Every story has a beginning. This story starts sometime in late 21st when century the world will have to undergo a freeze. Neo-Queen Serenity uses her power to awaken it, then she creates the Utopia known as Crystal Tokyo.

The people of Crystal Tokyo welcome Neo-Queen Serenity and Thank her for awaking earth from the deep sleep. Neo-Queen Serenity said She will help the city grow with new life.

Prince Endymion asked Neo-Queen Serenity to marry him. Neo-Queen Serenity said yes. So 2 Months later Neo-Queen Serenity and Prince Endymion marry and Crystal Tokyo has a New King.

All The Scouts are so happy that the pair are finally married after all they have been though. Heres to the King and Queen of Crystal Tokyo! One year later the King and Queen had a baby girl who they named Princess Rini.

Neo-Queen Serenity said We are going to celebrate the birth the of Princess Rini and I would like to see everyone here at Crystal Palace, and Iam sure everyone say she looks like her mum but has her dad's eyes.

King Endymion put Rini to bed and started to tell her bedtime story. The story was about Sailor Moon who helped fight bad guys and she was nice. Rini went to sleep and the King said, Good night Rini.The dark moon family attacked the earth and the Crystal Palace,they put the earth in a dark sleep and the Queen too.

The King said to the sailor scouts Get Rini out of here now. They said, Yes sir but where can she go, it is not safe for her anywer her at is time? The King said, She has to go back to the past to get help to fight the dark moon family.

Sailor Mars said, Come on guys we have to go get Rini and send her back to the past so she can find her mum and dad and get some help.

Sailor Jupiter said Rini wake up Rini wake up! And Rini answered, Whats going on? Sailor Jupiter said Some very bad stuff is going on the earth and your mum has been put in to a dark sleep and so we are sending you back to the past to look for your mum and dad to get some help.

Rini said, No, I don't want to go, no wa! Why can't I stay and help all of you? Sailor Venus said, It's not safe for a Princess like you, so come on Rini you have to go now. You will know when it time to come home, but for now the past is safe for you, ok.

Rini said Ok I will go back to the past to get some help. She said good bye to thescout.

Serena comes home from school and her mum said, Rini will be staying with us for the summer. Serena said, Ok mum, so where is Rini? She in your room Serena ok.

Serena said Hi Rini so you are here for the summer? Rini said I am here for the summer if it's ok with you Serena. Serena said Ya it's cool, you get to meet all of my friends, so where are you from? Rini said I am from out of town and live with your mum's brother.

Serena said Come on Rini we are going to Raye's house so you can all meet all of my friends and my boyfriend too. Rini said Ok Serena I am coming let's go.

Serena said Hi guy's I would like all of you to met Rini she is here for the summer. Rini I would like you to meet Raye, Amy, Lita, Mina and Darien.

Every one said Nice to meet you Rini, where are you from? Rini said I am from out of town, I live with Serena mum's Brother and it's nice to meet all. Rini said Serena, I am going for a walk ok I see you at home.

Serena said Ok Rini bye for now see you at home. Serena said to the her friends, Rini looks like me or am I going mad. Amy answered, You are right, she looks like you and we will keep an eye on her some thing is not right.

Esmeraude came out of no where and said Hello Rini. (Esmeraude is one of The dark moon family who is looking for Rini to kill her)

Rini said, Why are you look for me Esmeraude? To stop to you go back home to help your mum, so I am going to kill you.

Rini cryed for help, her light from cosmic moon shone, it was a signal for the Sailor Scout.Serena said Come on guy's Rini asking for help so we have to go and find her now let's see what go on.

Serena said, Moon Crystal Power.

Raye said, Mars Star Power.

Amy said, Mercury Star Power.

Lita said, Jupiter Star Power.

Mina said, Veuns Star Power.

Darien become Tuxedo Mask.

Sailor Moon ask Luna the cat do you kown where Rini is? Luna said, Yes, she in the park why, what's go on? We got cry for help from Rini so come on guys.

