"Mildred, get the door!" Emily screeched.

"Yes, ma'am." The maid hurried to the front door.

"Hi." Lorelai smiled. "I'm Lorelai and this is Rory. Are Richard and Emily home?"

"Yes." The maid replied with a smile. "Come in."

"Thanks." Lorelai and Rory walked into the house.

Lorelai gazed around at the entry way. Nothing had changed. Not one painting had been moved, nor had one piece of furniture been rearranged. Lorelai felt as if time had stood still in this house.

"Mildred, who was at the ..." Emily abruptly stopped.

"Hi, Mom." Lorelai replied as she placed her hands on Rory's shoulders.

"Hi, Grandma!" Rory replied excitedly.

"Lorelai." Emily whispered. Her eyes fell down to the little girl who was smiling brightly. "Is this your's?" Emily asked.

"Yes, mom." Lorelai replied gently. "This is mine."

Emily wasn't sure about what feelings to react on. She felt happy, and angry, and surprised all at the same time. "Richard!" she yelled. "Richard!"

Richard came galloping through the entry way. "For heaven's sake, Emily, what is all this yelling about?" He looked right at Lorelai and didn't even recognize her, it wasn't until he took a second glance that he realized his daughter was standing in the doorway.

"Lorelai." he said softly. He gazed down at Rory. "Who is this?"

"Rory." Lorelai answered. "My daughter."

"Your daughter?" Richard repeated. His face became pale. "Is this why you ran away eight years ago?"

"No." Lorelai answered honestly. "Rory was just kind of a bonus." She smiled. "I'm sorry I haven't been in contact with you guys."

"Sorry?" Emily replied.

"I know that doesn't make up for everything." Lorelai quickly added. "But I'm here now. And I want to tell you about everything. You're Rory's grandparents. I want you to be apart of her life. Apart of our life."

Emily and Richard were both silent for a few seconds. They exchanged a look between each other, and it almost seemed as if they were communicating. Lorelai figured after 25 years of marriage it was possible to talk to each other without speaking.

"I'll make some drinks." Richard finally replied.

"And I'll get Rory a soda." Emily added as she walked into the kitchen.

"Come in and have a seat." Richard replied.

A sigh of relief exited Lorelai's body. This had gone over much better than she was planning. She guided Rory into the sitting room and they both took a seat on the sofa.

Emily soon returned with a soda for Rory, and Richard handed Lorelai a drink. Richard became comfortable in his chair and Emily sat straight across from Lorelai and Rory.

"Well, let's here all about you two." Emily smiled.

Lorelai cleared her throat. "Well, I guess we should start off with the night I ran away." Lorelai began. "I ran away with Luke, which I sure you figured out."

"Ah, yes." Richard added.

"But I didn't stay with him." Lorelai replied. "I left him one night and ended up in Pennsylvania."

"Then I was born." Rory added brightly.

Richard and Emily both chuckled.

Lorelai continued. "Rory and I lived there for eight years, then we moved to Stars Hollow."

"Stars Hollow? That is a town near here." Emily replied.

"Yes, it is." Lorelai agreed. "That's why we're here."

"Is Luke Rory's father?" Richard asked.

"Yeah." Lorelai answered. "He is. Actually, we just got married a few days ago."

"You had a wedding?" Emily asked.

"A small one. A very small one." Lorelai answered. "Nothing fancy."

"I see."

Lorelai took a sip of her drink. "This is really good, Dad."

"Thank you, Lorelai."

"I'm going to Harvard one day." Rory stated randomly. "Aren't I Mom?" she looked up at her mother.

"Yeah." Lorelai smiled. "You are."

"Harvard?" Richard asked, showing his interest. "My, that's a fine college."

"Rory can do it." Lorelai added. "I know she can."

Richard leaned forward. "Any idea what you want to be when you grow up?"

"I haven't decided yet. I either want to be a journalist or a lawyer."

A smile crept on to Richard's face. Emily was starting to take more notice of the small girl herself.

"Well those are very fine careers." Richard replied. "You'll have to work very hard though."

"It's okay. I like to work hard." Rory replied brightly.

Richard and Emily both glanced up at Lorelai. "Hey, don't look at me." Lorelai replied. "I hate working hard. You two know that."

"Yes, we do." Emily answered. "We're wondering if this child is really your's?"

"Well, young lady, what else do you have planned for your future. Do you enjoy reading?" Richard began a one on one conversation with the charming eight year old girl. She quickly and easily answered all his questions. Impressed by their granddaughter's quick wit and intelligence, Emily and Richard began to forgive and forget all past trespasses.

After a few hours of visiting, Emily came up with a suggestion. "Lorelai, how would you feel about a weekly dinner?"

Lorelai giggled. "A weekly dinner would be great, Mom."

"Shall we say Friday nights at 7:00."

"Friday nights at 7:00 it is."

"And bring that Luke, boy." Richard added.