, Ed!"

Hearing the familiar 'click' of a phone hanging up, Ed laid his own phone back on it's receiver. He then snapped his attention back to Roy, a fake frown on his young face.

"What was all that for? You were distracting me on purpose!"

"I like your neck." Roy mused, staring intently at said neck. "Don't ask me why, I just like kissing it." He idly brushed some stray hair away from Ed's neck, leaning closer to bury his face into the neck he had claimed to like.

Ed purred quietly despite his thoughts. You weirdo.


The evening included a lot of cuddles and kisses. Ed had wound up telling Roy about all his feelings towards him and how he was afraid to speak up for such a long time. Roy just listened to the young man with arms wrapped around his small waist, but that was all Ed really wanted.

"Sleepy?" Roy asked innocently when he noticed Ed yawn for the hundredth time.

"Mhm… I guess."

Roy took a hold of Ed's wrist for the second time that day, dragging him along to his bedroom. "It's supposed to be cold tonight. You can share the bed with me; it has more than enough room." Roy offered. Ed could have sworn he'd seen a slight blush tinge the Colonel's cheeks.

"Alright." He knew that Roy had made up an excuse to sleep in the same bed as him. Ed found it rather ironic that Roy was the one who was suggesting all these things while it was Ed himself that started the sudden and strange relationship initially.

Ed crawled under the blankets without changing into pajamas. He had been wearing Roy's old clothes all day (Ed had become oddly fond of wearing the man's clothes during his stay), so the looseness to them were good for sleeping in. Of course, Ed couldn't help but watch as Roy striped out of his daily clothes and change into a pair of pink pajamas.

"You like pink?" Ed questioned, referring to the pajamas he wore.

"Not exactly, I just like the fabric of these." Roy slipped into bed and kissed Ed's nose affectionately. Ed smiled and pressed his lips against Roy's in a chaste kiss, snuggling into Roy's chest for warmth and sighed contently when he felt the man's arms wrap around him.

"G'night, Roy."

"Night, Ed."

Maybe it was Ed's dumb luck that helped, but he had gotten the one thing he truly wanted this year. And somehow, he didn't think he'd spent Christmas alone next year, either.

FIN! Merry Christmas, everyone! ;D