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Title: The Nexus of Satisfaction
Author: Gladiel
Series: Inuyasha
Genre: General, Romance
Rating: PG
Word-count: 246
Summary: Ends mark beginnings and for Kagome, that's how it is.

What is a "drabble"? A drabble is a fan fiction that is self contained and is no more than 100 hundred words. A drabble can sometimes mean a very short fic that is not exactly 100 words but extremely short, for instance, it is not incorrect to call a 500 word fan fiction a drabble. (taken from A Fanspeak Dictionary)

chapter 1

First loves are confusing things. Some days they taste bitter; other days they taste sweet. First loves are addicting things that draw one in, consume one with bliss to have that need for love satisfied, until one day reality breaks that chain of ephemeral goodness. First loves are hard to forget. Perhaps they're permanently embedded into the memory of a person as a seed of experience—a product of victories and mistakes. All first loves have a beginning but not necessarily an end.

Kagome's first love was something she considered a blessing. It was a mixture whose constituents included friendship, camaraderie, innocence, hate, anger, patience, annoyance, and love. She relished the sweetness and joy of spending happy hours with him, treasuring each day like a fragile doll that needed tending. She yearned for the mutual return of her innocent affections, something she desperately hoped to be possible.

However, time proved that she stood no chance against the woman, a walking corpse in fact, and was forced to satisfy herself with friendship, patching heartache with an exhausted resource of band-aid.

Still, she considered that a blessing.

Well, now at least she was no longer a virgin on the subject of love. She no longer feared pain, but rather opened her arms in joyous welcome because she knew that love, too, has its rewards.

With a genuine smile adorning her face, she found herself ready to accept the fact that this first love had to have an end.

chapter one end.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Themes for this compilation are from the LJ community, fanfic100. The first two chapters serve as a prologue.

This 'fic' is a compilation of sorts in general. The drabbles are able to stand alone, without much reliance on the other chapters. It's 'interconnected' because they take place at fairly the same period. They are not strictly in chronological order though. Chapter three, for example, may not exactly happen after chapter two. Some chapters may be flashbacks between two others. However, there is a section here where the story thickens a little, and that is the time when the drabbles are more closely related (this ends at the drabble entitled Fragrances).

The Nexus of Satisfaction focuses mainly on Sesshoumaru and Kagome and their growing relationship. Friends or lovers, both applies, since I believe that interaction is necessary before any form of love can blossom. It's more of implied, actually.

Most of the drabbles are centered around this theme: Sesshoumaru ponders at the odd behavior of Kagome towards him while Kagome tries everything to befriend the indifferent demon lord.

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