I posted this story way back at Christmas 2005. I have had several people bug me over the years, But this year, 5 years later, I WILL have this finished. I'm hoping that in 5 years I've matured as a writer, so I have decided before I update to re-edit what's here. I am changing facts that were in before, to make a better ending, at least that's the plan.

Chapter 1

Takato sat in Guilmon's old hide out. He was slightly cold because it was winter. But this didn't bother him. He always came by at least once a week.

Takato was not a normal 17 year old. five years before, he and his friends became Digimon Tamers. Everyone else missed his or her partner, but Takato was different. It was deeper than that.

"It's just like Mr. Mizuno said" Takato said to himself "Guilmon is a part of me, because I created him."

Takato got up to leave but first, he peeked down the hole Guilmon had dug.

Takato saw the portal, like he was making sure it was still there. He was holding on to the promise he had made to Guilmon. He remembered the day he dug it up, and many other memories started flooding back to him.

"I still promise boy." Takato said in the direction of the portal, and sadly left.


"Where is he?" Rika asked annoyed. "He's a half hour late!"

"I bet I know where he is." Henry said. Everyone looked at him.


Henry shook his head. "I promised him I'd never tell anyone."

The tamers had planned to eat together at the local Pizza shop. They were all there, besides Ai and Mako, who were too young at the time to remember too much. Same with Suzie. It was basically for the group that did the most and went to the digital world, Henry, Rika, Kenta, Kazu, Ryo, and Jeri. They were all there, except Takato.

Jeri looked down. "Maybe something bad happened..."

Jeri had mostly recovered from losing Leomon, but not completely. She was cheery a lot of the time, but whenever something slightly bad happened, she went into paranoia mode, always thinking the worst happened.

Then Takato walked through the door.

"About time you got here chummily!" Kazu said. "Where you been?"

Takato had on a huge smile. Henry could tell though that it was a fake smile. No doubt he had went to the hideout, and he was definitely hiding his sadness.

"Oh just got delayed! I'm here now!"

They had already ordered, but Henry knew what he wanted and ordered for him.

Since the Digimon left them, Takato and Henry were inseparable. They were best friends and knew everything about each other... well... Almost...

Kenta and Kazu announced that they were going out a year before that. NO ONE
was surprised.

And Rika finally admitted that she had feelings for Ryo, and started dating him.

After the meal the tamers continued to talk about things.

"So Henry," Kenta asked, "Are you still mad at your dad?" Takato kicked
Kenta under the table.

"Oww! What was that for?"

"Its called Tacked," Ryo said. "Don't bother him about his personal life."

Henry had a face full of sadness when he was asked that. Henry forgave his dad to a point. Henry understood that it was between Terriermon or humanity, and knew his dad made the right choice. Still... he missed Terriermon every day.

Henry stood up. "I think I'm going to go home now..."

Everyone looked angrily at Kenta. "Nice going." Kazu said.

Henry got up and walked to the door.

Takato was worried about Henry. "I'm going to go too... see you guys."

And with that he was gone.


Takato didn't have to go far to find Henry, he was outside on a bench
looking at the stars, and thinking about Terriermon. Takato quietly walked
over and sat beside him.

Henry was Takato's best friend. But there was more there. Takato figured out
a year before this that he was gay. He had deep feelings for Henry, but
Takato didn't want to ruin the friendship so, incase Henry hated him for it,
Takato was happy to stay friends.

"I'm sorry about that," Takato said.

"It's not your fault." Henry turned to Takato. "You were late because you went
to the hideout didn't you?"

Takato nodded. "I miss him. I feel like I'm missing a part of me. I know that
sounds stupid.."

"No." Henry stopped him. "We were all strongly bonded with our Digimon, but
your bond was definitely the strongest. I've tried to forgive my dad for
separating us but.. Now he seems to be spending all his time at work and
ignoring us. It feels like I'm getting mad at him all over again."

Takato looked at him sadly. "Is there anything that I can do to help you?"

'Wrap your arms around me and hold me.'

That was what Henry wanted to say, but knew he couldn't. Henry loved Takato
but didn't know how he would react, so kept quiet.

"Just keep being my friend Takato. That's enough."


The next morning, Takato was on his way to school and ran into Kenta and

"Hey.." Kenta started nervously. "Are you mad at me?"

Takato frowned. "Well I'm not exactly happy with you."

They arrived at school just in time.

Their teacher stood up.

"Class I have an announcement."

Takato froze. What now? Pop Quiz?

"I assume you all know this is your last day before Christmas Vacation.."

Takato looked at the calendar. 'Really? How did I miss that!'

"..But due to problems in the plumbing, the school has decided to give the
students a third week off.."

Everyone started screaming in excitement.

"School will resume January 8th."

Everyone cheered and did no work the rest of the day.


Janyu sat at his desk working desperately on his newest project. Not just
him, but so were the rest of the monster makers.

"How are those figures coming Dolphin?" Janyu asked.

"They're coming along fine. I think this plan of yours just might work."

"It has too. I can't stand that Henry hates me. This is my only chance to make up for it."

And so the monster makers continued working.