Esmeraude said, Come on Rini no one will help you because your a long way for home so it's time to kill you. Sailor Moon said, Move away form Rini so you looking for a fight with little kid, it's so sad.

Esmeraude said, Who are you? How do you know Rini? All the girls said, We are the Sailor Scouts and here to stop you!

Esmeraude said, Rini you, have not told them where you came from? To bad you are not going to tell them. Sailor Mercury said AQUA RHAPSODY POWER and hit Esmeraude who said, You will pay for that but next time we meet.

Wiseman the doom phantom was thinking his evil thoughts out loud,Sailor Moon look like Queen Neo-Serenity who is asleep in Crystal Palace. But wait minute she is Queen Neo-Serenity so Rini must be her daughter. This could work for me.

Sailor Moon asked Rini, Do you have some thing to tell us? Rini answers her, Iam from Crystal Tokyo and some very bad guys have taken over the earth, they have my Mum. Rini said, I was sent back here to look for my Mum and get some help, but the dark moon family fololwed and found me here in the past so can you help us?

Sailor Moon said, Power down guys, and Rini we will help you find your mum. Rini was watching the girls and Darien power down and Rini said to Sereina You look like my Mum. Sorry I must be imagining it but you do look a lot like my Mum.

Rini said, Hay wait minute, you are all sailor scouts here in the past, and at home we have sailor scouts too but a they look lot like all of you.

Raye The hot headed Sailor Scout said, What are you talking about Rini? Are you saying you have Sailor Scouts at home with you and your family.

Rini answers impatiently Yes, we do have Sailor Scouts and I think it is time you all came back with me to Crystal Tokyo to save my Mum ok!

Serena said calmly, Ok, we will go with you to save your mum.

Serena said, Moon Crystal Power.

Raye said, Mars Star Power.

Amy said Mercury Star Power.

Lita said, Jupiter Star Power.

Mina said, Veuns Star Power.

Darien became Tuxedo Mask.

Rini said, Guardian of Time rend the heavens and open the doorway of space-time to me and my friends. Rini and the Sailor Scouts stand at the door way of the space time continuum, its up to Sailor Pluto to allow them the enter the future and Rini's home.

Sailor Pluto said, Princess Rini what are you doing here? You know it is not safe for you at this time. Rini said, Sorry Pluto, I have to come back to save my mum and I have all of the past Sailor Scouts with me to help with the fight.

Sailor Moon said To Rini, What? you are a Princess and your mum and dad are King and Queen?

Sailor Pluto said, It's time to go to Rini's home, save her mum and the earth. Keep your eye on Rini because the dark moon family are looking for her.

Everyone agreed to watch out for Rini and said goodbye to Sailor Pluto.

Everyone was stunned by the sight of the devastated Crystal Tokyo.

None of them could believe that the future will so be dark and desolate.

Sailor Mars said, No it this not our future, it is too cold and very dark. What has been going on here for it to be so dark and cold?

Rini said I am coming mum and I'm here to help you. Sailor Moon said To Rini, Come back here it not safe for you, come on Rini. Someone is coming is it Tuxedo Mask? It couldn't be Tuxedo Mask there is 2 of them, no way what's, going on here?

One of the two stranger's said Welcome to the 30th Century Crystal Tokyo! I'm sure you all will be thinking why is there 2 Tuxedo Masks? I am Darien's future self and the time has come for all of you to find out about yourselves.

Sailor Moon cry's out, Wait where is Rin?. We have to find her first. Darien's futureself said, Rini is back at the Palace and she is safe. Come with me back to the Palace, we have no time to waste.

Darien's future self is now the King and he said The dark moon family have attacked earth and put the earth to sleep, the Queen too. The King said We have one hope to keep the Palace safe from the dark moon family's attack if the future Sailor Scout's join their powers to create a shield around the Palace.

