Blazing Hearts

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AN: This is my first attempt at an AU. This story was inspired by a UPN show called Love Inc. but despite that, this will not be the same. This I promise, I am not ripping off the show, but I suggest you watch it, it's awesome.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

A wedding invitation… just another wedding invite.

Not the first time she's seen one and most certainly not the last. They were always coming in the mail and, still, she went.

She always went to the weddings she was invited to. And there was always some wedding that invited her.

After all, she was the one who put the love birds together… every… single… time.

It was her job. They paid her to do it. But, still, each of her clients wanted her to come to the wedding; to show off and say, "This is the woman who brought me the love of my life," or "Without her, this wedding never would have happened."

Sometimes those words tired her so.

Kagome Higurashi was nothing special and she'd be the first to tell you that. She was nothing more than a twenty-six year old, glorified matchmaker. A matchmaker who made others' dreams come true, sure… but what kind of matchmaker couldn't find her own match?

"Another one, huh?" asked Rin, peering over her shoulder.

Nearly everyone in the world had a best friend who was their complete opposite in every way. Perhaps it was that way to keep each other in balance. Kagome wasn't sure.

But she did know that Rin Yakima was that for her. Rin kept Kagome's life interesting that was certain.

Rin was a free spirit. Flowing wherever the wind would take her, to whoever entered her life next. Rin was the type of girl whose main goal in life was to have as much fun as possible.

She was fun, spontaneous, loud…and everything Kagome wasn't.

"Yes." Kagome sighed as she placed the invitation on her kitchen table. She went into the bathroom and ran a brush through her long hair before clipping it in the back. She put on a pair of black dress pants and a white blouse with a black pair of dress shoes.

She was ready for business.

You'd never guess that she and Rin actually worked together. What with Rin's faded blue jeans, pink t-shirt with the big smiley face on it, white sneakers that weren't exactly white anymore and short hair pulled into a side ponytail with pink streaks going through her hair.

But they did. Both girls worked at a place called Blazing Hearts. Where they would personally go out and match people up with their soul mates.

Rin picked up the invitation and read it. "No way!" she shouted.

Kagome ran into the kitchen, "What is it!" worry and panic, evident on her face.

Rin took a moment to laugh at her friend's expense. At Kagome's pointed glare she decided to sober up. She pointed to the invitation, "You have to be kidding me."

Kagome rolled her eyes and laughed a bit, "Nope, it's true."

Rin shook her head, "I can not believe this. When he stopped coming to Blazing Hearts I thought you just gave up on him and told him to find another agency!"

Kagome raised an eyebrow, "I told you I found him someone."

"Yeah, but I thought you were kidding!"

"Since when do I kid?"

"True. But… man! Man, oh, man, this is insane… he's actually getting married."

"I could hardly believe it myself. But I met the girl, she can handle him."

Rin let out a low whistle, "Miroku Hiroshi… settling down."

Kagome rolled her eyes to the ceiling and shook her head before looking at the clock. It was 10:45 a.m., they had to be at work in less than fifteen minutes. "Yes, yes, yes. He's getting married; let's not make a federal case out of it. We're going to be late for work." She said, holding open the door.

"Yeah, yeah, I hear you. Let's go." Rin said dramatically as she walked out the door, Kagome following suit. Kagome made sure the door was locked before she closed it.

"So, are you gonna go?" Rin asked as they got into her car.

"I was invited, Rin, it's rude not to."

Rin grinned happily, "So, this means I get to baby-sit Shippo again?"

Rin loved the little red-headed fox demon whom Kagome adopted to death. She never could find a more willing baby-sitter.

Kagome grinned, herself, "Yes, so long as you don't try to teach him any more poker."

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