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Chapter One

Konoha Leaf High and more...

A 17 year old pink haired girl named Sakura Haruno was walking to her first day of school at Konoha Leaf High.

She had moved here from Vancouver Canada, and was really nervous if she would make any friends or not.

"Deep breathes Sakura..." she told herself.

She was walking her way to school, when she noticed the time.

"WHAT! Im going to be late! My stupid alarm clock was so wrong!" Sakura said starting to run, but admitted that she will never make it on time.

Just then, a motorcyle sped my her, and splashed the water from a puddle on Sakura.


The motorcylce stopped. A young 17 eyar old boy, with raven hair, that any girl would die to touch, stepped off. He smirked.

"In my opinion, you look better like that" he said cooly.

Sakura was pissed. "I cant belive you just said that!" Sakura said. Wow! Hes hott! But he ruined my outfit...but still, hes hott!

Sasuke walked back to his motorcylce, and looked back at Sakura.

"Fine. To make it up to you, I wil give you a ride."

Shes really pretty...No Sasuke...dont think that! Shes just a girl. But stil...

Sakura was shocked. She was going to ride with that hottie.

"Well?" Sasuke said.

Sakrua hopped onto the back. Sasuke laughed. "Do you want to fall off? Hold on to me."

Sakura blushed. She put her hands around his waste.


Sasuke turned on the engine and zoomed away.

They made it just in time.

When they entered the school Sakura thanked him.

"Wich class do you have?" Sakura asked.

"Socials..." Sasuke said. Sakura noticed that he probably didnt like that subject.

"Oh...Hey! Me too! Lets go." Sakura said grabbing his hand. She started to walk but then stopped.

Sasuke smirked. Sakrua blushed. "You dont know the way, do you? Follow me" Sasuke said.

"Thanks..." Sakura said shyly.

Sasuke walked through the door, and in a second, he was covered by fan girls.


"Sasuke! When will you write a song about me!

"Sasuke, ask me out! I KNOW YOU WANT TO!"


and so on...

Sasuke took Sakura's hand and stepped out of the crowd. As soon as the girls saw Sakrua holding Sasuke's hand, they gave evil glares at her.

Sasuke went and sat down by the window. All the fan girls sat down, when the teacher arrived.

He had grey hair, and was wearing a mask. His face expression was very boring. He was holding a red book, that was close to his face.

Hes very interested in that book... Sakura thought.

He put the book down, and smiled at Sakura. "Why dont you say hi to the class?"

Sakura nodded. "Um..Hi. My name is Sakura Haruno. I transfered here from Canada, and um.. I hope to make friends...I guess thats it." Sakrua said turning to her teacher.

Kakashi nodded. "Alirght. My name is Kakashi. Sakura, why dont you sit down beside Sasuke over there by the window."

Sakura nodded, and took a seat next to Sakura. Sasuke was just staring outside the window with a bored expression.

"Alright class. Lets start of with some notes..." Kakashi said.

Sakura was writing down the notes from the bored, and she glanced at Sasuke.

He just sat there staring at out the window.

"Arent you going to write down the notes?" Sakura asked.

Sasuke kept staring outside. "Hn."

Sakura looked down at his desk. His notebook was covered in notes. Sakura's mouth dropped.

A blond haired girl that tied her hair in a pony tail, whispered to Sakura. "Dont mind Sasuke. Hes a really fast writer.Oh, and welcome to Konoha Leaf High. I hope you will enjoy it here."

She smiled. Sakura smiled back. She seems nice. I hope we will be friends...

Recess came quickly. Sakura went outside, and in an instand there were boys drooling around her. There was one boy, that was really trying to impress Sakura. And a certain Hyuuga girl.

He was standing in the tress, and was running around. A girl with purple/black hair was looking up at him with a frightend face. Naruto waved at Sakura. "HI! IM NARUTO UZAMAKI! FUTURE HOKAGE OF THE VIALLGE! I LOVE TO EAT RAM-" with a thud he fell to the ground. The girl with purple/black hair ran to him.

Sakura pushed the fan boys out of the way and ran to the hyperactive knucklehead boy.

"N..naruto..a..are you o..okay?" the girl stuttered.

Sakrua knew how to handle this. She bent down near the boy's hear and screamed.

"HALF PRICE OFF RAMEN!" Sakura said. She guessed before he fell, he was going to say "I love to eat ramen"

The blond boy sat up. "Really!" Sakura giggled. "No. Sorry about that. I just had to get you up. My name is Sakura."

The girl with purple/black hair smiled. "My name Hinata Hyuuga. T..thanks for waking N..naruto up."

Sakura looked at the boy named Naruto. "Naruto eh? I heared you screaming your name. Well no problem on waking you up."

Sakura stood up to leave, but Naruto stood up too. "Hey, um..wanna have a tour of the school? I heared you were new here."

Sakura nodded.

Hinata,Naruto and Sakura were walking across the soccer field, and two people caught Sakura's eye.

"Who are those people?" Sakur asked.

Hinata looked over to where Sakura was pointing to.

"Oh..The girl with two b..buns in her hair Tenten. The boy my c..cousin Neji." Hinata said.