Sailor Mars asked The King, Are they our future selves? The King said, Yes they are your future selves Sailor Scout. All the past Sailor Scours said, What, they, are our future selves at this time?

Neo-Queen Serenity had the Imperial Silver Crystal and could stop all the evil but she had been put in to a dark sleep by the dark moon family.

Sailor Moon asked, Who is This Neo-Queen Serenity you talk about? Can she be, could she be, who is she?

The King looks at Sailor Moon and gives her a warm smile he said to her, Yes Sailor Moon Neo-Queen Serenity is your future self.

Sailor Moon cryed out in disbelief NO WAY I'm GOING TO BE QUEEN OF THE EARTH. I would like to get into high school first, and you are saying I will be Queen of the Earth!

The King Explained what had happened during the past battle, Serenity was outside the safety of the Palace when a bolt of energy attacked her. The Scout used their powers to form the crystal around her as a protective shield from the blast, but something went very wrong. She fell into a deep sleep and nothing they have tried can wake her or break the crystal.

By this time Darien The King looked like he was crying because he was had been injured badly by the attack of the dark moon family.

The Floor opens, and Rini appears to be asleep. Sailor Moon and Darien Tuxedo Mask, rushes to see that she's all right, Sailor Moon takes her in her arms.

Darien The King said, Serenity and I had a daughter she is called Princess Rini. Sailor Moon looks stunned, What, the Rini I have got here?

Darien The King said, Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, you have to know that Rini is your daughter!

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask are obriously shocked What we are PARENTS to Rini NO WAY. Sailor Moon said to Tuxedo Mask, Rini looks like me but she acts like you, do you think so?

They both went very red. Jupiter, Mercury and Venus said Rini is Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask's daughter, very cool.

Sailor Mars, who's beyond the point of accepting it, scandalizes the situation. In an angry huff, she blurts out, "What days, what month, what year did THIS happen?"

Sailor Mars stops to look at Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask as they become even more embarrassed.

Rini has awakened she said, Dad are you ok? Darien The King said, I am not good I have been injured badly but thank you for asking Rini. Rini said, Where is mum?. Why are Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask so red in the face? Could we go see mum please dad?

Darien the King said, I will take you to her. They walked into a big hall and in the centre they saw the Queen asleep in the crystal. Rini ran up to her mum and she said I am home mum and I have the Sailor Scouts from the past with me too. Mum wake up Mum, wake up for me. Rini ran out of the hall crying and saying Mum why aren't you waking up for me? Sailor Moon shouted Rini come back here now! Tuxedo Mask answered, She will be ok here in the Palace, and Sailor Moon said I am guessing it will all be ok.

Meanwhile, Esmeraude asked Wiseman for power from the dark crystal to attack the crystal palace.

Wiseman warned Esmeraude, Yes I will give you some of the power from the dark crystal but I say to you, all this power I have given you, there will be a price on it.

Esmeraude answered Who cares what the price is for all this power Huh! Esmeraudelooked down at herself in amazement. What is going is on here? Wiseman said, Meet your doom, do you think you could handle all of this power, look what you have become.

Esmeraude has become a green eyed monster and she began attacking the palace in anger. The Sailor Scouts cryed out, What in the world is going on out side?

The King said, A monster is attacking the palace but it has the mind of a woman. So you have to look in to the heart of the monster to see who it is. Sailor Moon said, Do we have to fight that monster? Sailor Jupiter said Did we Come here to have tea or are we the sailor scouts?

Sailor Moon said Well ok, we will go fight the monster, come on guys! Tuxedo Mask said to the King Can you keep an eye on Rini for us? The King said, Yes I will do that for you, and good luck.

During the night, while the palace was being attacked The first time Rini went into her Mum's room and she took the Imperium Silver Crystal from her mum's room and lost it. She had not told anyone about it because she thought they would be mad at her.

Rini said, Mum I am so sorry for what's going on here and I wish I had not taken the Crystal.

Just then Wiseman appeared an said Hello Little Princess. You look so sad.Do you miss your mum? You have taken some thing from your mum's room too.

