Naruto at age five sat on his bed in the orphanage, completing his life. For reasons unbeknownst to him, they continuously call him a monster; he is picked on by the other kids, and constantly beat on. Everyone but the Hokaga treated him poorly; he got the worst of everything, food, clothes, toys, beds, and no one played with him. He could not understand why. What had he done for them to hate him so much?

He did not know, but he did know something else. Everyone loved the Hokaga and respected him. That is it, if he became strong and then the next Hokaga, then they would respect him. He would have to become stronger though, but how. He thought about it, but could not come up with an answer, so he decided to go the sleep.

He now stood in a room with a large cage before him, big yellow eyes staring back at him. He walked up to it to get a better look and was terrified at what he found. In the cage sat a large fox, many times his own size. He stared at it for a long time, truly terrified. He was about to cry when the fox spoke up.

'Kit, don't cry, I just wanted to help you,' it said in a booming and yet soothing voice.

'Who are you,' Naruto asked.

'I am Kyubbi, a female fox demon,' she answered with amusement.

'Will you be my friend,' asked Naruto

'I would love to Naruto,' she answered.

'Well if you're going to help me, I'll help you. How do you open that cage,' Naruto asked.

She stared at him in astonishment at is proclamation, and then smiled gently.

'Just imagine it gone and it will be gone,' she answered him.

He then did so and soon the cage was gone. Once it was, Naruto was on her, hugging her with all his might.

'Will you train me, so I can become strong,' Naruto asked, looking up at her.

'Yes, kit. We will begin now. You will first need to build up your strength and stamina, so you will do simple exercises while meditating. Okay,' she said and he moved to stand in front of her.

'Tell me what you want me to do,' Naruto said, and she smiled at his eagerness.

So, Naruto's trained for 6 years until he would go into the academy. He would go and train in the woods during the day. After a while, he was in the woods day and night for weeks at a time. He increased his strength, stamina, and she gave him lessons, since no one else would. Soon after, he began to learn to make and use shrunkens, kunais, and other various weapons. At night when he slept, in the chamber that once held the cage, she would teach him other things that had to deal with demon powers and such. Soon he was a master at shrunkens, kunais, and even the sword. He could successfully complete over a two dozen human and demon justu, while he also knows many of the elemental techniques.

While training he ignored the villagers and other kids, focusing solely on training and becoming the best. After he turned six, he was given his own place, since the orphanage believed it was his fault no one had been adopted the past couple of years and demanded he be removed from the orphanage. Therefore, the villagers rarely saw him now and days and now ignored his existence all together. So, for six long but full years he trained so he could be finally accepted.

Everyone was darting around, getting all the nins to the front of the village and the others to safety. Today they were attacked by another demon and everyone was terrified that the village would be destroyed. Last time, the Yondamine saved them, but this time, they did not know what to do.

"Everyone hold your positions, we can't let it pass," yelled the Hokaga. They were trying everything, but nothing seemed to work. If only the Yondamine were here, but he was not and they have to do their best.

Suddenly the beast struck out and everyone was thrown back. It was about to finish when someone appeared in front of them. Naruto.

He was wearing a short sleeve black tee shirt, bandages all the way up his arm, black shorts, bandages up his legs, boots, and he wore a bandana on his head, covering most of his spiky blond hair. Around his neck, he had a mask there, so he can use it when necessary.

"This village is protected by Kyubbi of the nine tails, so leave now Ginki, before you make me angry," he replied in a cold voice.

"Hahahah, what can a little human kid like you do," it taunted Naruto.

"A lot more than you think," Naruto replied. The beast just cracked up and lunged towards Naruto.

"I warned you," Naruto said.

Naruto stood there, waiting. Before he could touch Naruto, he disappeared, and then reappeared some distance behind him, making a no justu none of them was familiar with. When he was done, he called out "Demon fire no justu, level 3," and fire the color blue spun at high speeds towards the demon. It moved before the attack hit him, but Naruto was ready. He was suddenly above making another no justu with speed far faster their own. When ready he called out "Demon fires strike no justu, invincible level," and he charged head first at the demon, fist caught on fire and plunged into the demon, ending its live.

