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Chapter Thirty four

Endning number two, and the final.

Sasuke clutched the black metal in his sweaty hands.

"STOP IT SASUKE! THERE IS A WAY! PLEASE! STOP!" Sakura yelled, falling to the ground, still held by some freak.

Orochi stepped closer. "I have a request..." Sasuke muttered. Orochi nodded. "I take you down with me. And your men. Then, you let everyone go." Sasuke said. Sakura held her head, and shook it. Orochimaru cocked an eyebrow. He nodded. "But first, why dont I do the honour? Then your little blonde haired friend can kill me." Orochimaru said.

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Sasuke took one last look at Sakura. Again...

"Sasuke..." she muttered. Sasuke took out another kunai, and gave it Orochimaru. Orochimaru took it, smiling evily, and whispered into Sasuke's ear.

"I hope you enjoy hell..." he muttered. Sasuke lowered his bangs, and smirked. "Likewise.." he muttered, and Sasuke stabbed Orochimaru in the stomache. He moved back, knowing Orochimaru was still alive. Naruto's eyes widened. He took out a kunai, and stabbed Orochimaru in the back. Sasuke took out a fire cracker, and lit it. He threw it to Orochimaru, burning him. "Rot in hell, bastard.." Sasuke muttered.

"SASUKE!" Sakura screamed, with more tears. Yet, this time was tears of joy.

Sasuke fell to his knees. He screamed in pain. "Shit! His curse!" Naruto said, and ran to Sasuke. Sakura crawled over to him.

"SASUKE!" Sakura screamed. Sasuke's mark burned. It moved onto his whole body, covered in flames. Sasuke was surrounded by purple lights. "NI SAN!" he yelled. Naruto started panicking. He picked up Sakura, and moved her back to Neji. "SASUKE! NARUTO! HES IN PAIN!" Sakura yelled smacking Naruto's back, demanding to be put down. "Leave him Sakrua." Naruto said.

"NI SAN! NI SAN!" Sasuke yelled. Sakura shook her head, tears. Naruto shut his eyes, tears still falling. They coudnt stand seeing Sasuke in pain, yelling for his brother.

Sasuke's hair grew long, and a grayish colour. He had a black mark on his nose, and two huge hands, supposed to be wings emerged from his back. "Sasuke.." Sakura said, her eyes widened from the sight. Naruto opened his eyes, and started shaking. "This is a stronger level of the curse.." Neji muttered.

"Sasuke! Itachi! Its time for you to go train your brother." Fugaku said. Itachi nodded. Sasuke smiled, looking up at his brother. "Just dont be too late alright?" Mikoto said smiling. Sasuke nodded happily.

"Dont worry mother. We wont be late." Sasuke said. Mikoto kissed her son on the forehead. Sasuke scrunched up his face. "Mother! I dont need a kiss." he said. Mikoto smiled, and waved goodbye.

"Mommy's baby boy, eh?" Itachi said, smirking. Sasuke glared at Itachi. "I am not! I am just like you! Im big." Sasuke said, puffing himself up, to make him look big. Itachi smirked, rollin his eyes.

Of course the Uchiha brothers were late, and the clan was killed.


Sasuke started shaking. Itachi looked down at his brother. "Sasuke!"

Purple lights surrounded Sasuke. He screamed in pain. "NI SAN!" he yelled.

Itachi didnt know what to do. He looked down. There was writing under Sasuke's feet.

Of the pink cherry blossom trees of Konoha, with the green eyes of lilly pads, will this Uchiha marry. The begininning is S, and the last is H. If not these two be wed, consequences of death, will be made...

Sasuke smirked. He had power. He didnt need anyone. The purple lights vanished, and Sakura screamed out Sasuke's name.

Sasuke saw her. But he couldnt feel anything for her. He just needed power. He walked up to her. Naruto stepped back. Sasuke wont do anything...shes his girlfriend..

Oh was Naruto wrong. "Sasuke..." Sakura muttered, struggling to stand up. Sasuke held her up by the neck, and slammed her against the wall. "Sasuke!" Naruto yelled, and pulled Sasuke's hand off Sakura. Neji watched the scene. "Sasuke.."

Sasuke did some hand seals, and yelled. "Chidori!"

"What the hell is he saying.." Sakura muttered, gasping for air. Blue lights appeared from his palm, and he thrust his palm to Naruto. Naruto flew backwards, and fell unconcious. "Naruto! Sasuke! This isnt you!" Sakura yelled. Sasuke looked at his hands. "No...but I have power..."

Sakura started shaking. "Then...then...your not the one I love.." she muttered. Sasuke looked down at Sakura. "Love...I dont need love." Sasuke said.

