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Title: The Nexus of Satisfaction
Author: Gladiel
Series: Inuyasha
Genre: General, Humor
Rating: PG
Word-count: 416
Summary: Rin's bound to be disappointed: it's no fun playing with two people who share stubbornness in character.

chapter twenty-one
too much

Sesshoumaru watched her, eyes sharp and attentive, as she fell flat on the verdant ground, with its mild softness catching her body that was flung by an invisible force. As soon as her body crushed the blades of grass, she let out an "Oof!" followed by a series of execrations.

Still the spectator, he stood unmoving while Rin rushed to the priestess, a child-like pout evident on her flushed face. "Kagome-nee? Are you hurt? Kagome-nee!" The human child repeated the same worried incantation until she reached the woman. Kagome, grateful for Rin's concern, gave the child a pat on the head.

"I'm alright, Rin-chan." Kagome tried to appear unhurt but a frown overpowered the desire to smile and an instinctive moan escaped her lips. The rubber ball that lay a few meters in front of her pulled her attention from the child and Kagome was reminded by the main cause of her current physical distress. In a swift motion, she lifted her head and glared daggers at him.

Sesshoumaru regarded her indifferently as he normally would: cool and collected. He remained standing and his eyes were directed to the ground in which she lay.

"The ball is still intact," was all he said.

"Oh, yes, the ball. But my stomach feels as if a large, monstrous wheel ran over it!"

He frowned. "Is it not the point of the training to hit your opponent?"

"I never said you'd have to kill them!" she nearly screamed as she scrambled up and pulled herself into a dignified and neat position. She dusted off some grass that adhered themselves onto her skirt and straightened the white blouse of her uniform. Kagome refused to appear soiled and disheveled while Sesshoumaru stood immaculately unscathed. That fact infuriated her.

"It may seem impossible but it is! Playing with you is agonizingly stressful!"

Insulted, Sesshoumaru glared at her storming figure, an instinctive defensive mechanism kicking in. Playing with him was not stressful!

Limping, the woman started talking to herself. "You'd think being hit by a ball would be less painful than a fight with Naraku. But no, it's just as bad – if not worse!"

"As far as this Sesshoumaru was concerned, I abided with the rules for this training. You have no right to reprimand me for a mistake that was never committed."

"Well, for your information," she paused in her tracks to meet his eyes, defiance clearly reflected from them. "This isn't training. We were playing dodge ball."

chapter twenty-one end.

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