Rini said, I am so sorry the Crystal has been lost. Wiseman said, Yes I know you are sorry, but what about your friends, do you think they would be happy with you?

Rini said, No you are right about my friends they would not be happy with me about the Crystal.

Wiseman answered her, It will be ok Rini, if you just come with me. We can make the Scouts pay for what they did to you.

Back at the fight with Esmeraude the monster, Sailor Moon said How can we kill it? Sailor Mars said, My turn now, Fire Bird power. Sailor Mars said Your turn now Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon said, STAR LIGHT HONEYMOON power. All the sailor scout Girls said Look it's Esmeraude she was the monster! The words Star Light Honeymoon power had made Esmeraude retun to her human form.

Wiseman said, To Rini Welcome Black Lady, the time has come to go back to the past and put earth in the dark.

Menwhile Sailor Moon said Have you see Rini? Nobody answered Sailor Moon's question. Well we'll go and look for her. Come on. They all looked around for Rini

Sailor Pluto said, She's not here and She has become the Black lady. Rini has gone back to the past to put the Earth into darkness, she has become evil because Wiseman has brainwashed her .

Sailor Moon cryed What, she Black lady, why? I think it's time to go home and get Rini back.

Suddenly Sailor Mars noticed the huge black crystal towering above the city, We are home but WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT?

Sailor Mercury said, It looks like the Dark Crystal, look at all of the dark coming from the Crystal.

Sailor Venus said, Rini will be in the Crystal and we have to go find her now,

so how do we get into the Crystal? Sailor Moon said, We do the planet power ok! Each od the Sailor Scouts shout in turn:

Mars Star Power,

Venus Star Power,

Mercury Star Power,

Jupiter Star Power,

Moon Crystal Power,

Then the Scout cryed together, Planet Power.

Black Lady said, Welcome to the Dark Crystal and I will kill all of you. I know you all hate me no-one likes me.

Sailor Moon said, It's not true, we all love you, your mum and dad too!

Rinicryed You are lying to me, no one loves me, I have been alone here all of my life.

Sailor Moon truned into Neo-Queen Serenity to talk to Rini,

Rini can you hear me, it's mum. Black Lady said, Mum is it you? Why did you leave me on the wet floor that day in the rain.

Neo-Queen Serenity said To Black Lady, I was on the floor to waiting for you to come to me. You have lots of friends who love you play with you and help you to do your homework.

Rini answers, So you all love me, so I am not alone and no one really hates me. Neo-Queen Serenity said, Yes Rini we all love you, so came back home.

Wiseman laughed Too bad, the dark gate has opened and this world will be mine!

Neo-Queen Serenity said, No way I am ending this now!

Wiseman said, The Crystal will not work on me, I have the dark Crystal. So come on, we will have to fight for the earth.

As Rini watched her mum fight Wiseman, she said, I have lost the Crystal. and she being to cry, the Crystal came out of her eye.

Rini laughed I am going to fight with my mum, can all of you help me? The Girls said Yes! We wil help you to fight.

Mars Star Power,

Venus Star Power,

Mercury Star Power,

Jupiter Star Power,

The Girls said together, Wiseman now go away forever and don't come back!

Rini said Thank you for helping me out, I am going to miss you all guys.

The Girls said, Here give this to the Sailor Scouts when you get home ok! I will give it to them and thank you, said Rini.

Serena said, Good bye Rini I will miss you. Rini said, Good Bye Mum.

I am home mum, dad, Sailor Scouts and the future Kingdom of Crystal Tokyo.. Welcome Home Rini, we all missed you. Rini said ,I missed you guys to, this is from the Sailor Scouts of the past. Well open it. So the Girls opened it and they said It is a picture of us in the past! They were surpised.

Rini said to her dad, That story you tell me about Sailor Moon, was she my mum?

The King said To Rini, Yes Sailor Moon is your mum who loves you with all of her heart.