"Your in denile.." Neji muttered. Sasuke turned and glared at Neji. He held him up by the neck. "Denile! Bull shit. Why dont you stop talking?" Sasuke said. Neji put his hands over Sasuke's hand on his neck. "SASUKE! Stop it!" Shikamaru yelled. Gaara winecd in pain, when Shikamaru moved away from him. Only Sakura could stop him now.

"You know your in denile Uchiha...your in pain.." Neji muttered, trying to pull Sasuke's hand off. Sasuke squeezed harder. "Sakura! Do something!" Shikamaru yelled. Sakura stood there, shaking. "Face it Sasuke! No one loves you now! And you know it! You are alone, because you cant face that you want love. That you need love!" Neji yelled, now gasping for air. Sasuke kicked Neji in the gut. Neji coughed out blood. Sasuke felt someone hugging him.

"Sasuke...stop it...please...I dont care if you dont need me...I need you...please...stop.." Sakura said, crying on his back, even though there was hand/wings.

Sasuke's grip loosened on Neji. Neji fell to the ground, holding his neck, sitll needing air. Sasuke's wings dissapeared, into his back. The markings slowly vanished. His mark was now gone from his shoulder. He fell to the ground.

"Sasuke..." Sakura muttered, still hugging him. "Sakura...thank you.." he muttered, touching her face. Sakura tighting her hug, and cried. "Sasuke! I thought you would die...then I thought you would kill Neji, and Naruto...and me.." Sakura said, sobbing. "Im sorry Sakura...I didnt know that would happen. I had a sudden thirst for power." Sasuke said.

Shikamaru and Gaara slowly walked over. "We need to get to the hospital right away. Gaara, Itachi, and Naruto need treatment. "Ni san..." Sasuke muttered. He shook his thoughts from his head.


A couple of days later, once everyone was healed, the story was out to the girls. "Shit! And I thought that a rapeist took you!" Ino said. "Im glad that everyone is okay." Hinata said. "Does this mean the curse is...gone?" Naruto asked. Itachi and Sasuke looked at each other. "I seem fine...I think so.." Sasuke said. Sakura smiled. "Im glad that everyone is okay." she said.


3 years later, Sasuke proposed to Sakura, and they got married. When Sakura was 25, then had their first child. A boy.

"What should we name him?" Sasuke asked. "Sasuke...Im still tired.." Sakura said, breathing heavily. "Right, sorry." Sasuke said. The two of them were in the hospital, and Sakura had just giving birth to the little boy.

"Lets name him what Itachi wanted to name his child, if he had a boy." Sakura said.

2 years ago, Itachi had gone out on a mission, and he died in battle. He wanted to have a child some day, and if a boy name it...

"Alright. Uchiha Shisui." Sasuke said.

The next couple of months, Naruto had finally proposed to Hinata. He was too worried that she wouldnt want to marry to young. So he waited. Hinata cried of joy, when he told her that. "Oh Naruto! Thank you for waiting for me." Hinata had said.

They named their little girl, Saki. Neji and Tenten had a little girl named Kana, and Hinata and Naruto had another boy born on the same day. His name was Tori. Kana and Tori had become the best of friends.

Shikamaru and Ino had a little girl. They had their child 2 years after Saki. Her name was Minari.

Shisui, the oldest. Then Saki, a couple of months younger. So Shisui and Saki were in the same year. The next year, Kana and Tori were born. Then, the next year, Minari was born. So when Shisui and Saki were seven, Kana and Tori were 6, and Minari was 5. But all in all, they were great friends, like their parents. Gaara had married 2 years after Minari was born. His wife, I dont know. His child was a boy named Kashi. (a/n: im running out of names Im making. except Kana and Tori! Named after Kana and Hatori from another anime)


Konoha Leaf High was still there, when the gang's group went to highschool. They were very happy to see their old high school again. Their kids, were just as excited, to arrive, and sad when they graduated.

Shisui had the looks of his father. Saki had the looks of her mother, and Tori like his father. Kana had a brown hair and white eyes, so you could tell it was Neji and Tenten's daughter. Kashi had a browny red hair style, and he grew it a bit longer than when Gaara was twelve.


Soon enough, when the gang grew into their mids, Sakura had decided to start a diary/book. She wanted to pass it down to Shisui, and for him to pass it down.

Sakura wrote down all the adventures, romance, dangers, and fun in her life.

Life. From a cherry blossom's point of view. My last wish is for this book to be passed down to my family, and also, to stay with the once cold hearted Uchiha, that I love

Uchiha Sakura

The End

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