Sasuke was sitting up in a tree watching just staring at Sakura.

Sakura looked up and blushed. But Sasuke still gazed at her.

Sakura blushed even more, and walked up to the tree.

"You know, its rude staring at people. You could at least say hi or something" Sakura said.

Sasuke looked over at the soccer game. "Hn."

Sakura put her hands on her hips. "If you dont say one more word, other that hn, Im coming up there!" Sakura said.

Sasuke looked down at Sakura. Whoa. Miss Bossy...


Sakura sighed. "Fine. Be that way Mr.Im-Too-Cool-To-Say-Anything"

Sasuke smirked at the last bit.

Sakura walked back over to Hinata and Naruto. They just stared at her.

"What?" Sakura asked.

Hinata and Naruto looked at each other and back at Sakura. "Um..well...its pretty rare for Sasuke to smirk any more...Not after his parents died..." Naruto said quietly.

Sakura looked back at Sasuke. He just sat there fiddling with the branch.

"H..hes usually alone, and he r..rarley talks to a..anyone." Hinata said.

His parents died...poor guy...I know how he feels...I wonder how...

"How did his parents die? Do you guys know?" Sakura asked.

Hinata and Naruto looked at each other again.

"N..Naruto knows..." Hinata said. "Well...its..kinda..weird...I dont really understand it...Im sorry, but I cant tell you, unless Sasuke is comfertable." Naruto said.

Sakura felt really bad for Sasuke. What could it be, that Naruto cant tell...

The bell ran, and Sakura headed to her next class. Science.

"Hello class. My name is Kurenai. Today we will..." No one usually paid attention to Kurenai.

Sakura was sitting next to the blond girl. "Hi. My name is Ino. I never got the chance to say that last class." Ino said.

Sakura smiled. "Well, as you know, Im Sakura."

Ino looked over the room, and saw Sasuke slouching. "Hey. Do you think Sasuke is hott or what?" Ino whispered.

Sakura blushed. "What? Oh..I dunno.I guess hes okay..."

Ino's mouth dropped. "Are you mad? Everyone adores Sasuke. Except Temari,Hinata and Tenten. Hinata likes Naruto, but is too shy to tell him. Tenten really likes Neji. And Temari, doesnt want to admit it, but I know she has a thing for Shikamaru. Well, hes not that bad...I mean.." Ino said blushing.

Sakura giggled. "Who is Shikamaru anyways?" Sakura asked.

Ino blushed and pointed to the back of the room. He was slouching like Sasuke, but had all his noted done.

Sakura looked back at Ino. "Not bad Ino. You two look like quite a pair."

Ino blushed and punched Sakura playfully. "Shut up. He will hear you. like Sasuke?" Ino asked, trying to change the subject.

"Hey. Dont change the subject. Do you like Sasuke or Shikamaru?"

Ino blushed again. "Sasuke is hott, but I have to say, Shikamaru is smart, and he actually talks to me. Not like Sasuke...I heared he smirks at you. Is that true?"

Sakura blushed a bit, and nodded. Ino's jaw dropped. "Wow...your lucky Sakura...I gotta say, your the first girl he has ever smirked at..."


Science finally ended and lunch came. Sakura,Ino,Hinata and Temari sat at a table. "Hi. Im Temari. My younger brother is Gaara. He is sitting over there, near Sasuke."

Sakura looked at Gaara. He had sandy red hair, (sandy. ha) and serious eyes. He sat at the same table as Sasuke,Naruto,Shikamaru, and Neji.

All of a sudden, and boy with black hair, cut like a shape of a bowl, with fury fuzzy eyebrows, and the most horrible eye lashes, walked over to Sakura, with flowers.

"Hi Sakura! Your so hip and youthful, that I got you these flowers! They are as pretty as you." with that, he blew kissed at Sakura, and left. Sakura took the flowers, and read the car inside.

The Sakura flower is as cheery as you.

Your brighten my day, and I love you!

From Lee

Sakura put them down on the table, and shouted back at Lee. "HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BRIGHTED UP YOUR DAY? I DONT EVEN LIKE YOU!"

Lee, just pinged at her, and ate his lunch.

At the boy's table, Sasuke felt a bit weird. Im not jelous..shes only a girl...I dont care if shes pretty or nice or what ever...IM NOT JELOUS...let it go Sasuke...

"Hello! Sasuke! I was asking you a question!" Naruto said,

Sasuke blinked, and continued eating his tomatos. "Say it again dobe.."

Naruto blushed. "Who is prettier? Sakura or Ino?"

Sasuke spit out his tomatos and blushed lightly. "What kind of question is that!"

Naruto winked at Neji. "Told you he liked Sakura..."

Neji smirked. Sasuke stood up. "One more word from you Naruto, and you lose your ears."

Naruto shot his hands up to his ears and ran out of the cafetiera. "MY EARS! MY PRETTY EARS! NO SASUKE!"

Sasuke shook his head, and sat down again. He could hear Sakura giggle. He looked over at her.

Her face smiling at him, like that melted his heart. She turned around eating her lunch again.

The girls headed out, and same with the boys.

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