He rose from his crouched position on the ground and stared at the demon indifferently. He then turned towards the jounin and other nin, and started walking towards them. They all quickly got in a defensive stance, but he just walked past them. When he did, he whispered something.

"Weaklings," and continued walking, then he suddenly disappeared.

"What in the hell is going on Hokaga," a jounin asked the Hokaga.

"It would seem that he has been training, but whose been training him," he said, and they all stared off in the direction Naruto disappeared.

Next Day, Academy begins.

Naruto started his day like he always does, add his weights to his clothes, and he begins his exercises. Five hundred push-ups, sit ups, punches, kicks, and laps. Once he was done with that, he headed to the academy.

'Why do I have to go to a stupid school with weaklings like them, Kyubbi-sensei?' Naruto asked his sensei.

'Because if you do not you cannot move on to the next ninja level, even if you already know everything they teach you. You have to finish the academy, or you do not pass to the next level. Sorry kit, you will have to deal with it,' answered the kitsune.

'All right, fine, but I'm not dealing with any of those brats, they will just get in my way,' Naruto said. Kyubbi did not answer.

When he got there, no one was there yet but him. He looks around a little bit, checking out the training ground and the classrooms. He was soon in his classroom, seated and ready. Soon after he arrived, another student shows up. By his profile and chakra level, he is the prodigy, Sasuke. They stared at one another for a few moments, and then Sasuke spoke up.

"Who are you? I don't recognize you as one of the regular kids that live here," he asked.

"Naruto," was Naruto's simple answer. Sasuke glared at him and was about to demand more, but was interrupted.

"Sasuke-kun, how are you?" asked Sakura at the door. She walked in and looked at what Sasuke was previously looking at. He was so cool looking, and he looked strong with those bandages on him. But, who could he be.

She decided to find out. She walked up to his desk and introduced herself.

"Hello, I'm Sakura, I was wondering who you were," she asked politely.

"Damn brats, I've said It once, and I don't plan on repeating myself, so buzz off," Naruto said, obviously annoyed.

She retreated next to Sasuke, a little unnerved by his answer and his tone of voice. She stared down, too nervous to ask Sasuke. Sasuke went to sit down, and Sakura followed soon after. After the episode, the other students stared to arrive. Many of them wondered about the kid in black with bandages in the back. None of them had seen him before, so who was he.

Naruto ended up sitting by himself because everyone could feel an odd aura around him, and did not want to find out more. Soon the teacher arrived and class began.

"Alright class, I am your instructor, Iruka-sensei, and I will first call roll call," Iruka said to the class, and began roll call.

"Sasuke," "Here," "Sakura," Here, sensei," "Naruto," "…," "Naruto," "…," "Is Naruto here," "Yeah, yeah, I'm here," Naruto answered with a yawn.

"Then why didn't you answer," Iruka-sensei asked.

"I didn't want to," Naruto answered, close to falling asleep.

Iruka-sensei glared at his student and growled in annoyance.

"Ya know, of your trying to sound like an animal, you should really practice, because you're terrible," Naruto stated, and even though all the students felt uneasy around him, they could not help but crack up, even so, Naruto keep a straight face, as if he did not find it funny. Iruka glared again, and was about to retort, but decided against it, he had a class to start. So he finished calling roll and started class.

"Well class, lets begin," and so Naruto's time at the academy began.

One Year later

The class was now practicing the replacement justu, or everyone but Naruto was. He sat at his desk, seemingly asleep, while he was actually practicing a justu in his head with Kyubbi. Suddenly there was a power strike and everyone froze, and Naruto's eyes shot open in surprise.

"Sensei, what is that, it doesn't feel human," Sakura said matter-a-factly.

"That's because it isn't," Naruto said as he got up and headed out of the classroom.

"Naruto, where are you going? Get back here," said Iruka as he headed over to grab Naruto. Naruto just glared at him with the coldest eyes he had seen from the boy.

"Unless you want the village to be destroyed, I suggest you let me go," Naruto stated coldly. Iruka let him go and watched him leave.

"Iruka-sensei, what's going on?" Sakura asked.

"I don't know, but I'm gonna find out, come on class, field observance," with that they all followed Iruka to the gate of the village.

Gate of Village

Most of the nins were there, waiting for the source of the power spike to show itself. They line up in formation, the Hokaga at the front with the top Jounin. It has been ten minutes and the demon shows up.

"Formation X3, take it down before it can use any of its powers," yells the Hokaga. The strongest nin surround the demon, making it enable to move anywhere. They begin the hand seals for a modified no justu. When done, they yell," Fire spin no justu," and fire shoots from their hands, merges together and a tornado forms around the demon. Soon it disperses and they wait until the smoke clears. When it does the demon is still standing, no scratch on it. They were too shocked, they did not move before the demon threw them back with one attack.

"Damn, now what," a jounin asked aloud.

"Let me handle him," someone said. They all turned to the voice and saw Naruto standing there, staring at the demon.

"What can you do, your still in the academy," someone yelled who was not there the previous year, and missed Naruto's demonstrate.

"A lot more than you can, now get back, unless you want to get fried," he said and they all stared at him until the Hokaga nodded. Naruto moved forward and faced the demon.

The nins from the academy stood in the back of the line of nins, watching what was going on. They were surprised when Naruto spoke up, he was strong, but what could he possibly do.

"Sensei, what's he doing? Is he trying to get himself killed?" Sakura asked.

"I don't know. Class, stay here, I'm going to talk to the Hokaga," Iruka said, and disappeared.

On the front line, the Hokaga stood with the jounin, watching Naruto walk up to the demon with no fear whatsoever. He still remembers what happened a year ago, and still has no idea how he was able to defeat the demon, let alone the justus he used. He study hours and not even had an idea. His thoughts were interrupted by Iruka.

"Hokaga, what is going on? Why are you letting Naruto near that thing?" Iruka asked.

"Do you remember a year ago, when the other demon attacked, Iruka?" he asked.

"Yes sir, it attacked the village and you had all jounin and lower ninjas either fighting it or evacuation the village. It was still destroyed though, but what has that got to do with Naruto," Iruka said.

"Last year, the one to defeat the demon was Naruto," said the Hokaga. They both then stared at Naruto's back.

'Sensei, he's strong, very strong. What should I do?' Naruto asked his sensei.

'Don't you think it'll be fun to use them?' she asked him with a smirk.

'You mean these,' Naruto asked while looking at his bandaged up arm.

'No, a stick, of course them," she answered.

Naruto scowled and reached over to remove the bandages. He slowly unwrapped the bandages while the demon stared, anxious to see what this one could do. The last bit of bandage from his arms fell and showed what was on his arms. He had a fox with nine tails wrapped around his right arm, while on the left there was another fox with five tails. Around the animals, in kanji it read:

"Power of the nine tails and five tails

Give to me your power of










Quick Heal

and Flight

Let them flow through me like blood

Make them one with me"

"What in the world is that Hokage?" asked Iruka, staring with wide eyes at Naruto.

"I'm afraid I don't know, Iruka." The Hokage answered, also in awe.

Naruto then stared at the demon in challenge and the demon stared back, having no idea what is in store for him. For a few moments, it was silent, the wind gently scattering the dust.

Then they charged at each other headlong. After they collide, dust is brought up, and hung in the air around the demon and Naruto. When it was cleared, the demon was across the clearing, and Naruto stood, gazing at the demon. He then quickly took off before the demon could get up and stood right before it, making hand seals for things they had no knowledge of. The demon looked up and saw the seals, his eyes bugged out and he quickly got out of the way before Naruto could complete the no justu on him. Naruto stopped his hand seals.

"It seems I'll have to take you a little more serious, brat," said the demon